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 It is true that there are so many factors which will determine the quality of the success for the people in term of dealing with their career. Determinacy, persistence, hard working, and diligent can be claimed to be the attributes which should be owned by the people if they want to be successful. However, most of the people forget about the importance of reputation. In fact, such thing is very necessary in giving guarantee that the people can be successful in their career. That is why, here, we are going to talk about how to get great reputation by using online grammar certification for you who have the profession as writer. Yes, indeed, it cannot be denied that no matter what kind of writer you are, you definitely need to have this kind of certification in your hand. Later on, we are going to talk about the fact behind all this including how to get the certification, its function, and the potential income that you can get once you have the certification.

Let us start by talk about what is meant by the certification that we have talked before. Well, it can be said that the certification is like written proof of your writing skill especially in the field of your grammar. By having the certification, you have explicitly said that you have the great capability in handling writing with great grammar. Of course, the grammar that we are talking about here is the English grammar. It is because such grammar is very accounted for in the field of writing profession as what you will normally do is the writing in English language. Therefore, you need to really understand English grammar both the UK English grammar and the US before you can say to the other people that you are a qualified English writer. This kind of certification is very important for those who are attracted in having this kind of career but they were not born from English speaking mothers. Without such certification, it is really hard for these people to get the success because the people will think that they are not really capable of handling English writing by considering their background. All of the explanation will lead you to be obliged in getting the certification. Another reason why you need to get the certification in addition to improve the reputation of yours is the fact that you can boost your income once you have gotten the certification. Assume that you have become a writer although you do not have the certification. Indeed, you can make some money from this kind of profession. However, do you know that you can get up to 10 times more than what you can get now if you have the certification? Yes, indeed, such thing is very true. Such thing is a fact and it will put more underline to the obligation in getting the certification.

UK English Grammar Test

 Now that we have come to this point, where everything related to the importance of the certification and the potential income that can be earned by using it, we need to talk about how to get such certification. Actually, there are two methods that can be chosen. The first is to use the normal method. It means that you need to find the institution or the service in your surroundings which can hold the English grammar test. Well, the test is the one that you need to get through if you want to get the certification. You need to make sure that you can pass the test in checking your capability to deal with English grammar first. Well, perhaps, you might think that such method is quite troublesome for you because you need to wander around. It is also possible that you might not get the service that you need in great quality. If you find such annoying condition, you need to choose the second method. This method will involve you to deal with online technology. Yes, indeed, you will need to seek for the online service which can provide online English grammar exam. This one is a lot much simpler for you because you do not need to make any effort in finding the service. For addition, the online certifications that you can get are just as great as the regular ones. So, why do you choose the troublesome method if you can have the same quality with the easier method? Well, are you ready to become a professional writer with the certification? You should be


  • comparisons
  • diction & word choice
  • modifiers
  • pronoun usage
  • pronoun-antecedent agreement
  • sentence structure
  • subject-verb agreement
  • verb tenses

No. of Questions

40  multiple choice questions.

Each question has between 2 and 5 options out of which 1 or more may be correct.

Pricing and Payment Options

Free US payable through any of the following:

Secure online credit/debit card transaction

The fee includes the cost of the hard copy certificate of accomplishment and world-wide mailing charges.


All the information regarding this test has been clearly stated inside the login account and you must read it properly before starting your test. Good luck !

Test Re-take Policy

You can take any no of retakes, they are free!!

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