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Nature has blessed us with many beauties to admire and flowers count as one of them. Since the beginnings of time, flowers have held a special place in human society. Flowers are a must-have element for countless important events in our life and they are used for celebrating special events all over the world. Every flower is appealing in a certain way. While some are appreciated for their aspect and color, others are loved because of their scent and some flowers have been historically impregnated with a specific meaning. For those passionate about flowers and wishing to work with these wonders of the world we will present in this article the insights of a career as florist. You will see the job duties of a florist, the career perspectives you can take upon having skills in this field and what qualities you need to have in order to become an appreciated florist. For those having the right skills and wishing to enter this industry we will present in the final section of the article the benefits of getting a certification on this topic.

We should begin with a few general considerations on floristry. As the name itself suggests, it deals with the production and trade of flowers. You should know the term is not necessarily referring only to the cultivation of flowers, but also to their arrangement and to the business of selling them. This business is closely related to the corporate world and to social events, because flowers usually play a key role in the décor of meetings and special events. We should now move on to the challenges of a career as florist. As you should already know, florists are the persons in charged with selling and making arrangements out of flowers and ornamental plants. Florists do not work only with fresh flowers, but also with dried or artificial or dried flowers. Professionals in this field have many responsibilities. For instance, they must choose flowers for displays and decoration purposes. In doing so, they must keep account of their freshness, seasonality and appearance. They must work with customers and help them choose the right flowers for a specific occasion and they must advise them on how to take good care of flowers. They must also take telephone flower orders, create bouquets for clients and arrange their delivery. Florists must also attend special events to create flower arrangements and they must carry out some administrative tasks such as keeping record of the customers and their orders.

Florists are very important persons to help us make the special events in our life more pleasant. They are often required to create beautiful corsages, wedding bouquets, arrangements for graduations and other special events, seasonal arrangements, centerpieces and other such flower arrangements. People love to have flowers around them whenever they have a reason to celebrate and they also offer them comfort at funerals. Florists must be very creative and have a very good knowledge on plants and flowers. They must have lots of imagination to arrange flowers in a nice way and a good sense of color combination. It goes without saying that you must be passionate about flowers and have good communicating skills for persuading people to buy your arrangements. You must also be able to put into practice their ideas and deliver the bouquets and arrangements they want. Upon having such skills you could address your abilities with flowers to a variety of events or you could even pursue an interior design career and brighten people’s homes with your creative talent in this domain. If you want to pursue a career as florist you must also be very careful at the local culture concerning flowers and their meaning. For example, in Asian cultures white flowers symbolize death, while in European cultures they are associated with purity and innocence.

Online Florist Skills Exam

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