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For those who have never heard of Virtual Private Networks the challenge of taking a certification on this topic might seem intimidating. However, you should be aware of the actuality of networking in today’s world. So a career in this domain would be very promising, given the permanent expansion of networks. The interesting fact about such a network is that you might use it without even realizing. We will discuss in this article the purpose and functionality of virtual private networks and we will also emphasize their benefits to people and organizations alike. In the final section of the article we will try to convince you that if you have the necessary skills to build such networks you should be looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. This is why a certification on this topic would be of great help to you.

We should begin by having a closer insight onto the topic of virtual private networks and see how they work. A virtual private network (VPN) is a private network that makes use of the public infrastructure of telecommunications but ensures data confidentiality. In other words, it uses the Internet to connect remote sites and users. As a result, such networks are very popular in the corporate world. Why is it so? Because the growth of a business usually leads to its geographical expansion. Consequently, the respective organization will open many offices or shops across the country and all over the world and the people working out there need a secure and fast way to share information across networks. Moreover, it is often that companies employ traveling salespeople to promote their products and expand their list of clients. For such people it is also essential to be able to connect in a secure way to their business network, despite the fact they are in remote locations or on the go. The VPN technology is very useful in helping them achieve these goals. By choosing this alternative businesses secure their information, because it is encrypted. There are tunneling protocols and security procedures that keep such private networks secure. As a result, whoever intercepts the data will not be able to read it.

So we have seen that VPN allows the secure and simple communication between computers from different local area networks. A private network can be established between two computers from remotely located offices or between thousands of computers from different parts of the world. VPNs are popular because they offer a very secure encryption for protecting data as it travels the Internet. What is more, VPN equipments are permanently monitoring the transmitted data by using sophisticated procedures to make sure the information is not altered during the crossing of the public network. The major advantages of virtual private networks are security, simplicity and the low cost, because they use an already existing Internet connection and do not require dedicated transmission lines.

Online Virtual Private Network Test

Virtual private networks are on great demand, so if your skills revolve around them you should definitely pursue a career in this field. You will be expected to handle both the basic and the advanced concepts of VPN technology. And you should be aware that you are one of the many who have skills in this field so you should try to stand out from the crowd. What is more, just saying you have the skills would not enhance your personal brand in the eyes of a potential employer. So you should find the best solution to have your skills confirmed in a trustable way. An online certification would bring you many benefits if you don’t choose the provider ineptly. This is why can be the best alternative at hand for you. It is the leading company inemployee testing and is reputed for the quality of the hiring tests it provides. You should therefore take the online Virtual Private Network exam to assess your knowledge and capabilities. If you pass it you will be awarded a valuable certificate that will boost not only your resume, but also your income. While average workers in this field earn about $80,000 annually, with the Virtual Private Network Certification attached to your resume you could earn significantly more. So don’t hesitate and register for the skill testing whenever you feel prepared to achieve an important certification for your career in networking.


  • Attacks and Vulnerabilities
  • Encryption and VPN
  • IPSec Concepts
  • PPTP and L2TP VPN
  • VPN Basics

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40  multiple choice questions.

Each question has between 2 and 5 options out of which 1 or more may be correct.

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Free US payable through any of the following:

Secure online credit/debit card transaction

The fee includes the cost of the hard copy certificate of accomplishment and world-wide mailing charges.


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