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List of Brainmeasure Tests

Brainmeasures has a vast pool of assessment tests which judge the complete personality, ability, knowledge and capability of prospective job candidate. We have following tests on offer:

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Dot Net Nuke TestFree
Dot Net Fundamentals TestFree
DotNet 2.0 using C# TestFree
DotNet 2.0 using VB TestFree
DotNet 3.5 using C# TestFree
DotNet 3.5 using VB TestFree
Knowledge of .Net Framework 4.0 TestFree
NET Core 5Free
Dot Net technology (easy level)Free
Dot Net technology (difficult level)Free
Dot Net technology (intermediate level)Free
 .net Test 
.Net Framework 4.5 TestFree
.Net Technology (Difficult Level) TestFree
.Net Technology (Easy Level) TestFree
.Net Technology (Medium Level) TestFree
ASP.Net Certification$15
ASP.NET 2003 TestFree
ASP.NET with SQL Server TestFree
ASP 3.O TestFree
ASP.Net 2.0 using C# TestFree
ASP.Net 2.0 using VB TestFree
ASP.Net 3.5 using C# TestFree
ASP.Net 3.5 using VB TestFree
ASP.Net.4.5 (Difficult Level) TestFree
ASP.Net.4.5 (Easy Level) TestFree
ASP.Net.4.5 (Intermediate Level) TestFree
ASP (Difficult Level) TestFree
ASP (Easy Level) TestFree
ASP (Intermediate Level) TestFree
ASP Hosting TestFree
ASP.Net MVC TestFree
ASP.NET MVC 5 Certification$99
ASP.NET 4.6 TestFree
Perl 5 TestFree
Perl Certification$99
Perl 6 (Easy Level) TestFree
Perl 6 (Intermediate Level) TestFree
Perl 6 (Difficult Level) TestFree
PHP 5 TestFree
Advanced PHP TestFree
PHP 4 TestFree
Regular Expressions with PHP TestFree
PHP & MySQL Certification$99
Cake PHP Certification $99
Zend PHP Test$0
PHP 5.3 (Difficult Level) TestFree
PHP 5.3 (Easy Level) TestFree
PHP 5.3 (Intermediate Level) TestFree
PHP 5 TestFree
PHP Advance Level Assessment TestFree
PHP basic level AssessmentTestFree
PHP intermediate level assessment TestFree
 Web Designing & Development 
DHTML TestFree
XHTML 1.0 TestFree
HTML 4.01 TestFree
CSS 2.0 TestFree
JSP 2.0 TestFree
Principles of Web Graphics Design TestFree
XML 1.0 TestFree
JSP TestFree
Web and Multimedia Management Terminology TestFree
xhtml TestFree
xml TestFree
CSS 3 TestFree
XML 1.0 (Fifth Edition) Free
XML Schema TestFree
Yola TestFree
NetBeans Certification Free
HTML 4 Certification$85
Web Content Certification $85
Web Page Design Certification$99
CSS Certification$99
HTML5 Certification$99
VMware Certification $85
Server+ Test$0
Web Design TestFree
Server and Storage TestFree
Web Browser TestFree
JSP and Servlet TestFree
 Web Development 
AJAX Certification$85
LAMP TestFree
new XML TestFree
E4X TestFree
Java 2 Web Developer Test$0
Java Web Component Developer Test$0
Head First Servlets and JSP Passing the Sun Certified Web Component Developer TestFree
Web 2.0 (Difficult Level) TestFree
Web 2.0 (Easy Level) TestFree
Web 2.0 (Intermediate Level) TestFree
ExtJS TestFree
Symfony TestFree
Extensible Stylesheet LanguageFree
mean stackFree
Back-end Web Development Test Free
Front-end Web Development Test (Basic)Free
Front-end Web Development Test (Intermediate)Free
ReactJS Front-end Web Development TestFree
Test For Hiring AJAX Front-End Web DeveloperFree
LAMP developer Assesment TestFree
 Web Services 
Web Services TestFree
J2EE TestFree
OpenSocial TestFree
Amazon Web Services Certification$85
Apache Server Certification (2.0 Family)Free
Knowledge of jQuery 1.3.2 Skills Test Free
Knowledge of Ning Skills TestFree
WebOS TestFree
Java Web Services Certification$99
Java Web Services Certification$99
JQuery Certification$99
TYPO3 Certification$99
Amazon Web Services TestFree
E-Mail Hosting/Web Hosting TestFree
Django TestFree
JQuery 2.0 Certification$99
RESTFUL Services TestFree
Client and Server TestFree
Apache TomcatFree
Web Services Description LanguageFree
website analyticsFree
Application Server MCQsFree
web services And Its SecurityFree
Selenium 1.0 Testing TestFree
Selenium Certification$99
Selenium (Easy) TestFree
Selenium (Medium) TestFree
Selenium (Difficult) TestFree
Selenium 2 Certification$99
Selenium Webdriver Certification$99
Selenium web driverFree
Macromedia Flash 5 TestFree
Macromedia Director MX 2004 TestFree
Macromedia FreeHand MX TestFree
Macromedia Flash 8 Certification$99
Macromedia Flash 8 Certification(Mac Version) Free
Dreamweaver TestFree
Dreamweaver CS3 Test$99
Dreamweaver 4 TestFree
Dreamweaver 8 TestFree
Dreamweaver CS4 TestFree
Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Certification (Mac Version)Free
Dreamweaver 8 Certification(Mac Version) Free
Adobe Dreamweaver CC TestFree
Dreamweaver CS6 for MAC TestFree
Dreamweaver CS6 TestFree
Adobe Photoshop 6.0 TestFree
Adobe Illustrator TestFree
Adobe Premiere TestFree
Adobe Photoshop 5.5 TestFree
Adobe After Effects 7.0 TestFree
Adobe InDesign CS3 TestFree
Adobe Flash CS3 TestFree
Adobe Fireworks CS3 TestFree
Adobe Illustrator CS3 TestFree
Adobe Flex Builder 2 TestFree
Adobe FrameMaker 8 TestFree
Adobe Photoshop CS2 TestFree
Adobe InCopy CS3 TestFree
Adobe Photoshop CS3 TestFree
Photoshop CS2 TestFree
Adobe Flash CS4 TestFree
Adobe Flex 3.0 Certification$99
Adobe Illustrator CS4 TestFree
Adobe InDesign CS4 TestFree
Adobe Photoshop CS4 TestFree
Adobe After Effects CS4 TestFree
Adobe Flash CS3 Certification(Mac Version)Free
Adobe Flash CS4 Certification(Mac Version) Free
Adobe Illustrator CS3 Certification(Mac Version)Free
Adobe InDesign CS3 Certification(Mac Version)Free
Adobe Photoshop CS3 Certification(Mac Version)Free
Adobe Photoshop CS4 Certification (Mac Version)Free
Adobe Analytic Design TestFree
Adobe Fireworks TestFree
Adobe Lightroom TestFree
Adobe Photoshop CS5 TestFree
Adobe Illustrator CS5 Extended TestFree
Adobe Photoshop CS6 TestFree
Adobe Illustrator CS6 TestFree
Adobe Flash CS5 TestFree
Adobe Flash CS6 TestFree
Adobe Fireworks CS5 TestFree
Adobe Fireworks CS6 TestFree
Adobe Fireworks CS4 TestFree
Adobe Flash CSS 5 TestFree
Adobe Acrobat TestFree
Adobe Flash CC TestFree
Adobe Illustrator CS5 (Mac version) TestFree
Adobe Indesign CC TestFree
Adobe Indesign CS6 TestFree
Adobe Photoshop for Mac TestFree
Photoshop CC TestFree
Adobe Lightloom TestFree
Wordpress Certification$85
WordPress 2.8 TestFree
Knowledge of Wordpress 3.0 TestFree
Knowledge of Wordpress 3.1 TestFree
Wordpress TestFree
Wordpress 3.8 TestFree
 3D & Animation 
3ds Max 7.0 TestFree
3ds Max 8.0 TestFree
Coldfusion MX 7 TestFree
Maya 7.0 TestFree
3ds Max 9 TestFree
Animation Technology Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Final Cut Pro 7 Skills TestFree
Knowledge of Vectorworks 2010 Skills Test Free
Autodesk Maya TestFree
Zbrush Test$99
Autodesk Inventor TestFree
Autodesk Revit TestFree
Rhinoceros 3D TestFree
3D Modeling TestFree
Autodesk 3ds Max TestFree
Blender TestFree
unity 3dFree
vray for 3ds maxFree
Maxon Cinema 4D TestFree
Maxon cinema 4D certificationFree
 Graphics Designing 
Video Graphics Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Graphics and Multimedia TestFree
Graphic Design Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Graphic Design Certification$85
Logo Design Certification$85
Illustrator CC TestFree
IT Software Graphics TestFree
Swish Max Free
 Digital Graphics 
CorelDraw X3 TestFree
PageMaker 7.0 TestFree
Architectural Drafting and Designing Technology TestFree
Corel Paint Shop Pro XI TestFree
Corel Ventura 10 TestFree
ConceptShare Certification Free
Knowledge of CorelDraw X5 TestFree
Archicad TestFree
CorelDRAW X7 Certification$99
GIMP TestFree
OmniGraffle TestFree
Mudbox 2014Free
 Digital Marketing 
Internet Marketing TestFree
E-Mail Marketing Certification$85
Mobile Marketing Certification$85
Web Marketing Certification$85
Digital Marketing Certification$85
Online Business Marketing Strategy Certification $85
Email Marketing TestFree
 C Programming 
Programming with C TestFree
OOPS Concepts TestFree
Programming with C# TestFree
Programming with C++ TestFree
C# TestFree
Objective C TestFree
C Certification$99
C# Certification$99
Objective C Certification $150
C (Easy Level) TestFree
C (Intermediate Level) TestFree
C (Difficult Level) TestFree
C++ (Easy Level) TestFree
C++ (Intermediate Level) TestFree
C++ (Difficult Level) TestFree
C# 5.0 (Easy Level) TestFree
C# 5.0 (Intermediate Level) TestFree
C# 5.0 (Difficult Level) TestFree
C# 4.0 TestFree
C++ Developer Assessment TestFree
Programming skills with C# Assessment TestFree
Cocoa programming for Mac OS TestFree
Kernel Programming (Solaris 2.x Internals) TestFree
System Programming TestFree
Compiler Design TestFree
YAML TestFree
Knowledge of Mootools Skills Certification Free
VHDL TestFree
VHDL TestFree
Neuro Linguistic Programming Certification $99
Samba Scala TestFree
Sencha TestFree
R TestFree
Scala Programming Certification$99
Introduction to Programming TestFree
Spring Framework TestFree
Shell scriptingFree
Moq frameworkFree
REXX ProgrammingFree
Knockout jsFree
Go Programming skillsFree
 Programming Language 
Ruby on Rails Certification$85
Delphi 6 TestFree
Action Script 3.0 TestFree
Action Script 3.0 Certification(Mac Version)Free
Assembla Certification Free
Knowledge of Symbian C++ Test Free
Ruby on rails TestFree
Fortran 2003 Certification $99
Groovy Certification$99
Clojure TestFree
Arduino Programming Certification$99
Apache Flex TestFree
Bash Scripting TestFree
Tool Command LanguageFree
Aspect oriented programmingFree
AngularJS Development TestFree
COBOL AssesmentFree
Assembly Language EraFree
JSharp 2003 TestFree
Java Test$99
Advanced Java TestFree
jsharp TestFree
Java ME Test Free
Java Swing Certification $99
Complete Java TestFree
Java Business Component Developer Test$0
Osborne Media SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6 TestFree
Sun Certified Programmer & Developer for Java 2 TestFree
Java TestFree
Java 6 (Easy Level) TestFree
Java 6 (Intermediate Level) TestFree
Java 6 (Difficult Level) TestFree
Java Ring TestFree
JMeter Certification$99
Java API for XML Web Services TestFree
Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB) TestFree
Java Persistence APIFree
Advanced Java With Spring MVCFree
Java With Hibernate And JPAFree
Java With Servelet, JSP and JDBCFree
Java JDBC Skills - BasicFree
Test To Hire A JAVA Software DeveloperFree
core java assessment TestFree
Java Developer Assessment (Intermediate level)Free
Java swing assessment TestFree
java with servlet jsp and jdbcFree
Javascript TestFree
JavaScript 1.3 TestFree
JavaScript 1.8 TestFree
Knowledge of General JavaScript Skills Free
node.js TestFree
Javascript TestFree
Javascript 5 TestFree
Knowledge Javascript Skills TestFree
Python 2.x TestFree
Python Certification$85
Symbian Platform Python TestFree
Python Testing Certification$85
Python 3.3 (Difficult Level) TestFree
Python 3.3 (Easy Level) TestFree
Python 3.3 (Intermediate Level) TestFree
Python 2.5 TestFree
VB.Net 2003 TestFree
VBScript Certification$99
VB.NET TestFree
Visual Studio TestFree
Visual Basic 6 TestFree
Visual Basic TestFree
Visual Basic .Net TestFree
VB.Net 10 (Difficult Level) TestFree
VB.Net 10 (Easy Level) TestFree
VB.Net 10 (Intermediate Level) TestFree
VBA TestFree
Excel VBA Programming Certification$99
Visual Studio team services -2017Free
OpenGL Programming TestFree
OpenGL Certification$99
OpenGL ES 3.0 Programming Certification$99
Joomla 1.5 TestFree
Knowledge of Joomla 1.5.x TestFree
Knowledge of Joomla Coding Techniques TestFree
Knowledge of Joomla Coding Techniques Test Free
Joomla Certification$85
Joomla 3 Certification$99
Drupal 5 TestFree
Drupal 6.14 Certification Free
Drupal Certification$85
 Coding Analysis 
 Cloud Computing 
CVSDude TestFree Skills TestFree
Codesion Test Free
Knowledge of Skills Test Free
Cloud Computing Certification$85
Cloud Computing Applications TestFree
Advance Cloud Computing Certification$99
Window Azure TestFree
Informatica (Difficult Level) TestFree
Informatica (Easy Level) TestFree
Informatica (Intermediate Level) TestFree
Cloud Enterprise Architecture Certification$99
Virtual storage access method Free
rightnow cloudFree
Assessment for saleforce developer TestFree
ERP TestFree
Enterprise Resource Planning Certification$99
Enterprise Resource Planning TestFree
NetSuite Certification$99
IBM Eserver Test Free
IBM Test (Aix Communications)$0
IBM Test (AIX V4.3 System Administration)Free
IBM E(Logo)server Test (AIX 5L Installation and System Recovery)Free
IBM E(Logo)server Test (AIX 5L Performance and System Tuning)$0
IBM Test (AIX Performance and System Tuning)$0
IBM E(Logo) Server Test (pSeries AIX System Administration)$0
IBM E(Logo) Server Test (pSeries AIX System Support)$0
IBM Test (AIX Installation and System Recovery)$0
IBM Test (AIX Problem Determination Tools and Techniques)$0
Lotus notesFree
Knowledge of SAP ABAP TestFree
SAP Netweaver Skills TestFree
SAP NetWeaver Certification$99
SAP Enterprise Management Certification$85
SAP GRC Certification$99
Sage 50 Accounting TestFree
Peachtree 7 TestFree
Peachtree TestFree
Peoplesoft TestFree
peopleSoft 9.2 Financials Implementation essentialsFree
PeopleSoft 9.2 Human Resources Essentials 1Z0-416Free
peoplesoft Application developer I - PeopleTools &PeopleCodeFree
PeopleSoft Application Developer II Application Engine & Integration 1Z0-242Free
peoplesoft campus solutions 9 student enrollment implementation . 1Z0-494Free
PeopleSoft General ledgerFree
PeopleSoft Human Resources 9 Fundamentals 1Z0-218Free
PeopleSoft Payables 9.1 Essentials 1Z0-573Free
PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.5x Implementation Essentials 1Z0-632Free
PeopleSoft Receiveable 9.1 essentialsFree
Quick Book Pro 2008 TestFree
Mastering QuickBooks 2006 certification$99
Quickbook 2015 Certification$99
Oracle Forms 9i TestFree
Oracle 10g TestFree
Oracle SQL 9i TestFree
Oracle 8 DBA TestFree
Oracle 9i Administration TestFree
OCP 10g Upgradation TestFree
Oracle10g Database Administrator TestFree
Oracle PL/SQL 9i TestFree
Oracle PL/SQL 10g TestFree
OraclePISql9i1 TestFree
Oracle 9i Form OCP I Practice TestFree
Oracle 9i Form OCP II Practice TestFree
Oracle 9i OCP Fundamental II Practice TestFree
Oracle 9i OCP Fundamental Practice TestFree
Oracle 9i SQL OCP I Practice TestFree
Oracle 9i SQL OCP II Practice TestFree
Oracle OCP 10g Upgradation I Practice TestFree
Oracle OCP 10g Upgradation II Practice TestFree
Oracle OCP 10g Upgradation III Practice TestFree
Oracle OCP Fundamental I Practice TestFree
Oracle OCP Fundamental II Practice TestFree
Oracle OCP Performance Tuning I Practice TestFree
Oracle OCP Performance Tuning II Practice TestFree
Oracle SQL PL/SQL OCP Practice TestFree
Oracle Business Intelligence TestFree
Oracle OCP TestFree
Oracle SOA Infrastructure Implementation Test$0
OCA/OCP Introduction to Oracle 9i SQL Study Test$0
OCP Oracle 8iDBA Performance Tuning and Network Administration Test$0
OCP Oracle Database 11g Administrator Test$0
OCP Oracle8i DBA Architecture Administrator and Backup Recovery Test$0
Oracle 11g (Difficult Level) TestFree
Oracle (Difficult Level) TestFree
Oracle (Easy Level) TestFree
Oracle (Intermediate Level) TestFree
Oracle Java and Middleware TestFree
OBIEE 11gFree
oracle 11g data guardFree
Oracle EBS 11iFree
oracle ebs r12Free
Oracle 10G database administratorFree
Oracle 9i OCP Fundamental TestFree
ERP essentials in oracle Business Intelligence Application 7 testFree
General Ledger Essentials an Oracle an Oracle E-Business Suite TestFree
Human Capital Management in Oracle E-Business Suite testFree
Oracle Value chain planning Demand managementFree
oracle advance control application 2014 essential (exam number 1Z0-487)Free
oracle buiness intelligence (OBI) application 7 for ERP essentials Exam number 1Z0-525 Free
Oracle Business Intelligence Aplication 7 for CRM essentials exam number 1Z0-524Free
Oracle Commerce 11 Guided Search Implementation Essentials Exam number.1Z0-466Free
oracle CRM on demand essentials 1Z0 527Free
Oracle EBS R12 Advanced Supply Chain Planning 1Z0-244Free
Oracle EBS R12: Install, Patch and Maintain Applications | 1Z0-238Free
oracle E-Business suite General ledger essentials Exam num. 1Z0-516 Free
oracle e-business suite (ebs) r12 project essentials Exam No.1Z0-511Free
oracle E-business suite r12 Human capital management exam number-1Z0 548Free
Oracle E-Business Suite R12.1 Inventory Essentials 1Z0-519Free
oracle E-business Suite R12.1 order management essential management (Exam number- 1Z0-521)Free
oracle E-business suite R12.1 Receiveable essentials Exam Number 1Z0-518Free
oracle e-business suite R12.1payable essential exam numebr.1Z0-517Free
oracle E-business suite R12.1purchasing essentials Exam No- 1Z0-520Free
oracle hyper planning11 essential exam number-1Z0-533Free
Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Management Essentials 1Z0-588Free
oracle hyperion financial 11management essential exam num. 1Z0-532Free
Oracle Policy Automation 10 Rule Developer Essentials 1Z0-534Free
Oracle Unified Method 5 Essentials 1Z0-568Free
Oracle value chain planning demantra demand management 7 essesntial 1Z0 558 Free
Oracle Application Express (APEX) 4 Developing Web Applications (Retiring October 15 2017) 1Z0-450Free
Oracle Argus Enterprise Edition 8 Implementation Essentials (1Z0-328)Free
Oracle Argus Safety 7 Implementation Essentials (Retiring February 28th 2018) 1Z0-473Free
Oracle Com Session Border Controller Troubleshooting 17 Implementation Essentials1Z0954Free
oracle communication order and service management server 7 implementation essentials. 1Z0-493Free
Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management 7 Advanced Implementation Essentials 1Z0-509Free
Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management 7 Basic Implementation Essentials 1Z0-596Free
oracle communications BRM elastic charging engineFree
Oracle Communications Operations Monitor 2017 Implementation Essentials 1Z0-953Free
Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper 5 Essentials 1Z0-564Free
Oracle Communications Session Border Controller 7 Basic Implementation Essentials 1Z0-404Free
Oracle Communications Session Border Controller Implementation Essentials 1Z0-400Free
Oracle Database 11g Program with PLSQL 1Z0-144Free
Oracle Database 11g SQL Fundamentals I 1Z0-051Free
Oracle Database 12c Administration 1Z0-062Free
oracle database 12c advanced Administration. 1Z0-063Free
Oracle Database 12c Advanced PLSQL 1Z0-148Free
oracle database 12c certified master exam 12COCMFree
Oracle Database 12c Certified Master Upgrade Exam 12COCMUFree
Oracle Database 12c Essentials 1Z0-497Free
Oracle Database 12c Performance Management and Tuning 1Z0-064Free
Oracle Database 12c RAC and Grid Infrastructure Administration 1Z0-068Free
Oracle Database 12c SQL Fundamentals 1Z0-061Free
Oracle Database 12cR2 Administration 1Z0-072Free
Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) 11g Release 2 and Grid Infrastructure Administration 1Z0-058Free
Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c 1Z0-060Free
Oracle Communications Session Border Controller Troubleshooting17 Implementation Essentials1Z0954Free
Oracle Database 12c Data Guard Administration 1Z0-066Free
Oracle Database Foundations (novice-level exam) 1Z0-006Free
Oracle Database Performance and Tuning Essentials 2015 1Z0-417Free
Oracle Database SQL 1Z0-071Free
Oracle Enterprise Communications Broker 2017 Implementation Essentials 1Z0-955Free
Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g Essentials 1Z0-530Free
Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Essentials 1Z0-457Free
Oracle iStore 12 Essentials 1Z0-555Free
Oracle IT Architecture Release 3 Essentials 1Z0-574Free
Paypal Integration TestFree
Paypal TestFree
Paypal Integration for Mobile TestFree
E-Business Management Certification$85
E-Cash Payment TestFree
E-Business strategyFree
Ecommerce TestFree
Economics Awareness and Terminology TestFree
E-Commerce Awareness TestFree
osCommerce v2.2 TestFree
eBay Web Services TestFree
Knowledge of VirtueMart TestFree
Knowledge of Magento Skills TestFree
EBay Certification$99
Magento Certification$99
Shopify TestFree
E-Commerce TestFree
Electronic Commerce assesmentFree
Elance TestFree
Freelancer TestFree
Pay Per Click Free
Salesforce TestFree
Force dot com Developer Test$0
Mastering Saleforce TestFree
 Information Systems 
Information System Security Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Information Security Certification$85
CICS TestFree
jBPM Certification$99
CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor Test$0
Eloqua TestFree
Information Assurance Certification$99
MIS TestFree
Internet Information Services(IIS) Version 10(included in Window Server 2016 and window 10)Free
Linux TestFree
Redhat Linux 9.0 General TestFree
Redhat Linux 9.0 Admin TestFree
Red Hat Linux 9.0 General Practice TestFree
Red Hat Linux 9.0 Admin Practice TestFree
Linux+ Test$0
LPI Linux Test$0
Linux Professional Test$0
Red Hat Certified Engineer Test$0
Linux (Difficult Level) TestFree
Linux (Easy Level) TestFree
Linux (Intermediate Level) TestFree
Unix TestFree
Unix Shell Script TestFree
unix1 TestFree
unix2 TestFree
UNIX Shell Scripting Certification$99
Solaris 10 U4 TestFree
Solaris 8 Test$0
Sun Certified System Administrator for Solaris 10 TestFree
 Operating Systems 
Windows XP TestFree
Windows 2000 Networking TestFree
DOS Test$99
Windows Basics TestFree
Mac OS X 10.5 TestFree
Windows 95/98 TestFree
Windows NT TestFree
Operating System Certification$99
Ubuntu Certified Professional TestFree
Windows (Difficult Level) TestFree
Windows (Easy Level) TestFree
Windows (Intermediate Level) TestFree
Windows 8 (Difficult Level) TestFree
Windows 8 (Easy Level) TestFree
Windows 8 (Intermediate Level) TestFree
Windows 10Free
Central Desktop TestFree
Desktop Virtualization (Difficult Level) TestFree
Desktop Virtualization (Easy Level) TestFree
Desktop Virtualization (Intermediate Level) TestFree
DTP operatingFree
 User Experience 
User Experience TestFree
User Acceptance TestingFree
UML 2 Certification$99
UML Certification$99
Xen Virtualization Certification$85
Free UML 2 Certification Test$0
Hyper-v 2016Free
 Micro Technology 
Microcomputer Applications Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Microtechnology Awareness TestFree
Microcomputer Awareness TestFree
 Multicore Designing 
Multicore Memory Coherence (Difficult Level) TestFree
Multicore Memory Coherence (Easy Level) TestFree
Multicore Memory Coherence (Intermediate Level) TestFree
 Embedded Systems 
Embedded Systems TestFree
Embedded Systems Certification$99
Quark XPress 7.0 TestFree
Quark XPress 8.0 TestFree
Quark XPress 8.0 Certification(Mac Version) Free
 Game Design 
Game Programming TestFree
Gamification TestFree
Assess Bootstrap Based Web ApplicationFree
test for hiring bootstrap developerFree
Chip Design TestFree
Laptop Repair Certification $99
IT Hardware Control TestFree
Hardware installation and maintenance TestFree
IT Hardware Support TestFree
 Artificial Intelligence 
Artificial Intelligence Awareness TestFree
Robotics Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Welcome to The Era Of Machine LearningFree
ProtoShare Skills TestFree
Knowledge of Prototype Skills Test Free
Brain Training Certification $85
Brain Fingerprinting TestFree
Axure Rp TestFree
Prototypejs Javascript Framework TestFree
Bot Challenge TestFree
 Data & Analytics 
Data Modelling TestFree
Data Structures TestFree
Data Sufficiency TestFree
Data Interpretation Certification Free
Data Analysis TestFree
apache solrFree
DataStage ETL Developer AssessmentFree
 Search & Analytics 
Elastic Search Certification$99
Elastic Search SkillsFree
 Analytics & Automation 
VLSI TestFree
ASIC Design TestFree
Team Foundation ServerFree
powershell 5.0Free
Team foundation server 2017Free
System Analysis TestFree
Analytical Skills TestFree
Business Analyst Certification $99
Google Analytics Certification$85
TRIZ Certification$99
FMEA Certification$85
Numerical Analysis Certification$99
Marketing Analytics Fundamentals TestFree
Logic Pro X Certification$99
Healthcare Analytics Certification$99
Root Cause Analysis Certification$99
White Box Testing TestFree
White Box testingFree
Analogies TestFree
Analogy testFree
Analyzing Arguments TestFree
Logical Deduction testFree
Logical Problems testFree
Logical Sequence of Words testFree
FT IR Spectroscopy testFree
Logical Reasoning TestFree
 Data Mining 
Data Warehousing TestFree
Data Warehousing Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Data Mining Certification$99
e-Discovery Certification$99
Data Warehousing Certification$85
Mining TestFree
 Data Sciences 
JDBC 2.1 TestFree
jdbc Certification$85
 Databases Design 
Power Builder TestFree
JSON Certification Free
Knowledge of SQL Server 2008 Skills TestFree
Get Familier with OLAP And IndexesFree
 Database Management 
SQL TestFree
DB2 Admin TestFree
ADO.NET 2003 TestFree
PostgreSQL TestFree
DB2 Programming TestFree
PostgreSQL 8.1.3 TestFree
MySQL 5.0 TestFree
Zoho Creator TestFree
DB2 10 (Difficult Level) TestFree
DB2 10 (Easy Level) TestFree
DB2 10 (Intermediate Level) TestFree
MYSQL 5.3 (Easy Level) TestFree
MYSQL 5.3 (Intermediate Level) TestFree
MYSQL 5.3 (Difficult Level) TestFree
MongoDB TestFree
Mysql 5.0 and Oracle 10g Database Administration TestFree
Mysql 5.6 TestFree
Big Data Certification$99
SQL 12 TestFree
Toad TestFree
SQL Server Reporting ServicesFree
Hive DeveloperFree
Mixture of Big data and data scienceFree
SSIS Developer AssessmentFree
Become Project Engineer Expert With Big Data And HadoopFree
No SQL AssesmentFree
Online Database TestFree
Data Protection Manager (Beta product) 2016Free
MySQL 5.6 Database Administrator 1Z0-883Free
MySQL 5.6 Developer 1Z0-882Free
MySql cloud sevice 2018 implementation essentialsFree
 Domain Networking 
Active Directory Practice TestFree
Active Directory TestFree
Active Directory(AD) Version 6Free
TCP/IP TestFree
Networking XP TestFree
Networking Server 2003 TestFree
Advanced Networking with Windows 2000 TestFree
Voice Over IP TestFree
Networking with Windows NT 4 TestFree
Networking Concepts TestFree
Fiber Optics Certification$99
Networking with Windows 2000 TestFree
Virtual Private Network TestFree
Network Management Certification$99
Network Security Certification$85
VOIP Certification $85
Networking Certification$99
VoiceXML 2.0 Certification$99
Network+ Test$0
CCENT Test$0
CCNA Test$0
CISSP Test$0
CCIE Security Test$0
CCNP Switch 642-813 Test$0
CCNP TSHOOT 642-832 Test$0
CCIE Routing and Switching Test$0
CCDA Test$0
CCNA Security Test$0
CCSP Cisco Secure PIX Firewall Advanced Test$0
Alcatel-Lucent Scalable IP Networks Test$0
CCIE Test$0
CCNP Remote Access Test$0
CCSE NG Check Point Certified Security Expert Test$0
CCSP Secure Intrusion Detection and SAFE Implementation Test$0
Citrix CCA Test$0
JNCIA TestFree
Device and Computer Networking Certification$99
CCNA Voice TestFree
CCNA Wireless TestFree
CCNP Routing TestFree
CCNP Switching TestFree
Network Fundamentals, CCNA Exploration TestFree
Network Administration (Difficult Level) TestFree
Network Administration (Easy Level) TestFree
Network Administration (Intermediate Level) TestFree
Security Protocol for Sensor Network (Difficult Level) TestFree
Security Protocol for Sensor Network (Easy level) TestFree
Security Protocol for Sensor Network (Intermediate level) TestFree
Juniper Networks Certified Specialist Security TestFree
Black Box Software Testing TestFree
Border Gateway Protocol TestFree
Session Initiation Protocol TestFree
SNMP TestFree
Virtual Private Network TestFree
Kerberos AuthenticationFree
Black Box testingFree
 Network & Security 
Firewall Concepts TestFree
Internet Security TestFree
CEH Test$0
IP Spoofing (Difficult Level) TestFree
IP Telephony (Difficult Level) TestFree
IP Spoofing (Easy Level) TestFree
IP Spoofing (Intermediate Level) TestFree
Intrusion Detection System TestFree
 Cyber Security 
Cyber Security (Difficult Level) TestFree
Cyber Security (Easy Level) TestFree
Cyber Security (Intermediate Level) TestFree
Cyber Terrorism TestFree
 Cyber Currency 
Block chain Coder Practice TestFree
 Data Communication 
RDF TestFree
Siebel eim TestFree
Dense wavelength division multiplexingFree
Reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer Free
Code Converters and Multiplexers testFree
MCSE Security for a Microsoft Windows 2000 Test$0
MCSE Windows 2000 Network Security Design TestFree
MCSAMCSE Windows Server 2003 Environment Management and Maintenance Test$0
MCSE SQL Server 2000 Design Test$0
MCSE Windows 2000 Server TestFree
CISCO TestFree
Cisco Network Professionals Advanced Internetworking Test$0
Cisco CCNA CCENT TestFree
Cisco NAC Framework Architecture and Design TestFree
Cisco Networking Academy TestFree
Cisco Voice over IP (CVOICE) TestFree
CVOICE 8.0 TestFree
Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks TestFree
Implementing Cisco Unified Communications Manager TestFree
Implementing Cisco Unified Communications Voice over IP and Qos TestFree
Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Networks TestFree
 Wireless Communication 
Wireless Electronics TestFree
3GSM TestFree
SOAP 1.2 TestFree
Wi Fi TestFree
WiMAX TestFree
SOAP_Part_I TestFree
SOAP_Part_II TestFree
RFID Certification$99
WiMax Certification$85
Wireless Technician Certification$99
Wireless Communication Certification$99
CWNA TestFree
CWTS Test$0
Gi-Fi TestFree
WAP TestFree
WPA TestFree
3g Wireless System TestFree
Bluetooth Technology TestFree
Remote Sensing TestFree
Wireless application protocol TestFree
Elements of Remote Sensing testFree
Knowledge of Google Analytics TestFree
Knowledge of Google Webmaster Central TestFree
Knowledge of Google AdSense TestFree
Google AdWords Certification$85
Google App Engine Certification Free
Google SketchUp Pro 7 Skills Certification Free
Knowledge of Google Website Optimizer TestFree
Knowledge of Google Wave Skills TestFree
Knowledge of Google Web Toolkit Skills TestFree
Google Apps Certification$85
Google Certification Course$85
Google Guice Certification$99
Google Maps Certification $99
Google Earth Certification$85
Google SketchUp 8 Certification$99
Google+ (Difficult Level) TestFree
Google+ (Easy Level) TestFree
Google+ (Intermediate Level) TestFree
Google Glass TestFree
Google Search TestFree
iPhone Programming OS 2.1 TestFree
iPhone Programming OS 4.0 TestFree
iOS 4.2 Programming Skills Test Free
iPad Certification $85
IOS Technical TestFree
iOS 5 Programming TestFree
iOS 6 Programming TestFree
iOS App development using Apple Xcode 4.x TestFree
IOS 9.3 TestFree
MS Access 2007 TestFree
MS Access 2003 TestFree
MS Powerpoint 2000 TestFree
MS SQL Server 2000 TestFree
Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007 TestFree
MS Word 2000 TestFree
MS Access 2000 TestFree
FrontPage 2000 TestFree
MS Excel 2007 TestFree
Microsoft Outlook 2007 TestFree
MS SQL Server 2005 TestFree
Windows Networking Design Infrastructre TestFree
Windows Vista Administration TestFree
MS Excel 2000 TestFree
MS Powerpoint 2007 TestFree
Windows Networking Infrastructure TestFree
Word Processing Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Windows Network Infrastructure 1 Practice TestFree
Windows Network Infrastructure 2 Practice TestFree
Windows Network Infrastructure 3 Practice TestFree
Windows Network Design Infrastructure Practice TestFree
Windows Network Design Infrastructure II Practice TestFree
Windows Server 2003 Networking 1 Practice TestFree
Windows Server 2003 Networking 3 Practice TestFree
Windows Server 2003 Networking 2 Practice TestFree
Windows XP Networking 1 Practice TestFree
Windows XP Networking 2 Practice TestFree
Windows XP Networking 3 Practice TestFree
Windows XP Networking 4 Practice TestFree
Windows Server 2008 TestFree
Microsoft Visio 2007 TestFree
MS Excel 2003 TestFree
MS PowerPoint 2003 TestFree
MS Word 2003 TestFree
Knowledge of Microsoft Office SharePoint Workspace 2010 Skills Certification Free
Knowledge of Microsoft Silverlight Skills TestFree
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 TestFree
Microsoft Access 2010 TestFree
Microsoft Outlook 2010 TestFree
Microsoft Word 2010 TestFree
MS Word 2007 TestFree
Microsoft Excel 2010 TestFree
Microsoft Expression Web 4 Skills TestFree
Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 TestFree
Knowledge of Microsoft Office Skills TestFree
Financial Analysis with Microsoft Excel Certification$99
PowerPoint Presentation Certification$85
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Certification$85
Microsoft Business Intelligence TestFree
Microsoft Excel 2010 Certification$85
Word 2010 Certification$85
Microsoft CRM Certification$99
Microsoft Office 2010 Certification$99
Word Processing Certification$85
MCITP Microsoft Windows Vista Desktop Support Consumer TestFree
MCITP Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Administrator Test$0
MCITP Windows Server 2008 Server Administrator Test$0
MCTS Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Configuration Test$0
MCTS Microsoft Windows Vista Client Configuration Test$0
MCTS Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Configuration Test$0
MCTS Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 configuration TestFree
MCTS Windows Vista Client Configuration TestFree
Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure Implementation Management and Maintenance Test$0
Microsoft Surface (Difficult Level) TestFree
Microsoft Surface (Easy Level) TestFree
Microsoft Surface (Intermediate Level) TestFree
Microsoft Projects TestFree
Microsoft Excel 2013 TestFree
Microsoft Powerpoint 2013 TestFree
Microsoft Silverlight 4.0 TestFree
Microsoft MVC Framework TestFree
Windows in Network Engineering TestFree
Sharepoint moss 2007Free
Biztalk 2010Free
Windows Communication FoundationFree
Microsoft Excel 2016Free
MS word 2016Free
MS Access 2016Free
MS. Powerpoint 2016Free
sharepoint 2016Free
outlook expressFree
Windows Server 2016Free
Windows Server 2003 Networking TestFree
Microsoft desktop engine-2008Free
Microsoft excel 2016 v16.0Free
Microsoft Exchange Server-2016 CU4 (v 15.01.0669.032)Free
Microsoft forefront threat management gateway (ForeFront TMG) 20110Free
Microsoft Office 2016 (Office 365)Free
Microsoft outlook 2016 (v16)Free
Microsoft Project server 2016Free
Mocrosoft SQL Server 2016Free
Mocrosoft web Apps Server 2016Free
TErminal Services -2008 R2 Service pack1Free
Window server 2016Free
Window Server 2016 datacenterFree
Window Server 2016 EssentialsFree
Window server 2016 standardFree
Microsoft excel Skill testFree
Microsoft powerpoint 2016 TestFree
MS word 2017 TestFree
Yahoo Developer Skills - YAP TestFree
Yahoo Developer skills - Data API TestFree
Yahoo Developer skills - Tools and Libraries Certification Free
Google Android Programming TestFree
Android Application Development Certification$85
Android Wireless Application Development Certification$99
Android (Difficult Level) TestFree
Android (Easy Level) TestFree
Android (Intermediate Level) TestFree
Android 4.2 TestFree
Android 4.4 TestFree
Android 6 TestFree
 Mobile Technologies 
GPRS TestFree
CDMA TestFree
GSM TestFree
Design Considerations for Mobile Web Applications Development Certification Free
Knowledge of Windows Mobile Skills TestFree
Mobile Web Authoring TestFree
GPS Certification$85
Tablet (Difficult Level) Test Free
Phonegap TestFree
Window Phone Application TestFree
Mobility TestFree
Blackberry Technology TestFree
Mobile Jammer TestFree
Windows Phone 7 TestFree
Mobile Game development using Android OS TestFree
Windows Mobile TestFree
Blackberry TestFree
Appium Mobile TestFree
Mobile Technology TestFree
Mobile app testingFree
Knowledge of Windows Mobile Skill TestFree
JCL TestFree
IT Software-Operation TestFree
Bug Tracking software toolFree
 Software Designing 
Developer 2000 TestFree
SOA Certification $99
Lean Software Development Certification$85
Adminstudio TestFree
unit testingFree
Application lifecycle managementFree
 Software Engineering 
J2ME Certification$99
Enterprise Java Beans 2.0 TestFree
ejb TestFree
Software Engneering Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Caspio TestFree
Palm Pre Application Development TestFree
Software Project Management Certification$85
Software Engineering Certification$99
Software Project Estimator Certification$99
ENCE TestFree
Software Quality Assurance TestFree
Palm WebOS Application Development TestFree
Software Development Life Cycle TestFree
Dojo TestFree
Software Maintenance TestFree
Software Security TestFree
JIRA SoftwareFree
apache ant 1.8Free
Apache AntFree
Apache Ant 9.6Free
 Software Testing 
EDGE TestFree
Software Testing TestFree
Automated Software TestingFree
Software Testing Certification$85
Software Testing (Difficult Level) TestFree
Software Testing (Easy Level) TestFree
Software Testing (Intermediate Level) TestingFree
Jenkins Certification$99
Hibernate TestFree
IT Software Animation TestFree
Troubleshooting TestFree
Software Tester TestFree
Automation Testing - ISTQBFree
Cucumber testingFree
Software Testing (Easy Level) TestingFree
Automation testing with QTPFree
Automation testing with seleniumFree
Manual Testing - BasicFree
Get familier with software testingFree
 Social Media 
Facebook Open Platform Development TestFree
RSS 2.0 TestFree
Social Media Marketing TestFree
Facebook Connect TestFree
Knowledge of Skype Development Test Free
Knowledge of facebook certification$85
Facebook Marketing Certification$85
Facebook development Certification$85
Facebook Application Development Certification$85
Social Media Marketing for Business Certification$85
Blogger Certification Course$85
Facebook Advertising Certification$99
Email Newsletter TestFree
Facebook Thrift TestFree
Email Handling TestFree
Linkedin Free
social bookmarkingFree
Social Media Marketing Free
Twitter Developer TestFree
Twitter Certification$85
Twitter Account Management TestFree
 Search Engine Optimization 
Search Engine Optimization Certification$85
Search Engine Marketing Free
landing page optimizationFree
Off - page Optimization TestFree
 IT Certification 
Computer Technician TestFree
Computer Aptitude TestFree
Computer Skills Certification$85
COM Certification$99
Computer Hardware Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Opera Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Computer Programming Awareness and Terminology TestFree
CompTIA A+ Core Hardware I Practice TestFree
Computer Usage TestFree
Digital Signal Processing TestFree
PC Graphic Awareness and Terminology TestFree
PCB Design TestFree
Careers in IT TestFree
Typography Awareness and Terminology TestFree
CompTIA A+ Core Hardware II Practice TestFree
CompTIA A+ OS Technological Practice TestFree
PC Graphics TestFree
Typography TestFree
IT Consultant Certification $85
Cobit TestFree
A+ Certification$85
PC Building Certification$85
Biometrics Certification$99
Computer Forensics Certification$99
GIS certification$85
Computer Security Certification$99
GIT TestFree
IT Governance Certification$99
Information Technology Audit Certification$99
Computer Science Certification$99
A+ Test$0
CompTIA A+ Test$0
CompTIA Linux+ Test$0
CompTIA Network+ Test$0
CompTIA RFID+ Test$0
MCDST TestFree
EnCase Computer Forensics TestFree
Ebooks TestFree
Quantum Computing TestFree
Spyware TestFree
Phishing Technology TestFree
3D Internet TestFree
Computer Competency TestFree
Knowledge of Hibernate 3.0 TestFree
GIT TestFree
EDP TestFree
ITES TestFree
Mainframe Developer AssessmentFree
Mainframe QA Analyst AssessmentFree
Aptitude test for java developerFree
Take Test And Get Hired By AdobeFree
Workshop Technology testFree
Primavera Contract Management Essentials 1Z0-582Free
 IT Management 
Information Technology Awareness and Terminology TestFree
IT Management Certification $85
IT Projects Risk Management Certification$85
IT Project Management Certification$99
IT Project Portfolio Management Certification$85
IT Security Certification$85
IT Service Management Certification$85
IT Manager Certification$99
IT Software- Usability TestFree
 Technical Skills Test 
Home Appliance Technician Awareness TestFree
Air Traffic Controller Terminology TestFree
Airline Pilot Terminology TestFree
Augmentative and Assistant Technology Specialist Awareness TestFree
Carpentry TestFree
Plumbing Certification$85
Refrigeration Technology Awareness TestFree
Welding Technology TestFree
Archaeology Certification$85
MATLAB Certification$85
System Safety Certification$85
Air Conditioning Certification$99
Refrigeration Certification$99
Accessing the WAN, CCNA Explorations Labs Test$0
Rain Technology TestFree
Airways Cabin Crew TestFree
Virtual Assistant TestFree
Aircraft Loads and Trim Executives TestFree
Airlines Space Control Executive TestFree
Pro Tool TestFree
Internet Technology TestFree
Test For Hiring An UI/UX DeveloperFree
Airport Engineering testFree
Cube and Cuboid testFree
Polymer Technology testFree
Polymerase Chain Reaction testFree
Process Control and Instrumentation testFree
Process Equipment and Plant Design testFree
Refractory Technology testFree
Technology testFree
Systems Management Server 2012Free
JD Edward EnterpriseOne 9 Configuration Network Computing Essentials Exam Number. 1Z0-550Free
JD Edwards (JDE) EnterpriseOne 9 Financial Management Essentials 1Z0-522Free
JD Edwards (JDE) EnterpriseOne 9 Manufacturing Essentials (Retiring November 30, 2017) 1Z0-565Free
JD Edwards (JDE) EnterpriseOne 9 Projects Essentials (Retiring November 30, 2017) 1Z0-553Free
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Distribution 9.2 Implementation Essentials 1Z0-343Free
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Financial Management 9.2 Implementation Essentials 1Z0-342Free
AutoCad 2007 TestFree
AutoCAD 2010 Certification$85
AutoCAD 2011 Certification$85
Mathcad TestFree
AutoCAD 2014 TestFree
Solid Work TestFree
AutoCAD 2015 Certification$99
Solidworks TestFree
staad proFree
 Architectural Design 
Landscape Architecture Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Blue Print Reading Certification$85
Naval Architecture TestFree
Autobody Repair Technician Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Automotive Technicians and Mechanics Technology Awareness TestFree
Auto Repair Certification$85
Automobile Engineering testFree
 Petroleum Engineering 
Petroleum Engineering Technology Awareness TestFree
Petroleum Technology Awareness TestFree
Fuels and Combustion testFree
Petroleum Refinery Engineering testFree
Aviation and Airway Management Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Flight Attendant TestFree
Nanotechnology Awareness TestFree
Nanotechnology Certification $99
 Nuclear Engineering 
Nuclear Energy TestFree
Nuclear Power Engineering testFree
NMR Spectroscopy testFree
Nucleic Acid Structure testFree
Sheet Metal Technology Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Optical Engineering Awareness TestFree
Timbers TestFree
Modern Control Theory Certification$99
Spinning Instructor TestFree
Oil & Gas Engineering TestFree
Test Engineering TestFree
Test That Will Make You a Perfect Devops EngineerFree
Docks and Harbours testFree
Engineering Economy testFree
Engineering Materials testFree
Engineering Mechanics testFree
Environmental Engineering testFree
Industrial Engineering and Production Management testFree
Industrially Useful Microbial Processes testFree
Steam Boilers and Engines testFree
Steam Nozzles and Turbines testFree
Steel Structure Design testFree
Stoichiometry testFree
Tunnelling testFree
 Mechnical Engineering 
Trucking Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Mechatronics Engineering Technology Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Mechanical Engineering Certification Free
Mechanical Aptitude TestFree
Applied Mechanics testFree
Hydraulic Machines testFree
Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics testFree
Hydraulics testFree
Machine Design testFree
Mass Transfer testFree
Mechanical Operations testFree
Theory of machinesTheory of machines testFree
 Chemical Engineering 
Chemical Engineering Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Chemical Engineering TestFree
Chemistry Certification $85
Chemistry 2 TestFree
Chemistry TestFree
Carbohydrate testFree
Chemical Engineering Basics testFree
Chemical Engineering Plant EconomicsFree
Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics testFree
Chemical Process testFree
Chemical Reaction Engineering testFree
Furnace Technology testFree
Gas Chromatography testFree
Physical and Chemical Agents testFree
Structure and Properties of Amino Acids testFree
Structure and Properties of Peptides testFree
Chromatography testFree
HPLC testFree
Vinegar and Citric Acid testFree
 Electrical Engineering 
Circuit Design Test$99
Electrician Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Electrical Engineering Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Electrical Safety Certification$85
Electrical Installation Certification$99
Circuit Design TestFree
Circuit Design 1 TestFree
Circuit Design 2 TestFree
Circuit Design 3 TestFree
Circuit Design 4 TestFree
Circuit Design 5 TestFree
Electrical Engineering TestFree
Inductors testFree
Voltage and Current testFree
Online Electrical Engineering TestFree
 Civil Engineering 
Building Terminology TestFree
Material Science and Engineering Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Construction Management Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Home Safety Engineering Awareness TestFree
Manufacturing Design Certification Free
Material Engineering Certification Free
Structural Analysis Certification Free
Civil Engineering TestFree
Construction Manpower Management Certification$85
Construction Project Management Certification$99
Construction Certification$85
Manufacturing Engineering Certification$99
Concrete Technology Certification$99
Concrete Construction Engineering Certification$99
House Building Certification$99
Materials and Construction testFree
Building Construction testFree
Building Materials testFree
Concrete Technology testFree
Construction Management testFree
Highway Engineering testFree
Materials and Construction testFree
RCC Structures Design testFree
Analog Electronics TestFree
Basic Electronics TestFree
Amplifiers and Filters TestFree
Digital Electronics Certification$99
Electronics Design TestFree
Semiconductor Electronics TestFree
USB Electronics TestFree
Integrated Circuits Certification Free
Electronic Design TestFree
Electronics Certification $85
Electronics Health Records Certification$99
Analog Electronics Certification$99
Diamond Chip TestFree
Electronic Design Automation TestFree
Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJT) testFree
Field Effect Transistors (FET) testFree
IC Engines and Nuclear Power Plants testFree
Operational Amplifiers testFree
Online Digital Electronics TestFree
Online Electronics Devices TestFree
Online Electronics TestFree
UV Luminance Spectroscopy testFree
Telecommunications Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Telecommunications Cost Management Certification$85
Telecommunications Technologies TestFree
Tele Immersion (Difficult Level) TestFree
Tele Immersion (Easy Level) TestFree
Tele Immersion (Intermediate Level) TestFree
Telecalling TestFree
 Audio Engineering 
Audio Engineering Certification$99
Audio Editor TestFree
 Video Engineering 
Knowledge of Camtasia Skills Test Free
Video Editing TestFree
Premiere Pro TestFree
 Bio Tech 
Bioinformatics Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Animal Training Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Animal Training and Education TestFree
Bioengineering Technology Awareness TestFree
Composting Certification$85
Bio Tech TestFree
Agitation and Aeration Free
Agriculture and Aquaculture TestFree
Algae testFree
Animal Biotechnology Chromosomes testFree
Animal Breeding and Transgenic Animal testFree
Animal Cell Culture and Regulation testFree
Fertiliser Technology testFree
Gene Transfer in Plants testFree
General Plant Biotechnology testFree
Biosensors and Biochips testFree
Ethanol Production testFree
Synthesis of Therapeutic Agents testFree
 Bio Chemical 
Biochemical Engineering Technology Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Amino Acid Metabolism Free
Bacillus testFree
Biomedical Engineering Technology Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Biomedical Engineering Certification$99
Biostatistics Certification$99
 Energy Management 
Energy Consumption TestFree
Alternating Current vs Direct Current testFree
Alternative and Renewable Energies TestFree
Energy Release and ConservationtestFree
Thermodynamics testFree
Thermodynamics and Free Energy testFree
Managerial Economics Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Merchandising Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Business Mathematics Certification$99
Business Plans TestFree
Corporate Strategy Certification$99
Business Strategy Certification$99
Business Statistics Test$99
Business planning certification$99
Small Business Management Certification$99
Business Continuity Management Certification$99
Small Business Development Certification$85
Business Economics Strategy Certification$99
Business Process Management Certification $85
International Business Strategy Certification$99
Production Management Certification$85
Cash Management Certification$85
Product Development Management Certification$85
Product Manager Certification$85
Business Continuity Certification$85
Trading Certification$85
Insurance Certification $99
Business Coaching Certification$85
Online Business Certification$99
Corporate Security Certification$99
Business Ethics Certification$99
Entrepreneur Challange TestFree
Business Development TestFree
Export and Import TestFree
Business Intelligence TestFree
BPO TestFree
Corporate Planning TestFree
crystal reportsFree
BI PublisherFree
BPMN Tool like activityFree
Production Engineering testFree
Business Server 2015Free
Corporate Law Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Legal Terminology TestFree
Taxation Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Criminal Justice Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Copyright Laws TestFree
Legal Administration Assistant Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Taxation TestFree
Sarbanes Oxley Act Certification$99
International Sales Law Certification$99
Sarbanes Oxley Certification Free
HIPAA Certification$99
Federal Income Tax TestFree
Copywriting TestFree
Tax testFree
Retail Banking Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Retail Banking Industry and Processes TestFree
Knowledge of Banking Course$99
Banking Economics Certification$85
Indian Banking Certification$85
Canadian Banking Principles Certification $85
Auditing and Security TestFree
Audit TestFree
 Accountancy & Finance 
General Accounting Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Accounting Skills (Assets and Revenue) TestFree
Accounting Skills (Cash Flow) TestFree
Accounting Skills (Reporting Earnings) TestFree
Book Keeping Certification$99
General Financial Accouting TestFree
Payroll Management TestFree
Accounting Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Finance and Acoounting TestFree
Accounting Skills (Securities Derivatives and Investments) Free
Accounts Receivable TestFree
Accounts Payable TestFree
Accounting Principles TestFree
Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) TestFree
Accounting and Finance Aptitude Test Free
Mastering Payroll Certification$65
Mastering Accounting Certification Basic Course$65
accounting certification – Managers$65
Mastering Business Accounting Certification$65
Accounting Certification non-profit organizations$65
mastering cost management certification$99
Mastering Inventory Management Certification$99
mastering balance sheet certification$99
Mastering GAAP Implementation Certification$99
Mastering Financial Accounting and Analysis Certification$99
Project Management Accounting Certification$85
Financial Instruments Accounting Certification$85
Accounting in Healthcare Certification$99
Book Keeping TestFree
Management Accounting TestFree
Accountancy TestFree
Accounts Payable Certification$99
 Assets Management 
Digital Asset Management Certification$99
Asset Allocation Certification$99
Loans Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Business Finance TestFree
Financial Forecasting TestFree
Financial Statement TestFree
Inventory Management TestFree
Financial Engineering Awareness TestFree
Financial Analysis Certification$85
Financial Reporting TestFree
Lending Practices and Loans TestFree
Venture Capital Test$99
Day Trading TestFree
Mastering financial data analysis certification$99
Mastering financial analysis techniques certification$99
Mastering fixed Income certification $99
Corporate Finance Certification$99
Financial analysis and decision making certification$99
Financial Valuation Certification$99
Financial Risk Management Certification$99
Financial Management Certification$85
International Financial Reporting Standards Certification$99
Mergers and Acquisitions Certification$85
Finance Planning Certification$85
International Business Finance Certification$85
Project Finance Certification$85
Basic Finance Skills Certification$85
Personal Finance Certification$85
Technical Analysis Certification$85
Technical Analysis Certification$99
Loan Modification Certification$85
Wealth Management Certification$85
Financial Statement Analysis Certification$85
Fundraising Certification$99
Debt Management Certification$85
Personal Financial Planning Certification$99
CFP Test$0
Chartered Financial Analyst Test$0
Finance and Insurance TestFree
Financial Economics Certification$150
AHM Health Plan Finance and Risk Management TestFree
Days and Years testFree
Estimating and Costing testFree
Options Trading TestFree
Stock Trading TestFree
Hedge Fund Certification$99
Options Certification$99
Investment Management Certification$99
Portfolio Management Certification$99
Mathematical Economics Certification$85
Macroeconomics TestFree
Indian Economy testFree
Human Resource TestFree
Master of Hiring Certification$99
Mastering HR strategy Certification$99
Human Resource Management TestFree
Workforce Planning Certification$99
Human Resource Management Certification$99
Marketing Management Test$99
Marketing Terminology TestFree
Marketing Communications Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Wine Marketing Skills Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Marketing Certification$85
Marketing2 TestFree
Marketing Methods and Techniques TestFree
Guerrilla Marketing Certification$85
Inbound Marketing Certification$85
Mastering Marketing Certification$99
Marketing Management TestFree
Commercial Pilot TestFree
 Affiliate Marketing 
Affiliate Marketing TestFree
Affiliate Program Management Certification$99
Advertising Skills TestFree
Advertising Terminology TestFree
Advertising Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Advertising Certification$99
Bing Ads TestFree
Display Ads TestFree
Publishing Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Publishing Fundamentals TestFree
Brand Management Certification$99
Branding TestFree
Help Desk TestFree
Customer Service Certification $85
Customer Service Aptitude TestFree
Customer Relationship Management Certification$85
CRM Certification$99
Customer Care Certification Course$85
Customer Service TestFree
CRM TestFree
Customer Care TestFree
CRM Essentials in Oracle Business Intelligence Application 7 testFree
 Event Management 
Restaurant, Culinary & Catering Management TestFree
Event Planning Certification$99
Event Marketing Certification$85
Event Coordination Certification$85
Event Managers Certification$85
Event Management TestFree
 Hotel Management 
Hotel and Motel Administration TestFree
Hospitality Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Food and Hospitality TestFree
Food Preparation TestFree
Food Technology Awareness TestFree
Hospitality Terminology TestFree
Food Safety Certification$99
Hotel Management and Operations Test$99
Hotel Management and Operations TestFree
Hotel & Restaurant TestFree
 Leadership Management 
Managerial Leadership Skills Certification$85
Management Skills TestFree
Time Management Certification$85
General Management TestFree
Organization Behavior Certification$99
Negotiation Skills Test$85
Prison Survival Strategies Test$85
Management Aptitude TestFree
Strategic Management Certification$85
Project Leader Certification$85
Resource Management Operations Certification$85
Crisis Management Certification$99
Negotiation and Conflict Management Certification$85
Management Certification$85
Managing People Certification $85
Strategic Planning Certification$99
Security Risk Management Certification$99
Change Management Certification $85
Team Leader Certification$85
Safety Management Certification$99
Organization Development Certification$85
Security Management Certification$99
Organizational Skills Certifications$85
Organizational Behaviour TestFree
Negotiation Skills TestFree
Records Management Certification$99
Talent Management Certification$99
Actuarial Sciences TestFree
Risk Management TestFree
Incident managementFree
Integrated Management System Free
Recovery Manager Free
tivoli workload schedulerFree
Closet TestFree
Recovery and Expansion TestFree
Resistance and Power testFree
 Decision Making 
Decision Making Certification$99
Complex Decision Making Certification$99
 Performance Management 
Performance Management Certification$85
Performance TuningFree
Performance testing with LoadrunnerFree
Performance testing with WinRunnerFree
Performance Testing with JmeterFree
 Project Management 
Project Management Certification$99
Project Management Professional Practice TestFree
Project Risk management Certification$85
Project Scheduling Certification$85
Project Management Certification (for Small Business)$99
Advanced Project Management Certification$99
Project Manager Competency Development Certification$85
Project Management Office Certification$99
Project Planning Certification $99
Project Planning and Control Certification$99
Project Portfolio Management Certification$99
Radical Project Management Certification$99
Executive Project Management Certification$99
Project Management Principles Certification$85
Value Driven Project Management$85
Prince2 Certification$85
Quantity Surveyor Certification$99
Facility Construction Project Management Certification$85
CAPM PMP Project Management Test$0
PMP TestFree
SCJA TestFree
Project Management (Difficult Level) TestFree
Project Management (Easy Level) TestFree
Project Management (Intermediate Level) TestFree
 Quality Management 
Quality Control Technology Awareness TestFree
Total Quality Management Certification$85
Knowledge of ISO9001 TestFree
Mastering Axiomatic Quality Processes Certification$200
ISO 9000 20000 Auditing TestFree
Quality Control Certification$99
Quality Assurance Certification$99
Quality and Operations Management Certification$85
Total Quality Management (for Engineers) Certification$99
ISO 9001 TestFree
ISO 27001 TestFree
Quality Management TestFree
 Risk Management 
Credit Risk Management Certification$99
 Sales Management 
Outbound Sales Skills TestFree
Sales and Marketing TestFree
Sales Aptitude Test Free
Sales Management Certification$85
Technical Sales Certification$85
Sales Coaching Certification$85
Sales Management and Organization Certification$85
 Office Management 
Dimdim TestFree
Front Office Management Certification$85
Administrative Assistant Certification$99
 Operations Management 
Operations Management Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Operations Management TestFree
Operations Research TestFree
Service Centre Problem Management Certification$85
Process Management Certification$85
Service Management Certification$85
Operational Risk Management Certification $85
Facility Management Certification $99
Operations Management Certification $99
Operations Research Certification$99
Lean TPM Certification$99
System Center Operations Manager TestFree
service managementFree
 Public Relations 
Public Relations Skills TestFree
Public Relations Certification$85
Public Speaking Certification$99
Public Relation TestFree
 Real Estate Management 
Real Estate Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Home Building and Property maintenance TestFree
Real Estate Transactions Accounting Certification$85
Real Estate Math Certification$85
Real Estate Certification $99
 Crisis Management 
Emergency & Disaster Management Skills for Cabin Crew TestFree
Hazard and Operability Study TestFree
 Supply Chain Management 
Supply Chain Project Management Certification$85
Supply Chain Management Certification$85
Lean Supply Chain Certification$99
Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Certification$99
 Textile Management 
Apparel and Accessories Marketing Terminology TestFree
Textiles and Fabric industry Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Apparel and Textile Manufacturing TestFree
Agile Testing Certification$99
Agile Software Development Certification$99
Agile Product Management with Scrum Certification$85
Agile Project Management Certification$99
 Lean System 
Lean Management Certification$99
Lean Accounting Certification$200
Lean Project Management Certification$85
Lean Certification$99
Lean Construction Certification$99
 Six Sigma 
Six Sigma Black Belt Certification$150
Six Sigma Green Belt Certification$99
Six Sigma Master Implementer Certification$150
Six Sigma Black Belt Business Process Management TestFree
Six Sigma Black Belt Project Management TestFree
Six Sigma Black Belt Design Phase TestFree
Six Sigma Black Belt Measure Phase TestFree
Six Sigma Black Belt Analyze Phase TestFree
Six Sigma Black Belt TestFree
Six Sigma Black Belt Improve Phase TestFree
Six Sigma Black Belt Control Phase TestFree
Six Sigma Black Belt Lean Concepts TestFree
Six Sigma Black Belt DFSS TestFree
Six Sigma Black Belt Hypothesis TestFree
Six Sigma Black Belt Triz TestFree
Six Sigma Black Belt SPC TestFree
Six Sigma Black Belt FMEA TestFree
Six Sigma Black Belt DOE TestFree
Six Sigma Black Belt Regression Analysis TestFree
Six Sigma Black Belt TPM TestFree
Six Sigma Black Belt Team Management TestFree
Six Sigma Black Belt ANOVA TestFree
Six Sigma Black Belt Multivariate Analysis TestFree
Six Sigma Black Belt Chi Square Analysis TestFree
Six Sigma Green Belt Lean Management Test Free
Six Sigma Green Belt Introduction Test Free
Six Sigma Black Belt Test 1Free
Six Sigma Black Belt Test 2Free
Six Sigma Green Belt Team Management TestFree
Six Sigma Black Belt Test 3Free
Six Sigma Black Belt Test 4Free
Six Sigma Black Belt Test 5Free
Six Sigma Black Belt Test 6 Free
Six Sigma Green Belt Process Management Test Free
Six Sigma Green Belt Project Management Test Free
Six Sigma Green Belt Process Mapping Test Free
Lean Six Sigma Engineering Statistics$200
Six Sigma Black Belt Implementation in IT$200
Six Sigma Financial Reporting and Tracking Certification$200
Six Sigma Team Management Certification$200
Mastering Six Sigma Medical Device Design Certification$200
Mastering Lean Six Sigma in Services Certification$200
Mastering Six Sigma in Small and Midsized Organizations Certification$200
Mastering Six Sigma Business Scorecard Certification$200
Mastering Six Sigma Business Improvement Certification$200
Six Sigma for Marketing Executives Certification$200
Lean Six Sigma in Manufacturing Certification$200
Six Sigma Service Design Certification$99
Six Sigma for Executives Certification$99
Mastering Six Sigma Projects Certification$99
Six Sigma Statistics certification (R and D) and Manufacturing)$99
Lean Six Sigma Statistics Certification$99
Mastering Six Sigma Statistics Certification$99
Six Sigma in Pharmaceuticals Certification$99
Lean Six Sigma Management Certification$99
Six Sigma for Healthcare Certification$99
Lean Six Sigma (Supply chain Management) certification$99
Math - L.C.M. and H.C.F. Practice TestFree
Math - Mental Calculations Practice TestFree
Math - Algebra Practice TestFree
Math - Average Practice TestFree
Math - Compound Interest Practice TestFree
Math - Decimal Fraction Practice TestFree
Math - Geometry Practice TestFree
Math - Logarithms Practice TestFree
Math - Mixtures Practice TestFree
Math - Percentage Practice TestFree
Math - Permutation Practice TestFree
Math - Probability Practice TestFree
Math - Problem on Ages Practice TestFree
Math - Quadratic Equations Practice TestFree
Math - Ratio and Proportion Practice TestFree
Math - Series (A.P) Practice TestFree
Set Theory TestFree
Math - Simple Interest Practice TestFree
Math - Simplification Practice TestFree
Math - Time and Distance Problems Practice TestFree
Math - Time and Work Practice TestFree
L.C.M. and H.C.F. QuizFree
Permutation QuizFree
Ratio and Proportion QuizFree
SquareRoot Problems QuizFree
Basic Maths Certification$85
Calculus Certification $85
Quantitative Methods Certification$99
Maths 1 TestFree
Maths TestFree
Number Series testFree
Basic Algebra QuizFree
Algorithm Certification $99
Geometry QuizFree
Atom TestFree
Lightwave TestFree
Physics +2 Test (Part 1)Free
Physics +2 Test (Part 2)Free
Compressors, Gas Dynamics and Gas Turbines testFree
Diodes and Applications testFree
Fluid FlowFree
Fluid Mechanics testFree
Heat Transfer testFree
Heat Transfer, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning testFree
Physics testFree
RLC Circuits and Resonance testFree
Series Circuits testFree
Series Completion testFree
Series-Parallel Circuits testFree
 Environmental Sciences 
Ecology Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Environmental Technology Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Aquaculture Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Environmental Management Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Hydrogeology Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Meteorology Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Green Living TestFree
Green Building Certification$99
Renewable Energy Certification$99
Solar System Certification$99
Waterproofing Certification$99
Wilderness Survival Certification$99
LEED Test$0
Atmospheric ConditionsTestFree
Ecosystem Structure and Diversity TestFree
Forestry and Rangelands TestFree
Global Change and Economics TestFree
Global Water Resources and Use TestFree
Irrigation testFree
Microbiology of Soils testFree
Microbiology of Waste Water testFree
Natural Cycles and Energy Flow TestFree
Soil and Soil Dynamics TestFree
Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering testFree
Water Resources Engineering testFree
Water Supply Engineering testFree
Water Treatment Free
Environmental Protection testFree
 Earth Sciences 
Sanitary Engineering Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Wind Energy Certification$99
Geology TestFree
Earth Science testFree
 Life Sciences 
Fire Protection Technology Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Fire Safety Certification$99
Haptic in Rehabilitation (Difficult Level) TestFree
Haptic in Rehabilitiation (Easy Level) TestFree
Haptic in Rehabilitiation (Intermediate Level) TestFree
 Forensic Sciences 
Forensic Skills TestFree
Forensic Science Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Forensic Science Certification$99
Statistical Quality Control TestFree
Statistical Quality Control Certification$99
Statistical Analysis with R Certification$99
Statistic and Probability TestFree
 Research Skills 
Chicago Style Editing TestFree
Proofreading Chicago Style TestFree
Market Research TestFree
Archival Awareness and Terminology TestFree
SAS Certification$99
SPSS Certification $85
SAS Test $0
Exploratory Testing TestFree
R&D TestFree
Exploratory testingFree
Advanced Surveying testFree
Cause and Effect testFree
Pest Control Skills Terminology TestFree
Muscular System Terminology TestFree
Reproductive System Terminology TestFree
Biology Practice TestFree
FTCE Biology Test$0
Biology 1 TestFree
Biology TestFree
BGCSE Biology TestFree
Cell Cultures and Characteristics testFree
Cell Cycle testFree
Cell Signalling and Transduction testFree
Cell Structure and Compartments testFree
Cloning Vectors testFree
Fungi - Molds and Yeasts testFree
Glycolysis testFree
Micro Organisms testFree
Microbes in Aquatic Environment testFree
Microbial Metabolism testFree
Microbial Recombination and Gene Transfer testFree
Milk and Milk Products testFree
Minerals testFree
Oesophagus TestFree
Photosynthesis and Respiration testFree
Plant Structure testFree
Population Biology and Dynamics TestFree
Poultry, Egg and Meat testFree
Protozon testFree
Synthetic Seeds testFree
Vectors Uses for Animal Cell Culture testFree
Viruses From Animal and Plants testFree
Viruses testFree
Cell Cultivations testFree
Microbial Genetics testFree
Microbiology of Foods testFree
Mycobacterium testFree
Nitrogen Fixation and Photosynthesis testFree
Nitrogen Metabolism testFree
Oxidative Phosphorylation testFree
Plant Cell Culture testFree
Plant Genetics testFree
Poxviridae and Picronaviridae testFree
Retroviridae testFree
Rhabdoviridae, Caliciviridae and Astroviridae testFree
Staplylococcus testFree
Streptococcus testFree
Vibrio, Aeromonas and Plesiomonas testFree
Viruses in Eukaryotes testFree
 Genetic Engineering 
Genetic Engineering Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Genetic Regulation Prokaryotes testFree
Human body Fundamentals TestFree
General Medicines TestFree
Dental Terminology TestFree
Integumentary System Terminology TestFree
Oncology Terminology TestFree
Pediatrics Terminology TestFree
Psychiatry Terminology TestFree
Dentistry Terminology TestFree
General Medicine Terminology TestFree
Gerontology Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Human Anatomy Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Medical Abbreviation Terminology TestFree
Medical Billing TestFree
Medical Spelling TestFree
Medical Transcription Skills (Diseases and Conditions) TestFree
Medical Transcription Skills (Medical Abbreviations and Symbol) TestFree
Medical Transcription Skills (Medical Procedures) TestFree
Ophthalmology Terminology TestFree
Orthotics and Prosthatics Terminology TestFree
Paramedic Skills TestFree
Pastoral Counseling and Theology Awareness TestFree
Phlebotomy Terminology TestFree
Psychiarty Awareness TestFree
Dentistry and Oral Science Terminology TestFree
Healthcare and Medical TestFree
ER Terminology TestFree
Pharmaceutical Technology Terminology TestFree
Medical Coding Course Certification$99
Mensuration QuizFree
Parallel Bar Abdominal Knee Raises TestFree
Medical Terminology Certification$85
Meditation Certification $85
Pharmacy Technician Certification$85
Haematology TestFree
Oncology TestFree
Orthopedics TestFree
Pediatric Surgery TestFree
Spleen TestFree
Urology TestFree
Vascular Surgery TestFree
Medical Manager Certification$99
Pharmacy Technician Test$0
Medical-Surgical Nursing Test$0
Dental Assisting Test$0
Paramedic Test$0
Pediatric Nurse Test$0
Psychiartic Nursing TestFree
Medical Assisting TestFree
Meditation Instructor TestFree
Basic Anatomy TestFree
Fermentation Kinetics Free
Fermentation Reactors Free
Lipid testFree
Medical Science Free
Membrane Structure and Functions testFree
Monoclonal Antibodies testFree
Pancreas TestFree
Pediatric Hematology and Oncology TestFree
Recombinant DNA Technology testFree
Recombinant DNA testFree
Reconstructive And Plastic Surgery TestFree
Rheumatology TestFree
Spirochacter and Enterobacteriaceac testFree
Sterilization Free
Surgery Of The Hand And Wrist TestFree
Surgery parctice TestFree
Surgicall bleeding and transfusion TestFree
Upper Limb Anatomy TestFree
Urmle Genetics TestFree
Urmle Pathology TestFree
Urology Practice TestFree
Usmle Pharmacology Parctice TestFree
Venous Diseases TestFree
Wounds and wound healing TestFree
Gel Electrophoresis testFree
Genetic Code and Regulation testFree
RNA Structure testFree
 Health Sciences 
First Aid Certification$85
CPR Certification$85
Allied Healthcare Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Nervous System Terminology TestFree
Optometry Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Blood Bank Technology Specialist Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Cardiovascular System Terminology TestFree
Children and Obesity Certification$10
GastroinCertificationinal Terminology TestFree
Gene Therapy Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Anatomy Terminology TestFree
Addiction Counceling Terminology TestFree
Allied Health and Medical Assistant Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Antispam and Antivirus TestFree
Complementary and Alternative Medicine Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Herbal Medicines Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Acupuncture Awareness TestFree
Advanced Acupuncture Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Anesthesiology Terminology TestFree
Aromatherapy Certification$99
Dialysis & Renal Technology Awareness TestFree
Doula Awareness TestFree
Rehabilitation Technology Awareness TestFree
Reiki Awareness TestFree
SAD TestFree
BloodBank Technology Specialist Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Doula TestFree
The Digestive System Quiz Free
The Gastroenterology Quiz Free
The Hematology-Oncology Quiz Free
The Obstetrics and Gynecology Quiz Free
The Opthalmology Quiz Free
The Orthopedics Quiz Free
The Otorhinolaryngology Quiz Free
The Pregnancy Quiz Free
The Pulmonology Quiz Free
The Urology & Nephrology Quiz Free
Health, Nutrition and Diet TestFree
Abdominal Muscles TestFree
Decline Abdominal Crunches TestFree
Reverse Decline Crunches TestFree
Hanging Knees To Chin Raises TestFree
Abdominal Flutter Kicks TestFree
Hanging Abdominal Leg Raises TestFree
Reverse Abdominal Crunches TestFree
Master Meal Planner Certification$85
Anger Management Certification$85
Acupressure and Reflexology Certification$99
Advanced First Aid Certification$85
Hypnotherapy Certification$99
Respiratory Care Certification$99
COPD Certification$85
Patient Safety Certification$85
Aromatherapy TestFree
Abdominal Wall and Acute Abdomen TestFree
Basic Surgical TestFree
Breast TestFree
Cardiac Surgery TestFree
Cardiology TestFree
Drug Allergy TestFree
Endocrine Surgery TestFree
Esophagus, Stomach and Duodenum TestFree
Hepatobiliary & Pancreatic SurgeryTestFree
Hepatology TestFree
Infection TestFree
Kidney TestFree
Large Intestine TestFree
Small Intestine TestFree
Thoracic Surgery TestFree
Trauma and Burns TestFree
Nursing Certification$99
Clean Code Certification$99
Survival Certification$99
Acupuncture Certification$85
Pain Management Certification$99
Thai Massage Certification$99
Therapeutic Exercise Certification$99
Mastering Meal planner TestFree
Midwifery and Womens Health Nurse Test$0
Neonatal TestFree
Nurse Practitioner TestFree
Nessus (Difficult Level) TestFree
Nessus (Easy Level) TestFree
Nessus (Intermediate Level) TestFree
Anatomy and Physiology TestFree
Complementary Medicine Certification$99
DNA Structure and Replication testFree
Lower Limb Anatomy TestFree
Abdominal wall and hernia TestFree
AHM Governance and Regulation Marathon TestFree
Anaesthesia and surgical patient monitoring TestFree
Anal Canal TestFree
Anti Bodies testFree
Antibiotics testFree
Antimicrobial Chemotherapeutic Agents testFree
Appendix TestFree
Bacteria Morphology testFree
Biliary Surgery TestFree
Blood Relation Test Free
Cardiothoracic surgery TestFree
Cell Biology TestFree
DNA Sequencing, Mutation and Repair testFree
Downstream Processing Free
Enzyme Reaction testFree
Enzymes and Application Free
Enzymes and Kinetics Free
Growth and Nutrition of Bacteria testFree
Head And NeckTestFree
Hepatitis Viruses testFree
Identification of Bacteria testFree
Immune System testFree
Immunological Techniques testFree
Liver TestFree
Microorganisms and Disease testFree
Peripheral Arterial Disease TestFree
Protein Synthesis testFree
Safety Of The Surgical Patient TestFree
Skin And Subcapid Revision of Surgery TestFree
Small intesting colon and rectum TestFree
Special Proteins and Crop Improvement testFree
TCA Cycle testFree
Thoracic Anatomy TestFree
Thoracic Aorta TestFree
Vitamins and Coenzymes testFree
Actinomycetes and Non Sporing Anaerobes testFree
Allosteric Effects Free
Antibody testFree
Antigen Antibody Reaction testFree
Antigen testFree
ATP Synthesis and Fatty Acid Oxidation testFree
Bacteria testFree
Bacteriophages testFree
Brucella testFree
Clostridium testFree
Disease Associated with Immune System testFree
Disorders testFree
DNA Replication testFree
Enzymes Regulation testFree
Enzymes testFree
Immune Response testFree
Protein and Nucleic Acid Interactions testFree
Protein Purification testFree
Protein Stability testFree
Protein Structure testFree
Pseudomonas and Burkholderia testFree
Spectroscopy testFree
 Health Technologies 
Health Technologies Awareness TestFree
Health Information Technology Certification$99
Child Psychology and Development Certification$99
 Stress Management 
Stress Management Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Stress Management Certification$85
The Neurology Quiz Free
Cognos TestFree
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Certification $99
Neurology TestFree
Neurosurgery TestFree
Clinical Neurology TestFree
Neuroscience TestFree
Nutrition Free
Vegetables TestFree
Nutrition Certification $85
Pilates Certification$85
Aerobics Certification$85
Yoga Certification$85
Fitness Administration Awareness TestFree
Health Club Management Certification$85
Aging Awareness TestFree
Fitness TestFree
Health And Fitness TestFree
Personal Care Occupation TestFree
Physical Therapy Awareness TestFree
Physical Therapy Aide Certification$99
Weight Loss Certification$85
Age Problems QuizFree
Senior Fitness Certification$85
Personal Trainer Certification$99
Fitness Machines TestFree
Master Black Belt Certification$150
Fitness Training Aptitude TestFree
Youth Fitness Trainer Test$100
WarmUp and Stretching TestFree
Arm Excercises TestFree
Personal Trainer Back Exercises TestFree
Personal Trainer Shoulders Excercises TestFree
Personal Trainer Chest Exercises TestFree
Personal Trainer Leg Exercises TestFree
Bent Knee Abdominal Hip Raise TestFree
Incline Barbell Bench Press TestFree
Incline Bench Cable Flyes TestFree
Incline Dumbbell Flyes TestFree
Incline Supinating Dumbbell Flyes TestFree
Incline Bench Dumbbell Press TestFree
Exercise Ball Abdominal Pull Ins TestFree
Flat Bench Abdominal Leg Pull Ins TestFree
Flat Bench Abdominal Leg Raises TestFree
Inverted Exercise Ball Leg Pull Ins TestFree
Lying Reverse Abdominal Crunches TestFree
Mastering of Weight Training TestFree
Smart Abs TestFree
Understanding Metabolism- For Better Fitness TestFree
Bodybuilding Certification$85
Mastering AB Fitness Certification$85
Mastering Metabolism for Fitness Certification$85
Mastering Weight Training Certification$85
Masters of Fitness and Toning Certification$85
Stretching for Fitness Certification$85
Squat training Certification$85
Fitness Foods Planning Certification$85
Kettlebell Training Certification$85
Life Coaching Certification$85
Boxing Fitness Certification$85
Cycling for Fitness Certification$85
Body Language Certification$85
Bodyguard Certification$99
Chinese Nutrition Therapy Certification$85
Healthy Eating for Weight Loss TestFree
Group Fitness Trainer TestFree
Health Coach TestFree
Health Coach Certification$99
AHM Medical Management Marathon TestFree
Sports Injury and Medical Awareness TestFree
Sports Nutrition Certification$85
Alex Rodriguez Quiz Free
Sports Management Certification $85
Football Certification$85
Basketball Certification$85
Volleyball Certification $85
Sports Psychology Certification$85
Baseball Coaching Certification $85
Chess Certification$85
Chest TestFree
Sports test Free
Africa Capital Cities TestFree
Asia Capital Cities TestFree
Europe Capital Cities TestFree
North America Capital Cities TestFree
US Capitals TestFree
WorldCapitals TestFree
US Capital Cities TestFree
World Capital Cities TestFree
Geography TestFree
Indian Geography testFree
World Geography testFree
World Organisations testFree
Ancient India TestFree
Antebellum Cultural Movements and Manifest Destiny TestFree
Antebellum Reform Movements TestFree
Civil Rights, the 1960s, and Vietnam TestFree
Early English Colonies TestFree
Early Exploration and Spanish and French in the Colonies of the New World TestFree
History TestFree
Indian History testFree
l Movements and Manifest Destiny TestFree
Mass Politics and Imperialism in Africa and Asia, 1860–1914 TestFree
Medieval India TestFree
Nationalism and State-Building,1848–1900 TestFree
Politics of the Extremes and World War I, 1870–1918 TestFree
Pre-Columbian/Native American History TestFree
Social Transformation and State-Building in the 18th Century TestFree
Sovereignty, 1600–1715 TestFree
The Enlightenment: A Cultural Movement During the 18th Century TestFree
The Era of Discontent TestFree
The Fall of Napoleon and the Post-Napoleonic Era,1800–1848 TestFree
The French Revolution and the Rise of Napoleon,1789–1799 TestFree
The Interwar Years and World War II,1918–1945 TestFree
The Mid-19th Century and Causes of the Civil War TestFree
The Reformation,1500–1600 TestFree
The Renaissance,1350–1550 TestFree
The Rise of New Ideologies in the 19th Century TestFree
The Scientific Revolution During the 17th Century TestFree
The Second Industrial Revolution,1820–1900 TestFree
Cabinet Making TestFree
Indian Politics testFree
Radio Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Film Production Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Online Communications Media Skills Certification$85
Press Release TestFree
Media Required for Plant Cell Culture testFree
Broadcast Journalism Awareness and Terminology TestFree
CFMX7 TestFree
Broadcast Engineering Certification$99
Journalism Writing Certification$85
Journalism Certification $85
Journalist TestFree
Spanish Sentence Structure TestFree
English To French Translation SkillsFree
English To Italian Translation SkillsFree
French To English Translation SkillsFree
German To English Translation SkillsFree
Italian To English Translation SkillsFree
Russian To English Translation SkillsFree
Spanish To English Translation SkillsFree
French Certification$85
Technical Translation Certification$85
Linguist Certification$85
Arabic Certification (Basic)$85
ESL Certification$99
Basic French TestFree
The American Culture Quiz Free
U.S. Culture and Etiquette Test Free
Tagalog TestFree
Indian Culture testFree
Modren India TestFree
U.S. Imperialism and the Progressive Movement TestFree
 English Grammar 
English Grammar TestFree
English Sentence Structure TestFree
UK English Sentence Structure TestFree
US English Sentence Structure TestFree
UK English Grammar TestFree
US English grammar TestFree
English Language Practice TestFree
US English Basic Skills TestFree
Understanding Differences in British and American EnglishFree
Differences in British an American English TestFree
English Speaking TestFree
U.S. Public Speaking TestFree
English Vocabulary TestFree
English Vocabulary (UK version) TestFree
US Voculabry TestFree
English Editing Skills TestFree
UK English Oxford Style Editing Skills TestFree
US Spelling TestFree
English Spelling UK TestFree
English Spellings TestFree
UK English Proofreading Skills Certification (Oxford Guide to Style)Free
English Proofreading Skills Certification (AP Style)Free
Critical Reading Skills TestFree
Copyediting and Proofreading Skills Certification$85
Copyediting and Proofreading Certification$85
Copyediting TestFree
US English Proofreading TestFree
 Writing Skills 
Technical Writing Certification$85
Creative Writing Certification$85
Creative Writing - Fiction (UK Version) Free
Creative Writing - Non-Fiction (UK version) Free
Creative Writing - Non-Fiction (US Version) Free
Editing Skills TestFree
Online Article Writing and Blogging TestFree
Technical Writing Skills TestFree
Original Technical Writing TestFree
Words and Phrases TestFree
Language Arts Writing - Comma Splices Practice TestFree
Language Arts Writing - Corrections Practice TestFree
Language Arts Writing - Homonyms Practice TestFree
Language Arts Writing - Subject Verb Agreement Practice TestFree
Language Arts Writing - Subject Verb Tense Practice TestFree
Language Arts Writing - Apostrophe Usage Practice TestFree
Language Arts Writing - Commas Practice Practice TestFree
Language Arts Writing - Misplaced Modifier Practice TestFree
Language Arts Writing - Parallel Structure Practice TestFree
Language Arts Writing - Pronoun Reference Practice TestFree
Language Arts Writing - Run On Sentences Practice TestFree
Language Arts Writing - Sentence Logic Practice TestFree
Language Arts Writing - Sentence Structure Practice TestFree
Sentence Correction - Apples and Oranges Error Practice TestFree
Sentence Correction - Idiomatic Error Practice TestFree
Sentence Correction - Miscellaneous Error Practice TestFree
Sentence Correction - Misplaced Modifiers Practice TestFree
Sentence Correction - Parallel Construction Errors Practice TestFree
Sentence Correction - Pronoun Errors Practice TestFree
Sentence Correction - Quantity Words Errors Practice TestFree
Sentence Correction - Tense Errors Practice TestFree
Sentence Correction - Verb Errors Practice TestFree
Antonyms Practice TestFree
Sentence Completion 1 Practice TestFree
Sentence Completion 2 Practice TestFree
Sentence Completion 3 Practice TestFree
Synonyms Practice TestFree
Business Writing Skills Certification$85
Grant Writing Certification$85
Resume Writing Skills TestFree
U.S. Academic Writing TestFree
U.S. Word Usage TestFree
Report Writing TestFree
U.S. English Punctuation and Mechanics TestFree
UK English Basic Skills TestFree
Business Writing Skills Certification (U.S. Version)Free
Business Writing Skills Certification (UK Version) Free
U.S. English AP Style Editing Skills Certification (For Writing Professionals)Free
Content Writing Skills Test Free
Sales Writing Certification$85
Resume Writer Certification$85
Animation Writing Certification$85
Video Game Writing Certification$85
Magazine Writing Certification$85
Medical Writing Certification$99
Ghost Writing TestFree
Article Writing TestFree
Academic Writing TestFree
Book Writing Skills TestFree
Reports 6i TestFree
Antonyms testFree
Books and Authors testFree
One Word Substitutes testFree
Ordering of Sentences testFree
Ordering of Words testFree
Paragraph Formation testFree
Sentence Correction testFree
Sentence Improvement testFree
Synonyms testFree
 Stories & Novels 
A Christmas Carol Quiz Free
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Quiz Free
Harry Potter Quiz - 1Free
Harry Potter Quiz - 2Free
Harry Potter Quiz - 3Free
Harry Potter Quiz - 4Free
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho QuizFree
 Emotional Intelligence 
Emotional Intelligence Test Free
Emotional Intelligence Certification$99
 Training & Consultancy Skills 
Prison Consultant TestFree
Dog Training Certification$85
Counseling Certification$85
Coaching Certification $99
Executive Coaching Certification $85
Consulting Certification $99
Consulting Certification $99
Leadership Coaching Certification$85
Private Investigator Certification$99
Consultant TestFree
 Communication Skills 
Communication Skills Certification$85
Communication Skills Certification$99
Massage Certification$99
Unified Communication Certification $99
Corporate Communication Certification$85
 Career Development 
Career TestFree
Office Skills TestFree
Master Trainer Certification$99
Career in Building and Construction TestFree
Careers in Entertainment TestFree
Careers in Law TestFree
Careers in Media TestFree
Careers in Science and Environment TestFree
Engineering Careers TestFree
Office and Support Service Careers TestFree
Popular and Upcoming Careers TestFree
Potential To Succeed In Workplace TestFree
Temperament at Work TestFree
Train and Sculpt in Minutes TestFree
Training Certification$85
Trainer Certification$99
Career Counseling Certification$99
Career Certification$99
CSET English Teacher Test$0
Business English TestFree
Company Secretary TestFree
Training and Development TestFree
Career Planning and Development Certification$99
Completing Statements testFree
 Personal Development 
Personality TestFree
Interpreter Skills Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Selling Skills Certification$85
Selling Skills TestFree
Professional Ethics and etiquette Certification$99
Self Confidence Certification$85
Job Control Language Certification$85
Catering Certification $99
Personal Development Certification$85
Presentation Skills Certification$85
Interpersonal Skills Certification$99
Listening Skills TestFree
Honours and Awards testFree
Inventions testFree
 Etiquette Skills 
Dining and Restaurant Etiquette TestFree
Email Etiquette Certification$85
Telephone Etiquette TestFree
etiquette certification$85
 Photography Skills 
Digital Imaging TestFree
Painting Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Digital Camera Photography Certification$85
Photography TestFree
Digital Photography TestFree
Image Consultant Certification$99
3d Imaging Techniques (Difficult Level) TestFree
3d Imaging Techniques (Easy Level) TestFree
3d Imaging Technique (Intermediate Level) TestFree
 Cooking Skills 
Baking and Pastry Making TestFree
Baking Certification Course$85
Cake Decorating Certification$99
Cooking Certification$99
 Acting & Modeling 
Acting Awareness and Terminology TestFree
 Call Center Skills 
Call Center Test$85
Call Center Terminology TestFree
Call Center Excellence Certification$85
 Dancing Skills 
Ballet Terminology TestFree
Dance Awareness and Terminology TestFree
 Decorating Skills 
Interior Design Certification$99
Interior Design TestFree
Site Designer Test$0
Interactive Design TestFree
Design pattern AssesmentFree
 Drawing Skills 
Drawing Skills Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Figure Drawing Certification$85
Cartoon and Comic Drawing Certification$99
Online Technical Drawing TestFree
Clothing and Fashion Careers TestFree
 Art & Craft 
Careers in Art and Craft TestFree
Careers in Fine Arts TestFree
Ceramic Art Awareness TestFree
Culinary Arts TestFree
Florist Skills TestFree
Furniture Design Certification$99
Sculpture Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Ornamentals TestFree
Knitting Certification $99
Sewing Certification$99
 Beauty & Makeup 
Esthetician Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Cosmetology Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Barbering Awareness TestFree
Fashion Modelling TestFree
Make-Up Artist Certification$99
Beauty and the Beast Quiz Free
The Beauty Pageants Quiz Free
The Dermatology Quiz Free
 Food & Beverage 
Bartending Certification$85
Extra hotdog TestFree
Hotdog Pro TestFree
more hotdog TestFree
Wine Making Skills Terminology TestFree
Fruits Crops TestFree
Wine Certification$85
Food and Beverage Management Certification$85
Canning and Preserving Certification$99
Beer and Wine testFree
Fish and Sea Foods testFree
Fruits and Vegetables testFree
Heated Canned Foods testFree
Miscellaneous Foods testFree
Sauerkraut and Pickles testFree
Wine and Beer testFree
 Gems and Jewellery 
Jewelry Designing Skills TestFree
Gemology Awareness TestFree
Geomology and jewelry Designing TestFree
Ultra Sound Technology Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Disc Jockey Awareness TestFree
Music Quiz Free
Pop Music Quiz Free
The 80s Music Quiz Free
DVD Studio Pro TestFree
Music Theory TestFree
 Security Services 
Checkpoint Security TestFree
Personal Security Certification$85
 Public Services 
Baby Sitting Certification$85
Digital Government (Difficult Level) TestFree
Digital Government (Easy Level) TestFree
Digital Government (Intermediate Level) TestFree
Bus rapid transitsFree
Seating Arrangement testFree
 Teaching Tools 
Blackboard Certification$85
Classroom Management Certification$99
Blackboard Teaching Certification$99
Sailing Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Travel Agent Skills TestFree
Transplantation TestFree
Travel Plan TestFree
Cruise controlFree
Famous Places in India testFree
 Knowledge Skills 
Police Science Awareness and Terminology TestFree
Kaizen Certification$99
General Awareness Practice TestFree
Chicago Quiz Free
Christmas QuizFree
General Knowledge QuizFree
George Washington QuizFree
Janet Jackson Quiz Free
Jessica Simpson Quiz Free
Kids General Knowledge Quiz Free
Pokemon 3: The Movie Quiz Free
Pokemon 4Ever Quiz Free
Pokemon Heroes Quiz Free
Pokemon Quiz Free
Pokemon: Destiny Deoxys Quiz Free
Pokemon: Jirachi-Wish Maker Quiz Free
Pokemon: Mewtwo Returns Quiz Free
Pokemon: The Movie 2000 Quiz Free
Romantic Comedies Quiz Free
Shakespeare In Love Quiz Free
Shrek 2 Quiz Free
Shrek QuizFree
The Abraham Lincoln Quiz Free
The Albert Einstein Quiz Free
The Andre Agassi Quiz Free
The Anna Kournikova Quiz Free
The Annika Sorenstam Quiz Free
The Arnold Schwarzenegger Quiz Free
The Astrology Quiz Free
The Beer Quiz Free
The Beyonce Knowles Quiz Free
The Bill Gates Quiz Free
The Billy Graham Quiz Free
The Brandy Quiz Free
The Braveheart Quiz Free
The Bruce Almighty Quiz Free
The Buddhism Quiz Free
The Bugsy Quiz Free
The Cameron Diaz Quiz Free
The Cardiology Quiz Free
The Cat Quiz Free
The Champagne Quiz Free
The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Quiz Free
The Christian Saints Quiz Free
The Christianity Quiz Free
The Christina Aguilera Quiz Free
The Christmas Trivia Quiz Free
The Cocktail Quiz Free
The Cognac Quiz Free
The Country Music Quiz Free
The Dances with Wolves Quiz Free
The David Beckham Quiz Free
The Diamond Quiz Free
The Dolphin Quiz Free
The Elvis Presley Quiz Free
The Emerald Quiz Free
The Finding Nemo Quiz Free
The Flowers Quiz Free
The Gemstones I Quiz Free
The Gemstones II QuizFree
The Gemstones III Quiz Free
The Gin Quiz Free
The Giraffe Quiz Free
The Gladiator Quiz Free
The Godfather I Quiz Free
The Godfather II Quiz Free
The Godfather III Quiz Free
The Gone with the Wind Quiz Free
The Great Expectations Quiz Free
The Henry Ford Quiz Free
The Herbie: Fully Loaded Quiz Free
The Hinduism Quiz Free
The Ian Thorpe Quiz Free
The Ice Age Quiz Free
The Iliad Quiz Free
The Immunology Quiz Free
The Islam Quiz Free
The Jade Quiz Free
The Jane Eyre Quiz Free
The John Edwards Quiz Free
The John F. Kennedy Quiz Free
The Judaism Quiz Free
The Julia Roberts Quiz Free
The Lance Armstrong Quiz Free
The Last Emperor Quiz Free
The Little Women Quiz Free
The Madagascar Quiz Free
The Maria Sharapova Quiz Free
The Mariah Carey Quiz Free
The Martin Luther King, Jr., Quiz Free
The Mask Quiz Free
The Master and Commander Quiz Free
The Michael Jordan Quiz Free
The Michael Schumacher Quiz Free
The Mike Tyson Quiz Free
The Muhammad Ali Quiz Free
The National Anthems Quiz Free
The On Golden Pond Quiz Free
The Opal Quiz Free
The Oprah Winfrey Quiz Free
The Paris Hilton Quiz Free
The Pearl Quiz Free
The Pete Sampras Quiz Free
The Polar Express Quiz Free
The Pride and Prejudice Quiz Free
The Richard Gere Quiz Free
The Ronald Reagan Quiz Free
The Ronaldo Quiz Free
The Ruby Quiz Free
The Rum Quiz Free
The Sapphire Quiz Free
The Sasha Cohen Quiz Free
The Science Quiz Free
The Serena Williams Quiz Free
The Sex and the City Quiz Free
The Sikhism Quiz Free
The Star Wars Quiz Free
The Steffi Graf Quiz Free
The Sting Quiz Free
The Thomas Edison Quiz Free
The Thomas Jefferson Quiz Free
The Tiger Woods Quiz Free
The Vodka Quiz Free
The Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit Quiz Free
The Wal-Mart Quiz Free
The Walt Disney Quiz Free
The War and Peace Quiz Free
The Weight Loss Quiz Free
The Whiskey Quiz Free
The Wine Quiz Free
The Wizard of Oz Quiz Free
The Wolf Quiz Free
The Wuthering Heights Quiz Free
The George Washington Quiz Free
Time and Distance Problems QuizFree
Titanic Quiz Free
To Kill a Mocking Bird Quiz Free
Tootsie Quiz Free
William Shakespeare Quiz Free
The Era of Good Feelings to the Age of Jackson TestFree
Basic General Knowledge testFree
End of the Cold War,the 1970s to the Present TestFree
Famous Personalities testFree
General Knowledge testFree
General Science testFree
Pollution Types TestFree
Post Civil War and Reconstruction TestFree
Railways testFree
The Civil War TestFree
The Cold War and Beyond, 1945–Present TestFree
The Cold War and Postwar America TestFree
The Constitution and Early U.S. Government TestFree
The First World War and the Roaring Twenties TestFree
The Gilded Age and the American West TestFree
The Great Depression and the Second World War TestFree
Online General Knowledge TestFree
 Test Taking Skills 
Driving rules practice Tests TestFree
Online Driving TestFree
Reasoning Practice TestFree
Grade VIII English TestFree
Reading Comprehension Certification Free
Grade IV Mathematics TestFree
Grade IV Science TestFree
Grade VIII Mathematics TestFree
Grade VIII Science TestFree
Grade III Mathematics TestFree
Grade III Science TestFree
Grade III Social Science TestFree
Grade IV Social Science TestFree
Grade IX Science TestFree
Grade V Mathematics TestFree
Grade V Science TestFree
Grade V Social Science TestFree
Grade VI Social Science TestFree
Grade VII Integrated Science TestFree
Grade VII Mathematics TestFree
Grade VIII Social Science TestFree
Employee Reliability Assessment Test Free
Supervisor Aptitude Test Free
Constant Contacts Skills TestFree
Platinum Personal Trainer Test$299
Teaching Certification$85
Teaching English Certification (as foreign Language)$85
Complex Sales Certification$85
Speed Reading Certification$85
Driving Instructor Certification$85
Strength Training Certification$85
Supervisor Certification$99
Teaching Assistant Certification $85
NYSTCE CST Teacher TestFree
Reading Instruction Competence Assessment Test Free
Strength and Conditioning TestFree
Scientist TestFree
Commodities Certification$99
Test-driven development Free
Classification testFree
Comprehension testFree
Course of Action testFree
Direction Sense TestFree
Land Use TestFree
SI Units testFree
Spellings testFree
Statement and Argument testFree
Statement and Assumption testFree
Statement and Conclusion testFree
Strength of Materials testFree
Transcription and Regulation testFree
Translation and Regulation testFree
Verbal Classification testFree
Verification of Truth testFree
Transcription testFree
 IQ Test 
IQ Test For Chlidren (10 to15 years) TestFree
IQ TestFree
10-15yrs IQ TestFree
3 yrs IQ TestFree
4-6yrs IQ TestFree
7-9yrs IQ TestFree
Computer Quiz TestFree
IQ Test For Children(3 years) Test TestFree
IQ Test For Children(4 to 6 years) TestFree
IQ Test For Children(7 to9 years) TestFree
Quantitative Aptitude Practice TestFree
Anna Karenina Quiz Free
Area QuizFree
Atlas Shrugged Quiz Free
Paradise Lost Quiz Free
Creativity Quotient Test Free
Healthcare Aptitude Test Free
Secretarial and Office Aptitude TestFree
Mindfulness Certification$99
FTCE French Test$0
Smart Memories TestFree
Plastics Memory TestFree
Civil Services TestFree
Arithmetic Reasoning testFree
Essential Part testFree
GATE Exam Questions testFree
Selecting Words testFree
Syllogism testFree
UPSC Civil Service Exam Questions testFree
Aptitude TestFree
 Demo Tests 
Demo HTML 4.01 TestFree
Demo Programming with C++ TestFree
Demo Adobe Photoshop CS3 TestFree
Demo Editing English Skills Free
Demo Dot Net Nuke TestFree
 Launching Jan-2018 
ShellScript TestFree
Demo HTML 4.01 TestFree
Demo Programming with C++ TestFree
Demo Adobe Photoshop CS3 TestFree
Demo Editing English Skills Free
Demo Dot Net Nuke TestFree
Math - Square Root Problems Practice TestFree
Trail TestFree
Six Sigma Black Belt Correlation Analysis TestFree
Hanging Knees To Head Raises TestFree
Six Sigma Green Belt Quality and Operational Excellence TestFree
Six Sigma Training Games (Additional reading with black belt)Free
Six Sigma Project Reports (Additional reading with black belt)Free
Six Sigma Principals (Additional reading with black belt)Free
Six Sigma CourseFree
Six Sigma Black Belt (additional reading)Free
mastering control accounting certification$65
Mastering economics and business mathematics certification$99
mastering Peachtree certification$99
Mastering QuickBooks 2004 certifications$99
Mastering QuickBooks 2005 certification$99
mastering QuickBooks $85
Mastering QuickBooks 2009 certification$99
Mastering Inventory Management TestFree
Mastering Account management certification (for small business owners)$99
Mastering QuickBooks 2010 Certification$99
Mastering QuickBooks 2011 Certification$99
mastering business analysis using QuickBooks Certification$99
financial markets practitioners certification$99
Knowledge of project management with accounting certification$99
Knwoledge of financial innovation in corporate banking $99
Knowledge of Accounting In International Hospitality Industry Certification$99
Knowledge of accounting certification - For Non-accountants$99
Business Plan Writing TestFree
Business Writing Certification – Corporate Communicators$99
Business Writing Certification$99
Business Economics Writing Certification$99
Effective Writing Certiifcation$99
Mastering Business Etiquette Certification$99
Business Risk Management Certification$99
Global Banking Certification$99
Risk Management in Banking Certification$99
Skills Certification (for engineers and technologists)Free
Business Economics Certification$99
Business Skills Certification (for engineers and technologists)$99
Corporate Finance and Asset Pricing Certification$99
Typing Certification$85
Software Measurement Certification$85
Corporate Six Sigma Certification$99
Art of Teaching Science Certification$85
Lean Performance Certification$99
Lean Six Sigma Office Certification$99
Global Business Etiquette Certification$85
Project Management Best Practices Certification$99
Support Center Certification$85
Global Project Management Certification$99
Disaster Management Certification$85
Project Sponsorship Certification$85
Project Management Certification (for functional Managers)$85
E-business Strategy Certification$85
Corporate Event Project Management Certification$85
Integrated Project Management Certification$85
Creative Project Management Certification$85
Sales Team Certification$85
Boosting Sales Certification$85
Mastering Salesforce Certification$85
Basic English Grammar Certification$85
Technology Sector Quality Management Certification.$85
Selling Certification (for Small Business Owners)$85
Cloud Computing Applications Certification (Implementation and Development)$99
Cobit TestFree
IT Business Management Certification$85
IT Outsourcing Management Certification $85
Baby Learning and Developmental Activities (Ad. with Babysitting)Free
Baby Question and Answer Book (Ad. with Babysitting)Free
Baby Signing Training (Ad. with Babysitting)Free
Baby Sleep Solutions (Ad. with Babysitting)Free
Commercial Risk Management Certification$85
IP Address Management Certification$99
Public Financial Management Certification$99
Fiction Writing Certification$85
Google Adsense Certification$85
Prison Survival Strategies TestFree
Google Website Optimizer Certification$85
Medical Coding TestFree
Estate Planning Certification$85
Wedding Planning Certification$85
Personal Bankruptcy Law Expert Certification$85
Retirement Plan Management Certification$85
Will Writing Expert Certification$85
International Financial Statement Analysis Certification$85
Merchant Banking Certification $85
Financial Analysis Certification – For Company Controllers$85
Modern Banking Certification$85
Resort Management Training Certification$85
Dreamweaver CS5 Certification$85
Firewall Certification$85
Photoshop CS4 Certification$85
Spanish Certification$85
MS Business Intelligence Certification $85
MAC Certification$99
PHP5 certification$85
Flash CS4 Certification$85
Golf Certification$85
Crystal Reports 2008 Certification$85
Internet Certification$85
Welding Certification$85
Presentation Skills Certification – for Managers$85
Project Certification $85
Project Manager Certification$85
AutoCAD 2009 Certification$99
Triathlon Training Certification$85
Technical Support Certification$85
Ethical Hacking Certification$99
Green Home Plan Certification$85
Guitar Chords Certification$85
Strategic Project Management Certification$85
Web Training Certification$99
Software Security Certification$99
Direct Marketing Certification$85
Solaris 9 Certification$99
Trading Futures Certification$99
Marketing Strategy Certification Course$99
Telephone Sales Certification Course$85
Databases Certification$99
Google Places Certification$85
Respiratory Certification$85
Cocoa Programming Certification$99
Java Security Certification$99
Flash Game Programming Certification$99
Carbon Programming Certification$99
XML Programming Certification$99
SAN Certification$85
Theta Healing TestFree
Advanced Stress Management Certification $99
Parallel Computing Certification$99
Conflict Management Certification$85
Emergency Management Certification $99
Problem Management Certification $99
Teacher Training Certification$85
Biology Certification $85
Tourism Certification$85
Consulting Certification USD 85 l Course l TrainingFree
Knowledge Management Certification $85
Social Location Marketing Certification$85
Bioinformatics Certification$99
Snow Leopard Certification$99
Access 2010 Certification$99
Adobe Air Certification$99
Oracle PLSQL Certification $85
Windows 7 Certification$85
PC Repair Certification $99
Microsoft Silverlight 4 Certification $99
Physics Certification$85
Wireless Networks Certification$99
Paint Shop Pro 9 Certification $85
Statistics Certification$85
Drawing Certification$85
Windows Vista Certification $99
Conflict Resolution Certification$99
Effective Communication Certification$99
German Certification$85
iPhone Application Development Certification$99
Laptop Certification$85
iMac Certification$99
Financial Report Reading Certification$85
Car Audio Certification$85
Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Certification $99
Microsoft Outlook 2010 Certification$99
Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Certification$99
Building Construction Certification$85
Java and Soap Certification $85
JavaScript Certification$99
Business Certification $85
Coding Certification$99
Pharmacy Certification$99
Business Process Technology Certification$85
Red Hat Linux 7.2 Certification$99
Signal Processing Certification $99
SIP certification$99
Delphi 4 Certification$99
Mac OS X Certification$99
Red Hat Linux Certification$99
Linux Security Certification$99
Laser Safety Certification$99
Photoshop CS5 Certification$99
Dog Grooming Certification$99
Health Safety Certification$85
Oracle Database 11g Certification$99
Web 2.0 Certification$85
Cloud Security Certification$99
English Certification$85
JAVA EE 5 Certification$99
Virtualization Certification$99
Zend Framework Certification$99
Prince2 TestFree
Business to Business Internet Marketing Certification$99
Integrated Marketing Certification$85
Oracle Fusion Certification$99
Oracle Spatial Certification$99
Oracle SQL Certification$99
HVAC Certification $99
Scheduling Certification$99
Security Technology Certification$99
ASP.Net 4 in C# Certification$99
ColdFusion Certification$99
Flex 4 Certification$99
Alfresco Certification $99
Oracle Developer Certification$99
Database and Applications Security Certification$99
Oracle Security Certification $85
Privacy Certification$85
Macromedia Studio 8 Certification$99
VMware Server Certification$99
Core Java Certification$200
Advanced Electrical Installation Certification$99
Information and Communications Technology Certification$99
JAVA 2 Certification$99
Acting Certification$99
Sailing Certification Course$99
Business Performance Management Certification$99
Coral Paint Shop Pro 2010 Certification $99
iPhone Developer Certification $150
Leadership Certification$85
Delphi 2010 Certification$99
Nursing Management Certification$99
Clean Energy Certification$99
XSLT Certification$99
Marketing Communications Certification$99
Website Design Certification$99
Water Quality Certification$99
PHP MySQL Certification$99
Air Quality Certification$99
Energy Efficiency Certification$99
Power Quality Certification$99
CorelDraw X5 Certification$99
Basic Billing and Coding Certification$99
Business Process Certification$99
Irish Certification (Basic)$85
Programming Certification$85
American Sign Language Certification$99
American Sign Language TestFree
Six Sigma Software Development Certification$99
Sign Language Certification$99
Flight Instructor Certification$99
Digital Signal Processing Certification$99
Money Management Course$99
Strategic Marketing Certification$99
Managerial Economics Certification$99
Computer Repair Certification$85
Italian Certification$99
Programming Language Certification$99
Wastewater Treatment Certification$99
Oracle Fusion Developer Certification$99
Windows Application Certification$99
Public Library Certification$85
Final Cut Pro 7 Certification$99
Global Information Assurance Certification$99
Object Oriented Programming Certification$99
VoIP Security Certification$99
Search Engine Marketing Certification$99
Solaris 10 Administration Certification$99
Six Sigma for Electronics Certification$99
Cocoa iPhone OS3 Certification$99
Cocoa Programming with Ruby Certification$99
iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, JAVA Script Certification$85
Call Center Certification$99
Corporate Blogging Certification$99
Creative Teaching Techniques TestFree
Creative Teaching Techniques Certification$99
Crystal Reports 2008 TestFree
Customer Management Certification$85
Lean Development Certification$99
Outdoor Recreation Design Certification$99
Reading Fluency Certification$85
Wireless Internet Security Certification$85
Graph Theory Certification$99
Coaching at Work Certification$99
Palm OS Programming Certification$99
PHP6 and MySQL Certification$150
Thai Certification$99
Meeting Management Certification$85
Sales Presentation Certification$85
Agile Game Development with Scrum Certification$99
Special Education Assessment Certification$85
Teaching – Special Education Certification$85
International Human Resource Management Certification$99
People Skills Certification$85
Personal Communication Skills Certification$99
Business Law Certification$99
Company Law Certification $99
Consumer Law Certification$99
Linux Networking Certification$99
Web Photography Certification$99
SAS Certification (Advanced Programming for SAS 9)Free
Mobile Radio Networks Certification$99
SAS Practice TestFree
Super Networking Certification$85
Dummy TestFree
Child Food Allergy Certification$85
Swimming Certification$99
Arm Locks Training Certification$85
MCITP TestFree
iOS 5 Game Development Certification$99
Mac Application Development Certification$99
Mac OS X Photographers Certification$99
Office 2011 Macintosh Certification$99
Sketching and Prototyping iPhone Apps Certification$99
Web Development with Mac Certification$99
Xcode 4 Development Certification$99
Flash Professional CS5 Windows and Macintosh Certification$99
iPhone SDK Application Development Certification$99
Mac Programming Certification$99
Xcode 4 iOS Development Certification$99
Mac Ruby Certification$99
Mac Administrators Certification $99
iPhone and iPad Apps Marketing Certification$99
iPad Application Development Certification$99
iOS Game Programming Certification$99
iOS 6 Programming Certification$99
iOS 5 Apps Development and Design Certification$99
iOS 4 iPhone Application Development Certification$99
Cocos2d 2 Certification$99
C# Apps Certification$99
Apple Script Certification$99
Oracle 11g (Easy Level) TestFree
Oracle 11g (Intermediate Level) TestFree
Java 2 Test$0
Financial Management (Investments and Capital Market)$99
CCNA Voice TestFree
Public Speaking TestFree
Figure Drawing TestFree
Cake Decorating TestFree
asa TestFree
Microsoft CRM TestFree
Six Sigma Service Design TestFree
Microsoft Business intellegence TestFree
Japanese Certification$99
Data Management Certification Course$99
Social Skills Certification$99
Microsoft Access 2013 Certification$99
SAP Materials Management Certification$99
SAP Production Processes Certification$99
XBRL Certification$99
Social Security Certification$99
Web Application Security$99
Rapid Application Developer Certification$99
Photoshop CS6 Certification$99
Android Programming Certification$99
Visual Basic Certification program$99
Adobe Photoshop CC Certification$99
Algebra I Certification$99
Algebra II Certification$99
Ayurveda Certificaton$99
Behavioural Economics Certification$99
Content Marketing Certification$99
Construction Management Certification$99
Cryptography Certification$99
Adobe After Effect CC Certification$99
Adobe After Effect CC Visual Effects Certification$99
Adobe Captivate 8 Certification$99
Computational Mathematics Certification$99
Critical Thinking and Reflective Skills Coach$99
ACT Certification$99
3D Printing Professional Certification$99
FileMaker Pro 13 Certification$99
Flash CS6 Certification$99
Hybrid Cloud Certification$99
Swift Programming Certification$99
Adobe Frame Maker 11 Certification$99
iWork Certification$99
Lean Retail And Wholesale Certification$99
Apache Cordova API Certification$99
Chromebook Certification$99
Linux Administration Certification$99
Biochemistry Certification$99
Adobe Presenter Certification$99
Adobe Presenter Certification$99
GPU Programming Certification$99
Autodesk Inventor 2015 Certification$99
Master of Renovation Certification$99
VMware Vsphere 5.5 Certification$99
Architecture Certification$99
Bartending Certification$99
Bond Investing Certification$99
Management Consultancy Certification$99
WPF 4.5 Certification$99
Business Innovation Certification$99
Business Math Certification$99
Business Skills Certification$99
Lean Healthcare Certification (Deployment and Sustainability) Certification$99
Lean Customer Development Certification$99
Home Design Professional Certification$99
XAML Certification$99
SAP Certification$99
Windows 8.1 Certification$99
SAP ( Cloud Management ) Certification$99
3D Game Programming Certification$99
Raspberry Pi Certification$99
Machine Learning Certification$99
Market Analysis Certification$99
Organizational Change Manager Certification$99
Trend Trading Certification$99
Advanced Organization Development Certification$99
Corporate Performance Management Certification$99
Fiber Optic (Installation and Maintenance) Certification$99
Gamestar Mechanic Certification$99
Meteorology Certification$99
Business Valuation Certification$99
Social Network Analysis Certification$99
Lean Six Sigma for Hospitals Certification$99
Medical Billing and Coding Certification$99
Django Certification$99
iBeacon Certification$99
Organization Development (for HR) Certification$99
Autodesk 3D Max 2014 Certification$99
T-SQL Certification$99
Bootstrap 3.3 Certification$99
Online Reputation Management Certification$99
Customer Support Management Certification$99
Program Management Certification$99
Sage Accounting Certification$99
Apex Programming Certification$99
Ceph Certification$99
Cloud Computing (Management and Security) Certification$99
CNC Programming Certification$99
Drupal 7 Certification$99
Logistics and Retail Management Certification$99
Microsoft SQL Server 2014 BI Certification$99
Real Time Analytics Certification$99
SAP Co Controlling SAP ERP ECC6 Certification$99
Statistical Analysis with Excel Certification$99
Call Center Management Certification$99
Angular JS Certification$99
Android Hacker Certification$99
SAP(r) Project System Certification$99
Cloud Capacity Management Certification$99
Maven Certification$99
Lean Analytics Certification$99
Cloud Application Architecture Certification$99
Cloud Computer Security Assessment Certification$99
Accelerated Learning Certification Course$99
Game Programming Patterns Certification$99
Advanced Penetration Testing Certification$99
Functional Programming Certification$99
Haskell Certification$99
Copper and Fiber-Optic Networking Certification$99
Building Virtual Pentesting Lab Certification$99
Dreamweaver CS6 Certification$99
Video Editing Certification$99
Computational Complexity Certification$99
Telecom Management (for call centres) Certification$99
Critical Reading Certification$99
Critical Thinking Certification$99
Freelance Writing Certification$99
Basic Java SE8 Certification$99
Fiber Optics Installers Field Certification$99
UX Certification$99
Sketchup 2014 Certification$99
Cryptanalysis Certification$150
Employer Brand Management Certification$99
Active Listening Certification $99
Business Leadership Certification $99
Competitive Intelligence Certification$99
Data Driven Marketing Certification$99
Data Analysis Certification$99
Construct 2 Certification$99
Mastering Salt Certification$99
Repair Guru (iPhone and iPad) Certification$99
Electrical Engineering TestFree
Digital Photography TestFree
Basic Zbrush Certification$99
UX Pro Certification$99
SQL (Easy Level) TestFree
Pro Real Estate Agent Certification$99
Customer Analytics Certification$99
Handwriting Analytics Certification$99
Basic Virtual Assistant Certification$99
Pro Web Developer Certification$99
Team Building Certification$99
Strength Ball Training Certification$99
Fitness Training (Gym Free) Certification$99
Self Defence Certification$99
Project Management (Healthcare Information Technology) Certification$99
Screenwriting Certification$99
Hospitality Certification$99
Fitness (Core Development) Certification$99
Nonfiction Writing Certification$99
Novel Writing Certification$99
Online Teaching (Design and Development) Certification$99
ASIC TestFree
Ancient Greece Trainer Certification$99
Marathon Trainer Certification$99
Master Speed Trainer Certification$99
Metal Jewellery Making Certification$99
Sports Coach (Speed and Agility) Certification$99
Creative Cloud Design Tools Certification$99
Pro Acrylic Painter Certification$99
Career Development Certification$99
Crystal Power Certification$99
EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) Certification$99
Adobe Edge Animate CC Certification$99
Arduino Projects Certification$99
Beekeeping Certification$99
Blackboard Administration Certification$99
Workforce Management (call centre)Certification$99
Cash Flow Certification$99
Cloud Storage Certification$99
Codependency Certification$99
Brain Game Trainer Certification$99
Database Development Certification$99
Currency Trading Certification$99
Cross Trainer Certification$99
Cross Trainer Certification$150
Consumer Behavior Certification$99
Criminology Certification$99
Computer Graphics Certification$99
Digital literacy Certification$99
Creative Visualization Certification$99
Digital Wedding Photography Certification$99
Eldercare Certification$99
Crowdfunding Investing Certification$99
Video Marketing Certification$99
Xero Certification$99
Voice Acting Certification$99
Mobile App Creator (jQuery) Certification$99
Business Data Science Certification$99
Digital Marketing Analytics Certification$150
Employee Engagement Certification$99
Environmental Science Certification$99
Feng-Shui Certification$150
Customer Service Manager Certification$150
Real Estate Investments Certification$99
Fermenting Certification$150
Decision Analytics Certification$99
Data Analytics Certification$99
Basic Geometry Certification$99
French Grammar Certification$99
Basic Software Testing Certification$99
Basic Software Testing Certification$150
Basic Forex Certification$99
Financial Statements Certification$99
Basic Residential Construction Certification$99
HTML5 Game Development Certification$99
LifeGuard Training Certification$99
LifeGuard Training Certification$150
Smart Whiteboard Certification$99
Excel 2013 Certification$99
Forensic Certification$99
Spotify Certification$99
SharePoint 2013 Certification$99
Life Management Certification$99
IT Architecture Certification$150
Motivation Certification$99
Performance Coaching Certification$99
Relationship Coaching Certification$99