Vector Art and Adobe Illustrator

It's no surprise that computer aided graphics are becoming one of the most popular fields of interest for engineers, architects and artists the world around. However, many people do not realize that within this field. There are many different forms of creating visuals.

Among these, there are 3-D modeling systems, raster graphics systems and vector art systems. It goes without explaining what 3-D modeling systems are, but the difference between raster and vector systems may be baffling to the uninitiated. Quite simply, raster graphics are boxes of colored dots called pixels. Programs like Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro and even Microsoft Paint utilize raster graphics. Every dot of every color is a single entity within a matrix.

This works well enough, and is necessary for some forms of visuals. However, it's not without its problems. When you enlarge a box of pixels, the software can only enlarge the individual pixels, which is what results in the grainy loss of detail when images are blown up. They also, each pixel being a piece of data, tend to require more storage space and memory to operate on.

These are problems that vector graphics were invented to solve. Believe it or not, vector graphics are not actually new. In fact, many of the earliest computers that displayed graphics used vectors instead of raster. Thinking back to the displays of ancient machines, where wireframe models and jagged lines were drawn across a screen, it's quite obvious.

Vector graphics are created by using a series of coordinates, followed by a command to draw specific type of line or fill between them. This means that the individual pixels are not stored as discrete data. This makes the files on average much smaller, and an infinite amount of scaling in either direction is possible in real time. Most people experience modern vector graphics in the form of web content. Animations made for browsers in flash used vectors, primarily. However, vectors are also quite useful for creating sharp, crisp imagery for illustration, and this can extend to drafting and engineering as well. Its limitations lie and that it cannot do detailed, artistic colorations such as digitally painting or shading with much texture. However, as vector graphics programs continue to evolve, even this is becoming an outdated problem.

Before acquiring Macromedia software suites, Adobe's one and only vector art program was illustrator. Illustrator, unlike flash, is designed for creating still vector images. For a long time, it has been a favorite of independent artists, magazine illustrators, and various other artistic disciplines. Its advantages over flash are that it does not include the complexity of animation tools, and programming. Which flash must have in order to support its wider purposes.

Adobe Illustrator is in fact very easy to learn, once one wraps her mind around its rather tricky pen tool. However, all other vector programs of much higher difficulty use the same basic tool as well. Even though many artists use flash as their vector art program, illustrator is still a choice among many studios. Due to this, and Adobe Illustrator certification is very valuable for anyone who wishes to enter into computer graphics design. Learning Adobe Illustrator is enriching, and can provide new solutions to old artistic problems that many seasoned creators have cursed for years.

The best avenue or learning Adobe Illustrator, and acquiring and Adobe Illustrator certification is through online certification. Compared to old-fashioned classroom environments, online illustration offers a convenience that can't be matched. Learning online allows a busy adult to set their own schedule for their learning time, removes the classroom environment, and is far more cost effective by eliminating costly tuition and commuting.

However, not all online certification providers are the same. Like in any industry, there are more affordable ones than others, and some are better than others. However, one can take heart in knowing that the most affordable online certification provider happens to also be the very best.

The Brainmeasures Online Adobe Illustrator Certification Test

Brainmeasures is the forerunner in online certification. Unlike other online certification providers, we go an extra mile and providing not only intrinsic knowledge, but also real-world, practical understanding. We work closely with professionals and experts in every field we teach, to bring in their practical experience so that students not only understand a concept, but also know how to apply the concepts to real-world problems. We have a creed at Brainmeasures, that knowledge without wisdom and experience is like a boat on dry land.

No other Adobe Illustrator test can offer this edge, let alone at the price we offer. When choosing your Adobe Illustrator test, we realize that you have a plethora of choices on the Internet. By choosing our Adobe Illustrator test, you are choosing the best, and by doing so, you ensure the probability of a much brighter future ahead. Nobody measures like Brainmeasures. 


  • Filters
  • Layers and Actions
  • Output and Formats
  • Toolbox
  • User Interface
  • Working With Objects

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40  multiple choice questions.

Each question has between 2 and 5 options out of which 1 or more may be correct.

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