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Many people nowadays are seeking employment in the fields that seem to offer the best perspectives for the future and that are of great actuality. As a result, the information technology field seems to be on everybody’s lips when they are asked what career they would like to pursue. However, you should also turn your attention to the industry fields because there are many such industries pumping great money in the economies of countries worldwide. We wish to bring to your attention in this article one of these industries: the petroleum technology field. We are committed to presenting you the characteristics and the most common job duties of working professionals in this field. We will also present you a brief insight of the personal skills and competences needed to tackle job duties in petroleum technologies. In the final paragraph we will try to focus your attention to the benefits of acquiring a Petroleum Technology Awareness Certification.

We should begin by having a closer insight into the field of petroleum technology in order to see what it is about. You should know that this domain targets the engineers in charge with extracting and refining gas and oil. Professionals in this field are assigned with many tasks, from mapping, analyzing well sites and testing samples to monitoring safety and environmental concerns. If you are inclined to think that an oil well is actually a gusher that pumps pure oil into the air you would be wrong. In fact, only a small fraction of the gas and oil contained in a reservoir is being pumped out on behalf of its own power. Most of it must be forced to come out and there are constantly being developed new technologies for maximizing the production rendered by such a well.

Petroleum technicians usually work in well sites and are given some extractive equipment. You could perform a variety of activities, for instance you may be required to maintain the equipment that makes it possible for thick oil to flow freely or to run chemical tests on the oil coming from the ground. Furthermore, you might be assigned with the mission of analyzing data from a seismic test that reveals the potential of a new site for producing oil. You should be aware that crude oil is not at all a simple mix of chemicals. As a result, the process of refining it requires many skilled such technicians and upon having capabilities in this field you could target a job in a petroleum processing plant. Petroleum engineering technologists must have valuable knowledge on a variety of topics, from geology and well operations to reservoir studies and production operations. Among the most commonly performed tasks by professionals in this field you will find the measurement and recording of various production facilities characteristics, such as pressure, temperature and flow rates, analyzing production well samples, designing well completions, directing drilling and well operations and many others.

Online Petroleum Technology Test

A job in petroleum technology is very demanding in the sense that it requires working with various tools and equipments at tasks that call for precision. Such a job is also associated with data analysis, finding new solutions to problems and dealing with practical situations. Whatever choice you want to make concerning your career in engineering it is crucial for you to master the adequate concepts and terminology associated with this domain. If you also have a piece of paper to testify your knowledge and skills you will enhance your personal brand and your career perspectives. Here is where can be of assistance to you. This company is the global leader in online certification and skill testing and provides a quality online petroleum technology test to evaluate your knowledge and skills in this domain. Brainmeasures is reputed for the quality of the tests it provides and the Petroleum Technology Awareness exam makes no exception. If you successfully pass this exam nobody can question your capabilities and you will receive a valuable certificate that will boost your financial perspectives as well. While the average annual salary of a petroleum technologist is $90,000, with this certification attached to your resume you could earn much more. So there is no reason why you should refuse the challenge of taking this test if you have what it takes and are committed to a career in petroleum technology.


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