Section 1 : Introduction to Cypress

Lecture 1 What is Cypress_ And why it is future of Automation 17:26
Lecture 2 Understand Cypress Architecture and its benefits 10:1
Lecture 3 Course syllabus walkthrough 7:50

Section 2 : Cypress Installation & project Setup

Lecture 5 Install Node
Lecture 6 Generate Package

Section 3 : Introduction to Cypress Test Runner and command line features

Lecture 7 About Proctor Testing Pdf
Lecture 8 What is Cypress TestRunner 9:2
Lecture 9 Build Cypress Basic test and run from test Runner 12:13
Lecture 10 Running Cypress tests in supported browsers 14:17
Lecture 11 Exploring the Cypress project Framework structure 12:15

Section 4 : Getting started with Cypress Test Automation

Lecture 12 Cypress locator strategies and how to construct them 12:12
Lecture 13 Cypress inbuilt plugin in testRunner to generate locators
Lecture 14 Basic Assertion in writing the tests with Cypress 9:15
Lecture 15 Handling Invisible elements with Cypress by understanding logs 9:10

Section 5 : Deep diving into Cypress Commands and its ASynchronous Nature

Lecture 16 Web applications to Practise Cypress Automation 3:4
Lecture 17 Understanding get and find commands with Cypress 17:0
Lecture 19 Grabbing the text for validations using cypress text command 17:38
Lecture 20 Cypress ASynchronous nature and its promise handling 12:18
Lecture 21 Understanding the difference 17:48
Lecture 22 Handing Async promises with Cypress 13:34
Lecture 23 code download Text
Lecture 24 Completing the Practise test with all necessary validations 14:45
Lecture 25 code download Text

Section 6 : Handling Web Controls UI using Cypress

Lecture 26 How to verify and automate check boxes with Cypress 18:35
Lecture 27 Handling static dropdowns using select command with Cypress 7:12
Lecture 28 Handling Dynamic dropdowns with each command Iteration 13:9
Lecture 29 Handling Visible and invisible elements using Assertions in Cypress 10:35
Lecture 30 Code download Text

Section 7 : Advance Automation to handling Alerts,popups, Child Windows using Cypress-Jquery

Lecture 31 How Cypress auto handles Alerts in web Apps 21:5
Lecture 32 Handling Child tab with combination of Cypress & Jquery commands 15:5
Lecture 33 Navigating browser controls using Cypress 7:28
Lecture 34 code download Text
Lecture 35 Handling Web tables with Cypress using each command 23:9
Lecture 36 code download Text
Lecture 37 Handling Mouse hover popus using Cypress 14:49

Section 8 : Understand limitations of Frames & Child windows in Cypress

Lecture 38 Handling Child windows using Cypress 13:22
Lecture 39 Handling Frames with Cypress using real time example 15:33
Lecture 40 code download Text
Lecture 41 Cypress Concepts Cheat Sheet download Text

Section 9 : Cypress Framework Part 1- Understanding Fixtures and Custom commands

Lecture 42 Agenda of framework topics and starting with test building 16:29
Lecture 43 Where to find code files for all framework topics_ Text
Lecture 44 Understand how fixtures work in driving data 10:29
Lecture 45 Validating attribute properties and their behaviour with cypress assertions 11:13
Lecture 46 Building customized Cypress commands for reusing the code 14:58

Section 10 : Cypress Framework Part 2- Page object Design & Test Parameterization

Lecture 47 Parameterizing the test Data from Json files using each command 14:0
Lecture 48 Test Debugging and Pause with Cypress 5:16
Lecture 49 Implementing Page object Design pattern into Cypress 13:8
Lecture 50 Modifying existing tests into Page object pattern as per Cypress standards 10:15

Section 11 : Cypress Framework Part 3- Configuration properties & Environmental variables

Lecture 51 Implementing global configuration changes to Cypress framework 12:32
Lecture 52 Completing End to end test execution of the Business flow (07-18-3 13:39
Lecture 53 Implementing the Sum of products functionality with Cypress-Java script 15:59
Lecture 54 Practise exercise continuation on product sum values with Javascript Methods 12:1
Lecture 55 Importance of environmental variables in CYpress framework 15:50
Lecture 56 Setting env variables through command line arguments 12:33

Section 12 : Cypress Framework Part 4- Dashboard feature with Video recording & Screenshots

Lecture 57 Exploring Cypress Dashboard and its feature for framework development 14:30
Lecture 58 Monitoring Test Execution Videos& Screenshots through Cypress dashboard 10:36
Lecture 59 Generating Mocha Awesome reports for Cypress execution

Section 13 : Cypress Framework Part 5- Building npm Scripts and Integration to Jenkins

Lecture 60 Understanding Scripting commands in Package 16:20
Lecture 61 Running Multiple specs file on fly from cypress Scripting commands 13:43
Lecture 62 Introduction to Jenkins 4:11
Lecture 63 Integrating Cypress framework into Jenkins CI tool 10:3

Section 14 : Cypress BDD Cucumber Framework Integration to Mocha

Lecture 64 What is BDD and Cucumber_ Benifits of it 9:57
Lecture 65 Install Cucumber Cypress Preprocessor Plugin and set it in index 7:47
Lecture 66 COnverting Cypress Mocha Tests to Feature files with Gherkin Syntax 8:39
Lecture 67 Implementing Step Definition files for features built with real cypress code 8:59
Lecture 68 End to End Automation test execution using Cypress-Cucumber standards 10:32
Lecture 69 Data Driven Testing using Cucumber Data table feature for Cypress Tests 16:43
Lecture 70 Tagging Implementation to Control Test Execution for Cucumber Scenarios 9:14
Lecture 71 Building Cucumber Html reports for the Cypress Cucumber Tes Scenarios 11:30
Lecture 72 Code Download Text

Section 15 : XHR testing with Cypress

Lecture 73 Introduction to XHR testing and how it helps in writing edge test cases 14:24
Lecture 74 Listening to GET network request call with route command 9:58
Lecture 75 Manipulating POST network request call with route command 9:33
Lecture 76 Mocking API calls with Cypress route command 6:47
Lecture 77 Example Demonstrating on Mocking API with stub response using Cypress 24:28
Lecture 78 Important Note Text
Lecture 79 Handling API call directly with out involving browser with cypress

Section 16 : Bonus - Important Tips for your new job (Must Watch)

Lecture 80 How to showcase your Cypress knowledge Text
Lecture 81 Thankyou Note 0:49
Lecture 82 About Proctor Testing Pdf

Section 17 : Cypress Framework Code download

Lecture 84 Code download Text