Section 1 : Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction 2:9

Section 2 : The Anxiety and Overcome it

Lecture 2 The Anxiety, what causes it How to face it and overcome it
Lecture 3 Basic facts to help you control anxiety
Lecture 4 You need to do this to overcome anxiety

Section 3 : Building your self-confidence

Lecture 5 Building your self-confidence 3:56
Lecture 6 The most important indicators of lack of self-confidence and learning

Section 4 : The Power of Talking

Lecture 7 how to speak to an audience, a group of people at a particular event or meeting 5:1
Lecture 8 How to Organize your Speech 12:16

Section 5 : Can you really become a tactful and skillful speaker

Lecture 9 How did Tony Robbins become one of the greatest speakers

Section 6 : The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind?

Lecture 10 The Subconscious Mind's Ability to Fulfil your wish! 6:44

Section 7 : Conclusion

Lecture 11 You Can ! All the best 1:36