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Nobody can question the current boom in the information technology field. In the light of the growing role that computers play in our lives, it cannot be argued that a career in IT would be quite promising. Since hardware components alone cannot provide any functionality, they must be connected to software applications in order to make computers work. This is why operating systems are necessary. Their main purpose is to link these elements, thus enabling us to perform a variety of actions when standing in front of a computer. We will bring into discussion in this article a particular operating system, namely the Solaris 10 U4. You will find out more about its features, characteristics and the skills needed to handle this platform. For those having the necessary skills we will present in the final section of the article the benefits of getting a certification to testify them in a reliable way.

We should begin by having a closer look at the Solaris operating system. You should know Solaris is a Unix operating system that has been primarily developed by Sun Microsystems. With Oracle who took over Sun Microsystems in 2010, Solaris is presently known as Oracle Solaris. You should also know Solaris supports mainly two types of architectures: SPARC and i86pc, and it provides a common source code for both these platforms. Solaris is reputed for its symmetric multiprocessing qualities that enable it to support many central processing units. At present, it supports workstations and servers from many vendors based on the two platforms we mentioned above. However, there are efforts being made to enable this operating system to be ported on other platforms as well. You should know that in 2009 Intel, Dell, IBM, Fujitsu Siemens and Hewlett-Packard have been the vendors whose server systems were based on Solaris. This OS is also reputed for being highly scalable on SPARC systems and it complies with the Single Unix Specification.

Although it has been originally developed as a proprietary software, in 2005 Sun Microsystems laid the foundations of the OpenSolaris project with the intention of bulding a community of developers around this software. Upon completing its acquisition, in 2010 Oracle transformed Solaris 11 into a closed source proprietary OS. However, there is still an open source portion of it available for development through the Oracle Technology Network. The Solaris 10 U4 version of this platform has been released in August 2007 and came with a few enhancements over its predecessor, the U3 variant. For instance, it came with an improved version of the Resource Capping Daemon and a Samba Active Directory support. Samba enables file and print functionalities for many Windows clients and can be integrated with a Windows Server domain. Other significant additions of the Solaris 10 U4 release are the IP instances and the Internet Small Computer System Interface Target support and Solaris Containers for Linux apps. As you may already know, the iSCSI is an IP networking standard for linking features for the storage of data.

Online Solaris 10 U4 Test

If you are familiar with the fundamental characteristics and the advanced features brought by this version of the Solaris OS you should try to showcase your capabilities to the world. If you have all these skills, virtually nobody could question your Solaris abilities. But you must try to distinguish yourself if you want to build a career around your Solaris skills and this is why a Solaris 10 U4 certification would be a great asset for you. In order to achieve it you must pass a Solaris 10 U4 exam and the most convenient alternative would be to take it via online skill testing. But you must be careful in choosing the provider if you want to reap all the benefits out of this certificate. You should opt for, the leading company in online certification and employee testing, due to the quality of the tests it provides. For example, while non-accreditated Solaris specialists earn an average $97,000 annually, upon getting this certification from a reputed company like Brainmeasures you could significantly increase your earnings. So you should not hesitate and register for this test whenever you feel prepared to showcase your Solaris skills in a reliable way and achieve an important certification for your career.


  • General
  • Installation
  • NFS
  • Projects
  • Runlevels
  • Security
  • UNIX Commands
  • Zones

No. of Questions

40  multiple choice questions.

Each question has between 2 and 5 options out of which 1 or more may be correct.

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Free US payable through any of the following:

Secure online credit/debit card transaction

The fee includes the cost of the hard copy certificate of accomplishment and world-wide mailing charges.


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