Section 1 : Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction 1:30
Lecture 2 Before we proceed 0:51
Lecture 3 What is a Tag and a Tag Manager 2:44
Lecture 4 How Google Tag Manager Works

Section 2 : Google Tag Manager Signup and Interface Overview

Lecture 5 Google Tag Manager account setup and Launch
Lecture 6 Installing Google Tag Manager on WordPress sites and blogs
Lecture 7 Google Tag Manager (GTM) Interface Overview 3:59
Lecture 8 Google Tag Manager Admin Panel Overview 7:58
Lecture 9 Workspace Panel Overview 3:47

Section 3 : Implementing Tags via Google Tag manager

Lecture 10 Implementing Google Analytics Tags 11:16
Lecture 11 Tracking External Link clicks in Google Analytics via GTM 9:22
Lecture 12 Track button clicks in Google Analytics 5:28
Lecture 13 Tracking Downloads as Virtual Page views in Google Analytics 5:13
Lecture 14 Capture JavaScript Errors with Google Tag Manager 7:0
Lecture 15 Using Data Layer with Google Tag Manager 8:50
Lecture 16 Dynamic data addition in Data Layer and using custom event in GTM 10:20
Lecture 17 Using Custom HTML tag and Data Layer to track Contact Form 7 (WordPress plugin) 11:44
Lecture 18 Installing Facebook Pixel with Google Tag Manager
Lecture 19 Facebook Pixel Event Tracking 10:20
Lecture 20 Tracking Scroll Depth on pages 7:49
Lecture 21 Tracking if users are viewing a particular section image banner etc
Lecture 22 Tracking embedded YouTube videos with Google Tag Manager 8:12
Lecture 23 More to come 0:54