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Free Chip Design Test

To take the free test, scroll down and click on Start button.

Syllabus: Chip Design Test
  • Adaptive Multiprocessor System-on-Chip Architecture: New Degrees of Freedom in System Design
  • An Introduction to Multi-Core System on Chip – Trends and Challenges
  • ASIC devices
  • Composability and Predictability for Independent Application Development, Verification
  • Design and modeling recommendation
  • Design entity
  • Design Tools and Methods for Chip Physical Design
  • Embedded Multicore Systems: Design Challenges and Opportunities
  • Hardware Support for Efficient Resource Utilization in Manycore Processor Systems
  • High-Performance Multiprocessor System on Chip: Trends in Chip Architecture for the Mass Market
  • Invasive Computing: An Overview
  • Modeling Combination logic circuit
  • PALLAS: Mapping Applications onto Manycore
  • Power Aware Multicore SoC and NoC Design
  • Synthesis constraints
  • The Case for Message Passing on Many-Core Chips
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    40  minutes.

    No. of Questions

    40  multiple choice questions.

    Each question has between 2 and 5 options out of which 1 or more may be correct.

    Test Re-take Policy

    You can take any number of test retakes.


    Note : If you want to purchase the hard copy certificate after passing the test follow the procedure explained below.
    • After taking your test , login in your individual account
    • GO to view test result page of your individual account
    • In view test result page you will find the link “BUY CERTIFICATE”
    • The cost of the hard copy certificate will be $50
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