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There are only a few of people who realize that actually our loves are surrounded by the invisible thing called signal. Well, the signal itself refers to the piece of information that cannot be seen with bare eyes in either digital or binary form. Although this thing cannot be seen but it is true that it plays important role in our lives. Whether you realize it or not, you need to know that you have used so many things or devices which rely on the transcription, transmission, and the production of the signal. Take the example of your mobile phones, laptops, modems, infra red devices, televisions, radios, and the other things. Of course, you need to be really thankful to the discovery of this matter since your lives have become so convenient right now because of the existence of the signal. We all know that the signal usage has been founded at the same time where the telegraph and radio were founded. However, the more advanced usage of the signal was not done until the late 1970’s when digital signal processing or DSP techniques were founded. This discovery has optimized the quality of the signal and at the same time the unwanted elements of the signal is removed as well. That the important information carried along with the signal can be transmitted and achieved in greater quality. Later on, following such discovery, so many inventions had been made. Microprocessors can be claimed to be the greatest development of the signal function.

Now that we have learned about how the signal is really important in our lives, the invention of the signal, and also the development, it is the time for us to talk about the potential profession that you can choose to be your career path in using DSP as the source. Perhaps, you might be asking why such topic becomes our discussion now. Well, you need to know that this kind of profession is really promising. By considering the fact that the competition among the job seekers has become so fierce recently, it might be hard for you to get the job that you like and which can give nice income for you. That is why you might want to consider this kind of profession since the amount of the people who have this kind of career is quite a few. If you are wondering about the kind of the profession that can be chosen in the field, you can take the example of the signal compressor, transmitter, processor, and engineer. All of those professions can give big amount of money for you. Thus, you must not have any hesitation left in you to take the education in this field so you can be really skillful. Of course, to get the education is only the beginning of the further and greater career since there are at least two more phases that you need to get through in applying for the jobs in this field. The next step that you need to get through is the digital signal exam 

Online Digital signal processing Test

 Yes, indeed, only by passing the exam or the digital signal processing test, you can graduate from the education and claim that are skillful enough to deal with this matter. It is true that you need to pass the examination because later on, you will be dealing with quite complicated matters. However, you must not think that once you graduate you are ready for the job. Perhaps, you really are ready. But you need to remember that you have not been certified in dealing with the real job. Yes, indeed, the digital signal processing certification is a must for you to make sure that you are really professional in this field and you will not use the signal processing for the bad things. Another exam must be taken if you want to get the certification. You can use the regular institution to take the exam or you can also use the online one. Although each of the institution can have similar quality in holding the exam and issuing the certification but you are recommended to choose the online one. Well, you will not find any trouble in getting the exam since the registration process is really easy. The exam can be done from your place and you can get the online certifications immediately if you pass it. The service from Brainmeasures.com can be chosen as the greatest alternative for you. Thus, you will be really ready to deal with the real job in the field of DSP.


  • Analysis of Signals
  • Classification of Signals
  • Classification of Systems
  • Discrete Fourier Transform and Fast Fourier Transform
  • DSP Processors Architecture
  • Multirate Digital Signal Processing
  • Power Spectrum Estimation

No. of Questions

40  multiple choice questions.

Each question has between 2 and 5 options out of which 1 or more may be correct.

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Free US payable through any of the following:

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The fee includes the cost of the hard copy certificate of accomplishment and world-wide mailing charges.


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