Big Data Hadoop(Hard level)

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Topics covered - Syllabus

  • Analysis
  • Avro
  • Basics
  • Cascalog
  • Cursor
  • Database
  • Ecosystem
  • file
  • flume
  • H2O
  • Hadoop Analytics
  • Hadoop Data integrity
  • Hadoop No Sql
  • Hbase
  • Hbase table
  • hcatalog
  • HDFS
  • hdfs file, name node
  • Hive
  • Isilon solutions
  • Map and Reduce
  • Mapping
  • Nosql system
  • Pig
  • sandbox
  • Server
  • Spark
  • Sqoop
  • Standalone Mode
  • TaskTracker
  • text visualization
  • yarn
  • Zookeeper

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