How can you benefit from a system analysis certification?

 Whether you have a computer science degree or you work in the ever-developing IT industry you should consider a certificate in system analysis. As you may already know, system analysis deals with studying interacting entities. Computers are made of such entities so the information technology field is one of the many domains in which such a certification would prove its utility.

There is a close connection between system analysis and the analysis of requirements or operations. The very definition of the term „analysis” states that it is an activity you perform in order to help someone in need to make the best decision. Therefore, a system analyst is the right person to go to whenever you want to develop a computer-based information system. He can be asked to conduct feasibility studies to see whether your projects are feasible, to measure the ability of target users to operate the system and to conduct interviews or inquiries on the requirements of these users. The practitioners in this field are able to conduct a detailed analysis on each component of the system in order to find out what goes wrong and what would be the options for it to be fixed. They can also create new systems, but they are more often expected to modify and develop existing ones.

We are surrounded by systems and upon getting employed we become part of the business system ourselves, together with the other people, machines, market and materials. Why is that? Because we are all working together to achieve the goals of the organization that we are a part of. Therefore, coming to the conclusion that system analysis skills would better your chances of employment only in the computing industry would be totally wrong. There are numerous job opportunities you can take based on systems analysis: business analyst, systems engineer and manufacturer, software developer, even enterprise architect working with stakeholders to build a complex overview of the organization’s strategy and processes.

With a proper knowledge and expertise in systems analysis you should be able to develop computer networks that work together for a well-defined purpose. Also, as we previously pointed out, system analysts can inquire clients and determine the best functions to be included in the system. In doing so, they can develop diagrams and case scenarios to show how will a given system work under different conditions. Consequently, they can decide which kind of computers and sofware would best suit an organization’s needs according to the available budget and logistic capacity. A system analyst should be well trained to evaluate already-built systems and to find solutions to improve their efficiency. In doing so, they have to master analysis tools and terminology, system designs and data observation.

Considering the boom of wireless Internet devices and the importance of the information technology in the business world there is no wonder that employment in the field of computer systems analysis has grown within the last years. Moreover, it is expected to grow even more, so if you have the required skills you should consider a certification in system analysis as a pathway to a brighter future. If you are concerned about the income you could earn in this job, there are no reasons to worry because a low-paid system analyst earns about  $45,000 and the highest-paid can bring home more than $118,000. The annual wage for a job as computer systems analyst has been of $81,250 in 2010; sounds good, isn’t it?

System Analysis Test

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  • Analysis Tools
  • Concepts and Terminology
  • Data Dictionary
  • Data Flow Diagrams
  • Systems Design

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40  multiple choice questions.

Each question has between 2 and 5 options out of which 1 or more may be correct.

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