Network Administration (Intermediate Level) Test

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Topics covered - Syllabus

  • Analog transmission
  • Basic networking concept
  • Buses, Network Adapters, and LAN Connection Devices
  • Internetwork Devices
  • Limit of Networking connection
  • Managing and Monitoring Performance
  • Network based filtering method
  • Network Designs and Ethernet Networkin
  • Network Designs and Ethernet Networking
  • Networking command
  • Networking command line tool
  • Networking commands
  • Networking configuration
  • Networking interface
  • Networking protocol
  • OSI networking model
  • PSTN networking
  • Routers
  • RPM group of networking
  • Services of networking
  • Subnetworking
  • System log
  • The OSI Model and IEEE Standards
  • Wild card mask

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