Class- 8 Mathematic

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Topics covered - Syllabus

  • Applications of Linear Equation (Just Solving the Equations)
  • Geometry – Constructing a Quadrilateral
  • Kinds of Polygons
  • Properties of Rational Numbers
  • Age/Money/Denomination of Currency Word Problems
  • Applications of Linear Equation (Create and Solve the Equations)
  • Classification of Polygons
  • Data Handling – Organising Data
  • Polygon
  • Properties of Polygons-1
  • Properties of Polygons-10
  • Properties of Polygons-2
  • Properties of Polygons-3
  • Properties of Polygons-4
  • Properties of Polygons-5
  • Properties of Polygons-6
  • Properties of Polygons-7
  • Properties of Polygons-8
  • Properties of Polygons-9
  • Quadrilaterals – Diagonals
  • Quadrilaterals – Sum Angle Property
  • Rational Numbers Between Two Rational Numbers
  • Reduce the Given Linear Equations to a Simpler Form
  • Reduce the Linear Equation and Find the Value of the Variable
  • Representation of Numbers on Number Line
  • Solving Linear Equations with Variables on One Side and Number on the Other
  • Special Cases in Polygons
  • Sum of Measures of the Exterior Angles of a Polygon

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