Section 1 : A quick hello

Lecture 1 Introduction - About me 1:36
Lecture 2 What are the business benefits to this course
Lecture 3 How to get the best out of your investment in this course Text

Section 2 : Getting employment status right

Lecture 4 Who do you want to hire 6:9
Lecture 5 What type of new staff member does your business need Text

Section 3 : Cost of recruitment

Lecture 6 The full cost of recruitment Pdf
Lecture 7 Why you need to talk to your accountant Text

Section 4 : Job description and job adverts

Lecture 8 Writing your job advert Text
Lecture 9 Placing your job advert Text
Lecture 10 Writing your job description
Lecture 11 Things to remember when writing your job description Text
Lecture 12 Involve others with writing the job description Text
Lecture 13 Get writing your job description Text

Section 5 : Pre-interview stage

Lecture 14 SIfting and shortlisting for interview
Lecture 15 Interview administration Text

Section 6 : Interview stage

Lecture 16 Preparing the interview room Pdf
Lecture 17 Most common types of interview questions
Lecture 18 Selecting the best person for the job