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In today’s economic activity, the need to make the optimal use of resources for the manufacture of goods and services of high quality at a low cost and to market them at a competitive price has acquired great significance. Consequently, there has been a growing demand for persons trained in the techniques and approach of quality control. The Quality Control process relates to the use of statistical methods of monitoring and control in order to reduce wastes in the production activity and make sure that confirming goods are being produced. Although this process has been mostly applied in the control of manufacturing lines, its applicability can be extended to any process with a measurable output. In this article we are committed to presenting you the insights of quality control technologies and the challenges of a job in this field. We will also present you some of the knowledge and skills needed to cope with job duties in quality control. For those having what it takes we will emphasize in the final paragraph the benefits of getting certified in quality control technology.

In mass manufacturing, a post-manufacturing inspection of the products was usually being performed for assessing the quality of the finished articles and rejecting the ones that didn’t correspond to specifications. The great benefit brought by the statistical quality csontrol is the possibility to analyze the performances in the manufacturing process for predicting any variations that could result in the rejection of a product. Upon observing at the right time the deviations in the process that caused an undesired change, the persons responsible for the production line can identify the flaw and take the corresponding measures. Quality control is a scientific approach and basically means you must look a little more at whatever it is that comes off the production line. For achieving these goals, quality professionals should make adequate use of statistical tools. Statistical quality control can be divided into three categories. The first category is the descriptive statistics, meant to describe quality characteristics and relationships and makes use of tools such as the mean, standard deviation, the range and the measure of the distribution of data. The second category is the statistical process control involving the inspection of a random sample of the process’output and deciding whether it generates products that apply to a predetermined range of characteristics. The third category relates to acceptance sampling, consisting in the random inspection of a sample of goods and deciding whether to accept the entire lot of such goods based on the results.

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Quality control technicians can be found in a variety of industries, their attribute being to ensure the quality of the manufactured components and products through adequate inspection and testing. So if you are committed to a career in quality control and assurance you must have a very solid base of knowledge on statistical analysis. Professionals in quality control technology must also know math, experimental design and other scientific methods. You will also be expected to analyze customer’s needs and use them for improving or creating new products. If you want to succeed in this career you must prove your knowledge and your desire to stay up-to-date, this is why a successfully passed quality control technology exam will speak more than words. An online certification is a reliable way to enhance your personal brand, so you should decide a worthy provider for such a test on general management. Brainmeasures.com is the world leader in online skill testing and provides a quality control test to measure your capabilities. Pre hiring tests from Brainmeasures are reputed for their deftness and upon passing them you will receive a certificate that will boost your career perspectives. While the average annual wage of a quality control specialist is $60,000, upon getting certified you could earn much more. Undoubtedly, a Quality Control Technology Awareness Certification provided by this highly reputable company will prove to be the pathway to your career advancement. So there is no reason why you should refuse the challenge of having your skills in quality control technology tested if you think you have what it takes to succeed in this line of work. If you feel prepared for achieving an important certification for your future, don’t hesitate and register for the test immediately.


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