Section 1 : Learn the Five Steps to Making a Great Hire

Lecture 1 Hi I’m Davis, a Former Fortune 500 Recruiter 2:39
Lecture 2 The Three Pillars of Hiring Choice, Match, and Communication 2:43
Lecture 4 Voices from the Field What professional quality do you see 3:10

Section 2 : Step 1 Let’s Build the Job Description and Ideal Candidate Profile

Lecture 5 Managing the Process Choice, Match, Communication 2:8
Lecture 6 How to Use the PAC Method to Build an Ideal Candidate 2:11
Lecture 7 Case Study Same Job, Very Different Ideal Profiles 5:4
Lecture 8 The 5 Steps to Writing a Great Job Description
Lecture 9 Voices from the Field What qualities do good candidates 3:33

Section 3 : Step 2 It’s Time to Get the Word Out about Your Opening!

Lecture 10 Learn Key Concepts Related to Sourcing 3:19
Lecture 11 The Four Ways to Source Candidates 2:32
Lecture 12 Access Eazl's Guide to Using Boolean Search Operators Text
Lecture 13 Voices from the Field What tips do you have 2:58
Lecture 14 SideBYSide Using LinkedIn for Social 2:51
Lecture 15 SideBYSide Boolean Pinpoint Recruiting on 3:45
Lecture 16 Case Study You’re One Connection Away 3:29
Lecture 17 SideBYSide Let’s Use YAMM to Send Out a 5:29

Section 4 : Step 3 How to Perform Resume and Phone Screens

Lecture 18 How Many Candidates Do You Want to Bring 4:3
Lecture 19 The Two Most Important Elements of a 2:55
Lecture 20 Case Study Sophie & Jim Real Candidates, 4:36
Lecture 21 The Ultimate Fluff Buster How to Use the 4:4
Lecture 22 Voices from the Field What Should I Look for 2:12

Section 5 : Step 4 Interviewing and Managing the Interview Process

Lecture 23 The TFF and Leveraging Your Teammates 4:49
Lecture 24 An Animated Crash Course on Interviewing 3:0
Lecture 25 Voices from the Field What questions do you 2:2
Lecture 26 Let’s Practice asking Open-ended Questions 2:42
Lecture 27 How to Use Eazl’s Candidate Journal

Section 6 : Step 5 How to Make the Final Decision and Negotiate the Offer

Lecture 28 Confirmation Bias and Conformity in Group
Lecture 29 How to Check a Candidate’s References + a
Lecture 30 Key Compensation Issues in Negotiating with 2:13
Lecture 31 Three Decision Steps, the Anti-Conformity
Lecture 32 Voices From the Field What will be different 3:6
Lecture 33 Let's Wrap and Get You Your Certificate 3:8