Network Fundamental Certification Test

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Topics covered - Syllabus

  • advanced networking OSS
  • BSS
  • Cisco IOS Tools, Local SPAN
  • Cisco IOS Tools, Log Events
  • Cisco IOS Tools, Ping
  • Cisco IOS Tools, Terminal Monitor
  • Cisco IOS Tools, Trace route
  • cli cloud
  • Cloud Resources, External Cloud Services
  • Cloud Resources, Internal Cloud Services
  • Communication lte
  • dcn
  • Device Maintenance, Cisco IOS Recovery
  • Device Maintenance, Cisco IOS Upgrades
  • Device Maintenance, Password Configuration
  • Device Maintenance, Password Recovery
  • Device Management, Logging
  • Device Management, Loopback
  • Device Management, Timezone
  • File Transfer Protocol SFTP
  • floating ip
  • ftp
  • gossip protocol
  • Infrastructure Management Device Management, Licensing
  • Infrastructure Security Port Security, Dynamic
  • Infrastructure Security Port Security, Static
  • Intelligent Network
  • interfaces
  • ipsec
  • isp
  • lte
  • network design
  • Network Programmability, Control Plane
  • Network Programmability, Controller
  • Network Programmability, Data Plane
  • Network Programmability, Northbound API
  • Network Programmability, Southbound API
  • pdcp
  • Physical Layer, Multiplexing
  • Port Security, Err-disable recovery
  • Port Security, Max MAC Address
  • Port Security, Sticky
  • Port Security, Violations Actions
  • telnet
  • thrift
  • Transmission Media vocal technology
  • Transport Layer, multiplexing & demultiplexing
  • tunnel mode

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