America, Land of the Different

The United States of America has a long tradition of using different conventions from the rest of the English-speaking world. While the most famous difference in American conventions is their use of the customary measurement system rather than the otherwise worldwide standard of metric, this is by far the least important in daily life.

Someone who has never before encountered American English, or who is American and has not encountered English from another English speaking nation, will immediately notice the differences in how spelling works, between the two dialects. Also, there is something to be said for the difference in vocabulary as well. However, when regarding vocabulary, there are differences between most English dialects, rather than just comparing American English to the rest of the English world.

A good example of the change between American and international English would be to look at certain letter combinations. For example, the word labor in American English would be spelled internationally as labour. This is true when comparing most instances of the letters o and r, when combined this way in American English. Another example are many cases where the letters e and r are combined such as in the word theater. In, international English, it is spelled theatre.

These are but a couple, simpler examples of the drastic changes in spelling between the two. It's difficult to say why American English took this mutation upon itself, airing the 300 years in which it was formed. Traditional UK English, which is the basis for international English, borrows the spelling system pointed out above, from historical French influences long ago.

The value of a US spelling certification

Having looked at the differences between US and international English, there is more to be said for the value of a US spelling certification itself. Even if one is working and living in a climate where English is not the native language, or the native language is international English, a US spelling certification has extensive uses.

An American English spelling certification is useful to those in an international environment, primarily due to the increasing lead global business place of the 21st century. America, especially the United States, is playing a large role in international politics and business. This has been the case since world war one, and barring unforeseen events, this will be the case for a long time to come. Considering this, working in any business that has international dealings will require professionals to deal with US English on at least a semi-regular basis.

Looking at the practical applications of a US spelling certification in the realm of American workers, the uses expand even farther. For example, anyone working in an office place who can show that they have a certification and proper spelling will be viewed by their employers and their coworkers as trustworthy. This means that important job such as drafting documents, finalizing policies and countless other such tasks, which can lead to promotions in the and are more likely to fall in the lap of someone with a US spelling certification.

When looking for employment opportunities, a resume containing US spelling certification indicates three things. First, it indicates that the individual holding this resume is educated, and well spoken. Second, it shows a level of diligence in everything the potential and Wally does. This will reflect that they will work hard, and pay close attention and put forth extreme effort in every detail of every single task they perform no matter how minute. Lastly, it shows that they can be trusted with sensitive work that requires a proper grasp of language, including things needing proofreading, or drafting.

In this increasingly digital climate, online certification is of course the best way to obtain a US spelling certification. There are many companies in the market who provide the certification, but there is only one company who provides the best US spelling certification – and that is the best online certification company overall. 

Online US Spelling Certification Test

Brainmeasures is the only online certification provider who can truthfully claim the title of that in the field. Furthermore, we are the best in this field, providing the best teaching in many, many other fields. When designing our courses and our certification tests, we take great care to consult with many experts in the subject we are teaching. Not only do we ensure through this procedure that we provide all of the important knowledge in the correct manner, but also we provide students with years of experience that these professionals bring with them.

Space a student who receives a certification not only understands the intrinsic information behind US spelling, but they also possess practical knowledge of how to use this in a variety of fields. This means that very little to no entry-level training regarding using this knowledge need be provided by the employer.

This US spelling certification exam is the best of its kind. The holder of a certification from this US spelling certification test holds not only proof that they understand US spelling and how to use it in many fields, but also that they were taught by the best.

There are many choices for obtaining a US spelling certification test, but as we always say, nobody measures like Brainmeasures. 


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