osCommerce v2.2 Certification for your career

It cannot be argued that selling is hard to do nowadays because of the strong competition. When things are not going so well, it seems that everyone is having an advantage over you. It is all about adopting the right strategy and focusing on your target audience. There have been developed many solutions for advertising products and services by online means and e-commerce is facing a growing trend. It is not enough to limit your selling activity to the classic face-to-face interaction. You should be looking for ways to make your business more appealing to the public if you want to improve your financial benefits. osCommerce is a very popular e-commerce software program and in this article we wish to present you its facilities and the skills needed to handle this software. Moreover, it is our final goal to convince you of the need for you to get certified if you have skills in this commercial solution.

We should begin by taking a glimpse at osCommerce. You should know it is free online store-management software, meaning that everyone can use this program. This online shop e-commerce solution provides a rich set of features that allows store owners to build, run and manage their online stores very easily and with no costs whatsoever. osCommerce has appeared in 2000 and since then it has powered online shops all across the world. At present, there are many thousands such shops powered by osCommerce and more than 12,000 online shops have agreed to be added to the live shops section. You should know osCommerce is an open source solution, meaning that everyone having the right skills can contribute to its further development and this is why the osCommerce community of developers is constantly growing. The osCommerce community now counts more than 264,000 store managers, service providers, developers and enthusiasts who collaborate on their online business. More and more people choose osCommerce as a way to increase their sales and there are currently more than 6,800 free add-ons at the disposal of store owners to customize their osCommerce Online Merchant online stores.

osCommerce v2.2 made it possible for store owners to sell both their physical and their digital goods on the World Wide Web and provides a whole range of features to help them achieve such goals. For instance, you can create the Catalog containing your products that needs to be presented to your customers. In addition, there is an Administration Tool available that helps you keep record of your customers, products, orders and all your important online store information. All these features need to be installed and configured through a web-based installation process. You should know osCommerce is written in PHP so if you want to contribute to the development of this software you need to know how to code in this scripting language.

Online osCommerce v2.2 Test

In order to prove your knowledge on osCommerce v2.2 you must be familiar with the interface and tools provided by this program and with the configuration procedures. Once you are confident in your skills on osCommerce you should try to pass an online osCommerce test for getting the osCommerce v2.2 certification as a way to enhance your career prospects. In doing so, you will become a valuable asset for every store owner wishing to advertise his business on the Internet. While the average salary of osCommerce specialists is $63,000, with the certificate attached to your resume you could significantly increase your earnings. An online certification taken from Brainmeasures.com, the global leader in online skill testing, would showcase your abilities to the world. Moreover, the certification attached to your resume will convey an important message to the world: you are serious about a career in commercial solutions and you have given osCommerce v2.2 the proper importance in your training for such a career. As a result, you will enhance your personal brand in the eyes of your employers and you will be given the proper credit for your capabilities. Brainmeasures is renowned for the quality of the exams it offers, and this employee testing exam makes no exception. So you should not hesitate and visit the website for taking the provided osCommerce v2.2 exam as a prerequisite to the valuable certification that would not only boost your resume, but also improve your career perspectives in programming.


  • Catalog Stylesheet Definitions Shipping and Payment
  • Configuration
  • Errors and Classes
  • osCommerce Interface and Tools

No. of Questions

40  multiple choice questions.

Each question has between 2 and 5 options out of which 1 or more may be correct.

Pricing and Payment Options

Free US payable through any of the following:

Secure online credit/debit card transaction

The fee includes the cost of the hard copy certificate of accomplishment and world-wide mailing charges.


All the information regarding this test has been clearly stated inside the login account and you must read it properly before starting your test. Good luck !

Test Re-take Policy

You can take any no of retakes, they are free!!

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