Section 1 : Introduction and a warm welcome to this course on great customer service

Lecture 2 About Certification Pdf

Section 2 : Customer service fundamentals

Lecture 3 How customer service and customer care are immensely important for growth 5:42
Lecture 4 Seven types of customer complaints and how to deal with each 7:44
Lecture 5 Anatomy of a customer complaint interaction from before to after the interaction
Lecture 6 Customer support vs

Section 3 : Dealing with clients as part of your customer service

Lecture 7 Example of an angry customer email and common misunderstandings 2:27
Lecture 8 Firing bad clients - how to say goodbye in a professional way without damage 4:38

Section 4 : Dealing with angry customers since no customer support can escape these cases

Lecture 9 Mindset for placating angry customers and having positive interactions 3:54
Lecture 10 Dealing with angry clients and deciding when to fire clients 5:35

Section 5 : Using positive language in your customer support interactions

Lecture 11 Saying no in a positive way that sounds like a yes - great customer service
Lecture 12 Adding positive words to your customer support interactions 2:17
Lecture 13 Examples of negative words not to use and how to rephrase 2:0

Section 6 : Active listening skills as part of good customer service

Lecture 14 Active listening for your customer service 2:10
Lecture 15 Example of active listening and improved comprehension I had to go through 3:26
Lecture 16 How to not lose a customer with bad support 4:57
Lecture 17 Ask to rephrase to make sure you understood 2:30

Section 7 : Adding your unique voice and personality to make your products more engaging

Lecture 18 Examples of how to add engagement and proactive support into different products 4:54
Lecture 19 Podcast example to learn from 2:54
Lecture 20 Say thank you in every communication 5:28
Lecture 21 Example of grout product creating a support group on FB 3:17

Section 8 : Emotional intelligence in customer support and when selling

Lecture 22 Introduction to how emotional intelligence plays a role in customer service
Lecture 23 Introduction to empathy 4:9
Lecture 24 How I use empathy and emotional intelligence in sales 6:31
Lecture 25 Emotion checklist 4:5
Lecture 26 Understanding the emotion of anger 6:50

Section 9 : Online reviews - listening and getting insights despite hurtful comments

Lecture 27 Online reviews - listening and getting insights despite hurtful comments- 8:8
Lecture 28 Customer service through Google Alerts 3:47

Section 10 : Customer Development and Lean Startup methodologies through customer outreach

Lecture 29 Introduction Incorporating customer support into feedback & product improvement 1:20
Lecture 30 Customer Development by Steve Blank 3:46
Lecture 31 Eric Ries Lean Start-up and product MVP 3:46

Section 11 : Engagement basics for YouTube, general video, or in-person

Lecture 32 Speak to whoever is consuming your product as though you made it just for them 10:28

Section 12 : Using a customer feedback form for customer support

Lecture 33 Introduction to creating a customer feedback survey in free Google Forms 1:19
Lecture 34 Creating an account in Google Docs so we can use Google Forms 2:36
Lecture 35 Multi-page forms 4:35
Lecture 36 Finishing the course customer feedback form 3:20
Lecture 37 Script for the feedback collection email 2:32
Lecture 38 Customer feedback form results