Creative Writing – Non Fiction (UK version) for your career success

For anyone with native inclinations in this field, creative writing would make an exciting choice for earning the existence. However you should be aware that there are countless writers in today’s world, and it is hard to succeed once you have such strong competition. But you should take your chances and prove your prowess if you are comitted to a career in writing.

This article is intended to draw your attention to the importance of getting a certification in Creative Writing – Non Fiction (UK version) if you picture yourself working in this field in the UK. As suggested by the name, a job in creative writing – non fiction involves communicating factual informations but shaping them in a fiction-readable style. Therefore, the core of non-fictional creative writing is represented by tangible and existing aspects of our world. Taking note of this first characteristic we can easily agree that such writings can be essays, memoirs, biographical articles or subject to travel writings, food writings or literary journalism. Moreover, another defining feature for non-fiction writing is the extended research, meant to increase the credibility of such narratives to the public by providing writers with a complex, novel perspective on the topics they write about. Furthermore, writers have to distance themselves from the style of objective reportage and put all their efforts into providing a colourful and vivid description of the circumstances of events. While extensive research enhances the non-fiction aspect of the writing, the narrative form and structure reveals the true talent of a writer and makes it indeed a literary masterpiece.

In order to be successful in this fascinating domain you will have to be able to bring the reader close to the characters and genuinely involved in the tension and the drama of the revealed moment. Therefore, you must blend novelist’s abilities with pragmatism if you want to create appreciated non-fiction writings.  What is more, if you want to pursue a career in this field in the UK you must be familiar with the UK version creative writing. You should first inform and train yourself on the writing styles that British people mostly appreciate. Then you must adapt your style to these canons if you wish to be successful. Our modern world enables you to write on a great variety of subjects, such as nature, travels, food, favourite pastimes and the list can go on. If you wish to approach a more personal type of writing you can turn your attention to poetry, personal essays, narratives or books, letters, journaling, literary memoirs, imaginative non-fiction stories, screenplays and, of outmost actuality nowadays, even blogs. Any factual subject that allows you to present it a creative way in order to engage and move the reader can be your source of inspiration. Therefore, the language you should use in such pieces of writing should be emotive and dramatic.

If you are good in creative non-fictional writings there is a wide range of career perspectives for you. For instance, you could become a journalist and work for a newspaper or magazine. Another option would be to write your own poetry, articles or books and try to get them published. On the other hand, if you have skills in this domain but you are not that eager to spend time at home writing for yourself you could become a creative writing consultant. Your mission in this case would be to help other people reach their entire writing potential by showing them the ropes in this business. Also, if you lack ideas to write a book all on your own you could try to take a freelance writing job and follow customers’s directions. This could be a good way to make money in this business since most such jobs involve a certain amount of money being paid for each written page. All in all, if you fancy the idea of writing as a way to earn your living you should try to get certified too and an online non-fiction writing certificate would look well in your resume. 

Creative Writing Non Fiction (UK version) Test

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