Python 3.3 (Easy Level) Test

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Topics covered - Syllabus

  • Basic element and syntax
  • Conditional execution
  • Data structure and classes
  • Diving into Dictionaries
  • Error handling
  • Exception
  • File input and output
  • File input output
  • Files in Python
  • Function
  • Getting your Hands on the Keyboard—Using Help, Interactive Mode, and IDLE
  • Integration Testing and System Testing
  • Introducing python
  • Introduction of python
  • Introduction to python 3.3
  • Iteration
  • Modules
  • Networking
  • Operator
  • Processing Lists and Tuples
  • Python IDE
  • Statement and control flow
  • Strings
  • Testing Tools and Techniques
  • Threads
  • Variable expression and statement
  • Win32 extension reference
  • Working with function
  • working with strings

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Time Duration : 40

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