The Clock Makers of the Financial Universe

There is an old adage that the doctor who operates on himself has a fool for a patient. This is a metaphor that explains how anybody who takes their own future into their hands regarding a field that they do not understand, or are themselves too close to, is asking for trouble.

Just as all organizations and individuals on the planet require a doctor, everybody also needs, financial accounting. General financial accountants are in fact the maintainers of the financial world. As a clockmaker observes the turning gears and cogs of a complex time he, balancing out each turning wheel and calibrating each and every sprocket, so do general financial accountants observe records and transactions in accordance with the laws of taxation and finance.

Without professionals trained in general financial accounting, individuals would find themselves in serious messes. It is very difficult to track all receipts, check stubs, bank records and tax records that add up in any busy adults life over the course of a year. Furthermore, they can be equally difficult to even keep track of this on a monthly basis. Without a steady finger on the pulse of one's money flow, both coming and going, it is easy to overspend and even wind up bankrupt or in seriously hot water with taxation organizations.

While in the modern day, it has become more than possible for individuals to manage their own tax forms. When that dreaded time of year comes around, the intricacies of daily accounting are not so readily embraced. Accounting is one of many financial and mathematical fields that many attend college in order to master.

Considering that both companies and individuals will always need the help of people holding a general financial accounting certification, this is another one of those jobs that will always be in demand, regardless of the economy or the job market. As long as money exists, or any form of trade or barter, this will not change in the slightest.

 A general financial accountant is versatile, being able to work closely with the records of individuals, families or even businesses of both small and immense sizes. While companies and accounting firms will forever be looking to hire the best trainees in this field, there is also something to be said for the extra money that it already comfortable professional in a field could stand to make with a general financial accounting certification.

As the trend of individuals pursuing tax certifications and earning money on the side has grown, so can one make the same amount of money, or even more, by doing general financial accounting for family, friends, colleagues or people one meets through these groups of people. This is an easy (within reason) way to increase one's financial income. While taking on a somewhat challenging, stimulating and rewarding new skill.

 A general financial accounting class is best for those who are mathematically, monetarily and logistically minded. If one has a mind for organization, numbers and analysis – this is definitely a field of interest.

When pursuing a general financial accounting class, and ultimately a general financial accounting certification, there is no better channel to do this than through online certification. Unlike classes, online certification does not include sharing a teacher with a body of students, a loathsome commute or a hectic clashing schedule. Also, it is far more cost effective than any classroom.

Those who have the kind of mindset that would cause them to be interested in general financial accounting should instantly realize that there is something to be said for caution in choosing an online certification provider. Obviously, there are many firms providing this service, and it is a very competitive market. All companies will try to claim they are the best, some citing some value gimmick that isn't even relevant to online certification or education itself. But, one company stands above this and dance directly by the quality of its educational material and tests, along with great customer service and an unbeatable price.

The Brainmeasures Online General Financial Accounting Certification Test

Brainmeasures is just such a company. We do not rely on some promotional gimmick to try to convince customers that we are the best at what we do. On the contrary, we stand by our intrinsic learning process, intuitive tests – and beyond all of this, we stand by the experience that comes with the knowledge that we teach. We work closely with professionals and experts in every industry. We teach, to provide not just basic understanding of the science of any given topic, but also to provide real-world experience through stories and understanding shared by these professionals. As it was once said knowledge without wisdom is a boat on dry land, and we hold this truth to be indelible.

This general financial accounting test is the best ever made. We can guarantee this by the fact that the professionals who have collaborated in producing this test would absolutely never trust the future of their industry to a test that did not provide the best professionals on the other end. No other general financial accounting test can guarantee the detailed knowledge of the science and intrinsic understanding of general financial accounting plus the priceless experience that this test and the course that comes with it will bestow upon any student.

Truly, nobody measures like Brainmeasures. 


  • Account Classification
  • Accounting Definitions
  • Accounting Process
  • Balance Calculation
  • Debits & Credits
  • General Accounting
  • Year End Adjustments

No. of Questions

40  multiple choice questions.

Each question has between 2 and 5 options out of which 1 or more may be correct.

Pricing and Payment Options

Free US payable through any of the following:

Secure online credit/debit card transaction

The fee includes the cost of the hard copy certificate of accomplishment and world-wide mailing charges.


All the information regarding this test has been clearly stated inside the login account and you must read it properly before starting your test. Good luck !

Test Re-take Policy

You can take any no of retakes, they are free!!

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