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One of the best steps professionals across all industries and work fields can take is to take certifications for their skills. In the context of the curent boom in the healthcare industry, there is no wonder that skills in this field are widely sought by employers. So a job in this field would make a promising choice for a career. This article is intended to draw your attention to the skills required to succeed in the field of medical billing and the reasons why you should seek the certification once you have what it takes.

We should begin by shedding light upon the subject of medical billing for those who are not familiar with it. You should know that medical billing and coding is an entire process and it starts with the claims to insurance companies. This process involves the interaction between a healthcare provider and an insurance company that has the status of payer in this case. Healthcare providers are commissioned by insurance companies to provide services in this field. As you know, doctors must update their patients’records whenever a new visit occurs. With the occasion of such visits, doctors are expected to settle the diagnosis for their patients and give them the proper treatment. After performing the anamnesis, the doctor will give the verbal diagnosis. This diagnosis must then be transformed into a numerical code which is very important for processing the claims we mentioned before. This code, together with the diagnosis and the suggested treatment will be written on the prescription given by the healthcare specialist. As soon as the procedure and the diagnosis codes are clear, it is the duty of the medical biller to pass the claim to the insurance company that must pay it. In the past, claims were usually being submitted using a paper form. For most insurance companies, such forms as the widely known CMS 1500 are being used on a large scale for non-hospital services. So CMS 1500 form completion guidelines are just a part of the required skills for medical billers.

Once the claims are transmitted to the insurance companies, they are being carefully processed by medical claims specialists and only those who are validated will be approved and reimbursed. You should know that such claims will be reimbursed for a specified percentage of the billed medical services, and this percentage is pre-negotiated between healthcare providers and the insurance companies. It is often that denied or rejected claims are returned to healthcare providers together with a message explaining the reasons for the denial or rejection. These claims can subsequently be corrected and resubmitted for reimbursement. If claims are given the appropriate documentation and evidence they are likely to get reimbursed in the end, although the original decision has not been favorable. As we mentioned before, those who want to pursue a career as medical billers must possess many skills and have an in-depth knowledge on the matter. First of all, they must know everything about diagnosis codes, health insurances and their terms, calculating co-payments and deductibles. Then they must be familiar with the medical billing business, meaning they must know the stages of an insurance claim and they must be profficient in medical billing software and forms in order to be sure their claims will be reimbursed. These are only a few aspects they need to be familiar with to succeed in such a career. Upon having such skills, you could even work from home because with the help of the medical billing software you could electronically bill patients, insurance companies or government health agencies from your personal computer.

Medical Billing Certification Test

You should know that the average salary for a medical billing clerk is $31,000 annually, but if you get certified you could earn up to 20-25% more. So why not prove your skills and take the Medical Billing Certification? If taken from a reliable provider, the certification would not only boost your income, but also your resume and would raise you above your peers. is a leading company in online certification and employment testing and would be the best alternative for you. It can provide you the quality online medical billing exam you need to confirm you are serious about a career in this field. Upon passing the medical billing test you will be granted the certification to testify your skills and your commitment to a career as medical biller, so you should not hesitate and register for the test immediately.


  • CMS 1500 Form Completion Guidelines
  • Everything about Coding
  • Exercises, Calculating Co Payments and Deductibles
  • Getting Started with Office Forms to Develop an Insurance Claim
  • Kinds of Health Insurance
  • Marketing the Medical Billing Business
  • Medical Billing and HIPAA
  • Medical Billing Software
  • Overview on Health Insurance
  • Overview on Medical Billing
  • Setting up Office as a Medical Biller
  • The Stages of an Insurance Claim
  • The UB-92 Form

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40  multiple choice questions.

Each question has between 2 and 5 options out of which 1 or more may be correct.

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Free US payable through any of the following:

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