Hibernate Certification Test

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Topics covered - Syllabus

  • Architecture (Instance states, JMX integration, Contextual Sessions. Etc)
  • Association Mappings (Unidirectional,Unidirectional,bidirectional) associations with join tables )
  • Batch Processing
  • Collection Mappings (persistant, sorted,indexed) collections, collection elements etc.
  • Configuration (JDBC connections, logging, J2EE application server integration etc)
  • Criteria Queries (Detached queries and subqueries, queries by natural identifier, associations etc)
  • Filtering Data
  • HQL (Ploymorphic queries, joins, aggregate functions, associations , bulk update, expressions etc)
  • Improving Performance (lazy property fetching, query cache, single-ended approx. proxies etc.)
  • Inheritance Mapping (implicit polymorphism with other inheritance mappings, table per concrete clas
  • Interceptors and Events
  • Native SQL (custom sql, named sql, entities queries, scalar queries, handling inheritance, etc.)
  • O/R Mapping (composite id, key, subclass, join, id generator, class etc.)
  • Objects (object states, pagination, scrollable iteration, filterring collections etc)
  • Persistent Classes (inheritance, dynamic models, tuplizers, implementing equals() hashcode() etc)
  • Transaction and concurrency (exception handling, transaction timeout, connection release modes etc)
  • XML Mapping

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