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One of the greatest challenges we are all facing at the age of maturity is to discover our entire working potential and pursue the job we picture ourselves doing. For some people, this decision is clear since early childhood, but this is the case of the luckily gifted few that have achieved great results in school or college in a specific domain. For the rest of us, it is mainly a question of interests and passions. While some people are interested in landscapes and architecture, others might be more suitable and keen on a career in IT. In this article we wish to draw your attention to a very interesting domain: mineralogy. We will focus on a particular branch of this discipline that is much appreciated, gemology. We will present you some information on gemology and its purpose and we will try to outline the necessary skills for a job in this field. For those having what it takes and the commitment to such a job we will also present in the closing paragraph the benefits of taking a Gemology Awareness Certification.

Let us begin as promised with a few considerations on gemology. We have already seen it is a branch of mineralogy, which deals with the study of the chemistry, structure and physical properties of minerals. Gemology is considered to be a geoscience and it concerns natural and artificial gemstones and gems. Gems are used on a large scale for making jewelry, so keeping account of the fact that jewelry making is a booming industry we can draw the conclusion the gemology too is very important and would make a promising choice for a career. The study of gemology covers a wide field of information and this is why in this domain you will never get to know everything. Everyday, you can find out new things or meet another gemologist who knows something you do not and vice versa. This is the one of the interesting parts of gemology: you never get bored and it is not a domain where you will suffer from routine. It takes lots of time to gain the necessary knowledge and even more time to use it so you must be patient and wait for the results to show up. In the end, it is a matter of personal dedication to the job and commitment to this work field.

Gemology is not only an art, but also a science and a profession. The exponents of this domain of interest work in virtually all the areas of the gemstone and jewelry industry. Specialists in gemology must use different scales of measure with the purpose of identifying and categorizing gems. These professionals are usually found in laboratories, in charge with the analysis of stones. They can be required to deliver customized reports for a wide variety of customers, including retailers, gem wholesalers and individual gem owners. Gemologists are working with specific equipment, like microscopes, for studying the internal structure of gems. This way they are able to make the distinction between a natural gemstone and a synthetic one. If you are passionate about jewelry and stones and you have an eye for detail you have all it takes to become a successful gemologist.

Online Gemology Awareness Test

The fact is whatever field you would like to target you must prove you are capable of having professional achievements in the respective domain. You must testify that you have the in-depth knowledge and the required skills to succeed in that particular line of work and that you are aware of its purpose and challenges. This is why you could take great benefits from taking employment tests and from the certification we mentioned above. Such a certification would prove you are prepared to face the challenges of a job in gemology. Among the various providers of such a certification there is one that stands out: Brainmeasures. This company is the world leader in online certification and skill testing and provides a quality gemology awareness exam as a prerequisite to obtaining the corresponding certificate. If you pass the provided gemology test available on the website you will become a certified professional in this field and you will enhance your career and financial perspectives. While the average annual wage of a gemologist is $71,000, upon getting this certificate you could earn much more. This is why you should not have second thoughts and take this certification as a way to set your career in gemology to ascension.


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