Laravel Certification Test

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Topics covered - Syllabus

  • Ajax
  • Application Structure and Configuration (Root Directory,App Directory,maintainance mode) etc
  • Controllers (Middleware, Restful Resource,Implicit, Constructor injection, Method injection)
  • Databases (Pagination, Seeding, Migrations, Redis, Insert, delete, update, retrieve)
  • Eloquent ORM (Relationships, Mutuators, collections, Serialization)
  • Error and Event Handling
  • Events, Collections,Queues,Task Scheduling,Broadcasting,file storage,package development etc
  • Middleware
  • Request (Request URI Retrieval, Input Retrieval)
  • Responses, Views and Redirections (blade templates, sharing and passing data, etc)
  • Routing
  • Security (Authentication, Authorization, Email verification, Hashing, encryption etc. )
  • Testing (HTTP, Console, Mocking, Browser, Database)

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