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Most people have musical preferences and are actually enjoying listening to music. In parties of all kinds music is a crucial element for entertainment and there is always need for skilled people to play a catchy music. If you have exquisite music tastes and a passion for the entertainment business you could try to become a reputed Disc Jockey and earn big money. We will present you in this article more about the challenges of such a career and you will see what knowledge and skills you ought to have in order to be acknowledged as a good professional in this line of work. For those keen on the idea and having the necessary skills we will also present in the final section of the article the benefits of taking a certification on this topic.

We should begin by having a closer insight onto the career of Disc Jockey or DJ, as we all know it. Perhaps you have heard about famous such professionals from television because those truly wealthy and appreciated are shooting videos for their music. You should know a Disc Jockey is the person in charge with selecting and playing recorded music for a specific audience. Although originally the term referred to phonograph records, nowadays it designates all the types of music playback. You as a DJ might be in charge, for example, with choosing music for a party or Disco. You will also be the one to play it at the specific location, so DJs also require many pieces of equipment to accomplish their job duties. Experienced Disc Jockeys may be put in charge not only with operating the music and the speakers, but also with the light shows at parties or school dances. You might also need to introduce particular songs and speak with the audience for ensuring the entertainment. As you should already know, DJs are supposed to change songs without stop. This is why they wear headsets. These headsets help them listen to one song while another one is being played to the audience, or to listen to both recordings at the same time. This way, Disc Jockeys are able to adjust the speed of the songs following in the headset. You will usually need to take a minute at the end of each song when the melody starts fading away but the beat is still beating. The music heard on the floor is slowly disappearing and the song you hear in the headset is fading in. Keeping your headset next to the ears is crucial for you to be able to adjust the speed constantly and ensure a continuous music playback.

You should know there are many types of Disc Jockeys so you can decide to target a particular field. There are, for instance, radio DJs who are in charge with introducing and playing the songs that are broadcasted on AM, FM, digital, shortwave or Internet radio stations. Club DJs are playing music in clubs, bars, discothèques, raves, parties or even in stadiums. There is also reggae DJs who are vocalists and who rap or chat over particular pre-recorded rhythm tracks. Another category includes the hip hop Disc Jockeys who make a selection of music to be played using many turntables. These DJs are often backing up MCs and they are also required to do turntable scratching in order to create percussive sounds. You may also choose to be a mobile DJ and travel along with your portable equipment to play recorded music at events of all kinds. Whatever DJ category you wish to target you will need to possess specific pieces of equipment and master the techniques necessary for accomplishing job duties in this field. The equipment usually consists of a combination of devices for playing music recordings, sound recordings, a sequencer, a sound system for amplifying and broadcasting the recordings, a DJ mixer to help you go from one song to another, headphones and eventually a microphone for you to keep contact with the audience and introduce songs.

Online Disc Jokey Awareness Exam

If you are committed to becoming a DJ and have the right skills to succeed in this business you should take a certificate proving you master all the important concepts and knowledge related to such an entertainment career. Brainmeasures.com can become your best alternative, because it is the global leader in online certification and skill testing and offers a quality online test for DJs. The Disc Jockey Awareness exam is set to assess your abilities in this field and once you pass it you will receive the valuable Disc Jockey Awareness Certification that will boost your resume and your career chances. While the average annual salary of a DJ is $45,000, upon getting this certification you could earn much more. So do not hesitate and register for this test immediately as a pathway to your career success as a DJ.


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