Section 1 : Organize the Life You Want to Live!

Lecture 2 Quick Win! Throw Away or Give away One Thing Every Day 0:57
Lecture 3 Organize Your Life for Maximum Joy and Fulfillment 1:43
Lecture 4 Organize Your Life Around this One Question 4:35
Lecture 5 Brutal Honesty Is Required for the Well-Organized Life 2:55
Lecture 6 The Messy Desk of the Mad Creative Genius Won't Work for You
Lecture 7 Great Feedback Is Central to Improving Organization in Your Life 1:32
Lecture 8 Never Feel Guilty About Being Disorganized 2:16
Lecture 9 More Decluttering and Enhanced Productivity Lead to the Well-Organized Life 0:59

Section 2 : Live a Clutter-Free Life!

Lecture 10 This Course Will Take You Much Deeper than the Clutter in Your Home 1:8
Lecture 11 Marie Kondo Is Great! This Is How We Add to Her Insights 1:41
Lecture 12 Make Sure Your Stuff Is Here To Serve You, and Not the Other Way Around 2:12
Lecture 13 It's Not Always about Being a Minimalist, It's About Maximizing Your Life 3:34
Lecture 14 Living a Decluttered Life Can Be as Easy As Talking a Selfie
Lecture 15 2 Mega Concepts 1 3:1
Lecture 16 Find Your WHY Motivating You to Declutter 4:24
Lecture 17 A Better Deal than Self-Storage 3:13
Lecture 18 Make Sure You Are Not a Hoarder 3:1
Lecture 19 Throw It Away If You can Replace it for X$ or Less 1:35
Lecture 20 Turn Your Default Decision Making Process Into a Decluttering Machine 1:43
Lecture 21 Sell Your Stuff To Other People, and Here Is How To Do It 2:28
Lecture 22 Free is Never Free 2:59
Lecture 23 You Must Schedule Time On Your Calendar for Decluttering and Organizing 0:51
Lecture 24 Decluttering This Course for You Now 1:9

Section 3 : A Stronger Framework for Decluttering Your World

Lecture 25 The Overabundance of Stuff is Crowding Out Thought 4:7
Lecture 26 Easiest solution don't buy junk in the First Place 4:43
Lecture 27 Throw Stuff Away To Clear Your thoughts 3:7
Lecture 28 Get Ready for Your SelfieSpeak Audio 0:55
Lecture 29 You Control Your Possessions 4:3

Section 4 : Decluttering Your Home, Office and Life starts with Decluttering Your Brain

Lecture 30 Dealing With the Source Of Disorganization in Your Brain 1:29
Lecture 31 The Easiest Way to Rewire Your Brain 9:13
Lecture 32 Passive Brainwashing for You 6:39
Lecture 33 Don't Over-Complicate this Make the Simplest Audio Production Ever 5:50
Lecture 34 No Problem If You Hate Technology 2:40
Lecture 35 Simple Solutions to Common Problems When Making Your Audios 2:8
Lecture 36 Nobody Likes the Sound of their Own Voice 2:2
Lecture 37 Improving Every Single SelfieSpeak Audio 1:3
Lecture 38 Time to Make Your Own Decluttering SelfieSpeak Program (SSP) 1:34

Section 5 : Home Improvement - Declutter Your Home Starting With Your Bedroom

Lecture 39 You Can Have a clutter-Free Bedroom 0:33
Lecture 40 Make Your Own Darn Bed 1:2
Lecture 41 Keeping Clothes You Love 2:8
Lecture 42 Shoes are Great, but Not The Ones You Never Wear 3:21
Lecture 43 The Digital Detox for Your Bedroom 1:9
Lecture 44 Get Rid Of Other Stuff That Doesn't Belong In Your Bedroom 1:35

Section 6 : Declutter Your Kitchen

Lecture 45 Imagine the Beauty of a Clean, Clutter-Free Kitchen 0:29
Lecture 46 Journey to the Back of Your Refrigerator 2:53
Lecture 47 When, Exactly, Is the Last time You Used That Food Processor 2:38
Lecture 48 Making Sure You Are Eating 21st Century Food 1:54
Lecture 49 While You are Organizing Your Kitchen, Get Rid of Food That Is Killing You 2:2

Section 7 : Declutter Your Garage

Lecture 50 Your Car Can and Should Fit In Your Garage 0:23
Lecture 51 Eliminate Your Graveyard of Indecision 3:26
Lecture 52 Tool Time for Inventory 1:30
Lecture 53 Get It Off the Floor of Your Garage 1:27

Section 8 : Declutter the Rest of Your House

Lecture 54 You Don't have to Be Instagram-Worthy, But 0:51
Lecture 55 You Don't Need a Storage Room 2:19
Lecture 56 Touch Every Object In Your House Now and Reflect 0:47
Lecture 57 Junk Your Junk Mail Now 1:47
Lecture 58 You Aren't obligated to Become a Permanent Museum for Wedding Presents 1:40

Section 9 : Your Kids Can Be Guided Toward Clutter-Free Living

Lecture 59 Your Kids Can Help, Not Hurt, Your efforts to Declutter - Really! 0:24
Lecture 60 Here Is How You Can Ethically Bribe Your Kids to Get Rid of Old Toys 2:20
Lecture 61 Make Your Own Bed Kid! 2:33

Section 10 : You Can Have a Yard You Are Proud Of

Lecture 62 Your Yard Can Be Clean and Attractive 0:20
Lecture 63 The Sun, Rain, and Wind Are Great Clutter-Creating Machines 2:26
Lecture 64 Figure Out What Is Natural Versus What Is Unsightly Weeds 2:58

Section 11 : Your Car Can Look Great, Inside and Out

Lecture 65 Make Your Car a Joy to Enter 0:56
Lecture 66 Put a Garbage Can In Your Car 0:56
Lecture 67 Never Confuse Your Car with a Free Mobile Self-Storage Unit 2:31
Lecture 68 You Can Put More Than Gloves in Your Glove Compartment, But 1:13
Lecture 69 Your Car is Not a Pantry 0:49
Lecture 70 Wash The Outside and Inside of Your Car Occasionally 1:0

Section 12 : Oops, We Almost Forgot the Attic and Basement

Lecture 71 Sure, You Could Use Your Attic and Basement for Storage, But 0:41
Lecture 72 Make Sure You Aren't Storing a Fire Hazard 0:45
Lecture 73 Your Attic Is Not Auditioning for a Role In an Old Movie 1:44
Lecture 74 Don't Force Your Kids To Sort Through Your Junk When You Die 0:53

Section 13 : Create A Home Office You Look Forward to Stepping Into Each Day

Lecture 75 Your Home Office Needs to Look Good and Impress One Person You 0:32
Lecture 76 Never Touch Paper More Than Once 1:7
Lecture 77 Look At Email Once and Deal With It 2:29
Lecture 78 Your Home Office Can look Inviting and Conducive for Work 1:50
Lecture 79 Nobody Is Impressed With Your Book Collection Get Rid Of books You Don't Use 1:47
Lecture 80 Don't Fool Yourself, You Are Not More Creative With a Messy Desk 1:7

Section 14 : Don't Let Your Computer Be a Digital Clutter Magnet

Lecture 81 Your Clutter-Free Computer 0:25
Lecture 82 Email Isn't Going Away 0:25
Lecture 83 Don't Let Email Consume Your Day 1:11
Lecture 84 Once a Day, Your Email Box Needs to Be Empty 1:21
Lecture 85 Limit How Often You Check Your Email 2:30
Lecture 86 Shorter Is Better 1:6
Lecture 87 Use Your Subject Line to Maximum Advantage 1:24
Lecture 88 Create Categories and Folders for Your Email 1:20
Lecture 89 Make Your Email Address Top Secret Or At Least Semi-Secret 2:24
Lecture 90 Don't Respond to Email Unless Absolutely Necessary 0:38
Lecture 91 Productive People Still Use Old, Boring Email Newsletters Because They Work 3:32
Lecture 92 What You Need to Know About Texting to Enhance Productivity 3:39

Section 15 : Miscellaneous Areas Of Life You May Need to Declutter

Lecture 93 A Few Other Areas to Declutter 0:8
Lecture 94 Never Check a Suitcase or Bag When Traveling 3:57
Lecture 95 Purses, Wallets, and Briefcases - Don't Turn Them Into Dumping Grounds 2:45
Lecture 96 Time to Declutter Negative People from Your Life 1:50

Section 16 : Reducing Clutter to Your Brain

Lecture 97 Clear Out the Garbage that is Cluttering Up Your Brain 1:0
Lecture 98 Declutter Your Brain by Writing a Daily Journal 0:55
Lecture 99 The Source of Your Pollution 5:16
Lecture 100 A News Junkie is still a Junkie 5:4
Lecture 101 Your Perfect Media Diet 6:24

Section 17 : The #1 Source of Clutter in Your Life Is Your Cell Phone

Lecture 102 Gain Mastery Over Your Cell Phone 0:53
Lecture 103 Cell Phone Hygiene 4:11
Lecture 104 Block, Tackle, Turn Off 6:24
Lecture 105 Schedule Your Cell Phone Time for maximum Productivity and Happiness 2:25
Lecture 106 SelfieSpeak Audio to Gain Control of Your Cell Phone 4:33

Section 18 : Declutter Your Body Now

Lecture 107 Stop Throwing Garbage and Junk In Your Mouth 2:4
Lecture 108 The Third Big Overabundance 8:10
Lecture 109 It Is OK to Be Hungry Occasionally 4:33
Lecture 110 Everything You Need to know About Eating
Lecture 111 Don't Worry about How You Look to Others But How Your Body Feels to You 4:4
Lecture 112 Most of Us Have to fight the Battle of the Bulge 1:30
Lecture 113 Stop looking for the magic Bullet, Pill or Potion 4:9
Lecture 114 There are No Obese 95 year olds 5:37
Lecture 115 Gimmicks Don't Work in the Long-run 7:39
Lecture 116 It's hard to Create or Transform If You Are Stuffing Your Face all Day Long 6:27
Lecture 117 There is No Sugar-Coating it, Everything Is covered with Sugar These Days 2:12
Lecture 118 You Need a Way to Eat in the Real World 2:17
Lecture 119 Yes Fad Diets Will Work In the Short-term 3:16
Lecture 120 Eating with Mindfulness Is the Answer 4:11
Lecture 121 Water Is the Go-To Beverage 3:43
Lecture 122 Name Your Weight 8:57
Lecture 123 Eat Until Full and Stuffed, Or Satisfied 3:47
Lecture 124 Plan for Big Temptations With a Healthy Snack 2:7
Lecture 125 Vitamins or Not 2:49
Lecture 126 Weigh Yourself Daily 5:44
Lecture 127 Get Ready for Your Own SelfieSpeak Audio for Your Own Food Consumption 1:38
Lecture 128 Eat to Live SelfieSpeak Audio 5:3

Section 19 : Fundamentals on Personal Productivity

Lecture 129 Productivity Tips for taking this Course 1:47
Lecture 130 Always Look for the Fast-Forward Button In Life 1:46
Lecture 131 Surprisingly, Not all Procrastination Is Bad 4:21
Lecture 132 Personalizing Productivity Tips Just for You 2:25
Lecture 133 Why You Will Never Say I Didn't Have Time for That 1:6
Lecture 134 Simplify Your Way to Personal Productivity Success 1:15
Lecture 135 You Already Are Productive, When You Want to Be 1:41
Lecture 136 You Will Become Your Own Personal Productivity Guru 1:50
Lecture 137 Forget High Tech and Low Tech, You Must Be Now Tech 4:8
Lecture 138 Here Is the ONE Thing That Is Consistent Among Wildly Productive People 3:43
Lecture 139 Why 100% Personal Productivity Is Not Your Real Goal 1:41
Lecture 140 Avoiding This Secret Un-Productivity Trap 1:20
Lecture 141 You Can't be Productive Unless You Know Exactly 1:41
Lecture 142 Infinite Opportunities To Be Productive Or 2:38
Lecture 143 Simple, Obvious, Non-Profound Tip That Many People Never Follow 0:20
Lecture 144 Not enough To Be Good At Something, You Need To Have A 4:16
Lecture 145 Coming Up With Your Own Vision Of the Productive Life 4:27
Lecture 146 Increase Your Productivity By Doing Less 1:37
Lecture 147 The More Fun You Have, The More Productive You Can Be 2:8
Lecture 148 Always Look for a Fun Way To Do Boring Tasks 3:17
Lecture 149 Why You Should Never Try To Manage Every Second Of Your Day 2:14

Section 20 : Create The Highly Productive Daily Habits Used By Highly Productive People

Lecture 150 Produce This One Thing Every Day
Lecture 151 Here is How To Schedule Your Daily Productivity Output 2:40
Lecture 152 The Most Important Part of Your Day - The Digital Detox 5:59
Lecture 153 Highly Productive People Think of Themselves as Highly Productive People 1:43
Lecture 154 Limiting This Dangerous Productivity Destroyer - The TV 1:26
Lecture 155 The 30 Minute a Day Solution 1:9
Lecture 156 Productive People are Never 'Busy' 1:13
Lecture 157 Building Your NOT 'To Do' List 1:54
Lecture 158 Time Is Always More Valuable Than Stuff or Saving Money 1:53
Lecture 159 Don't Cut Lines, But NEVER Wait in Lines 2:50
Lecture 160 Simplicity, Simplicity, Simplicity 5:16
Lecture 161 Make Sure This Is Absolutely the Simplest Way of Doing Something 2:2
Lecture 162 Don't Add Complicated, Time-Consuming Steps Just Because Everybody Else Does 4:48
Lecture 163 Improving Your Daily Standard Operating Procedures 2:21
Lecture 164 Figuring Out What Is the Most Productive Time of Day for You 2:24
Lecture 165 Asking 'Why' A Lot Will Lead You to Greater Productivity 2:31
Lecture 166 Build On Strengths, Don't Focus on Most Weaknesses 3:30
Lecture 167 The Most Productive Social Media Platform for You Is 3:5
Lecture 168 Not All Productivity Is the Same 3:40
Lecture 169 YOU Can't Be Your Only Source of Inspiration 3:24
Lecture 170 Decrease Your Work Hours to Increase Your Productivity 6:0
Lecture 171 Stand Up! Take a Break! 2:35
Lecture 172 The Most Productive Way You Can Get What You Want Is to Ask 2:6
Lecture 173 The Highly Productive Don't Rely on Memory 1:34
Lecture 174 Make It Easier for Other People to Be More Productive 4:3
Lecture 175 Say 'NO' Daily 2:30
Lecture 176 Avoid Lines Like the Plague 0:56
Lecture 177 It Never Hurts To Be Reminded, Automatically 1:12
Lecture 178 Scheduled Learning Is a Daily Habit of the Highly Productive 2:32
Lecture 179 Why Honesty Really Is the Best Policy 2:46
Lecture 180 More Reasons to Say No 3:7
Lecture 181 Higher Productivity the Mundane Way 5:36

Section 21 : Having a Broader And Deeper Perspective On Your Personal Productivity

Lecture 182 The Personal Productivity Bigger Picture 1:1
Lecture 183 Productivity Motivation is Overrated 2:8
Lecture 184 Everyone Has Habits 1:38
Lecture 185 Your Brand Is Not Your Logo, It is What You Produce on a Regular Basis 3:9
Lecture 186 Nothing Bad Has Ever Happened By Showing Up on Time 3:30
Lecture 187 Do This To Be on Time 2:26
Lecture 188 Managing Your Procrastination Demons 2:54
Lecture 189 The Highest Price of All Switching Costs 1:16
Lecture 190 This Is How You Find Your Grove 2:29
Lecture 191 The Lazy Man's and Lazy Woman's Guide to Productivity 3:13
Lecture 192 Why You Don't Need a Bolt of Lightening 2:27

Section 22 : Create The Ideal Productivity Environment

Lecture 193 Creating a Productive Surrounding 4:30
Lecture 194 Making Your Desk Make You More Productive 3:4
Lecture 195 Yes, Home Offices Can Be Wildly Productive, If You Do This 2:36
Lecture 196 Quiet Please! Genius Working Here 1:39
Lecture 197 Turns Out, Your Mother Was Right About Keeping Tidy 7:35
Lecture 198 Take a Break Already! 2:35
Lecture 199 Drawing Your Way to Productivity Success 1:29

Section 23 : Constant Personal Productivity Improvement

Lecture 200 Productivity Tips Come From Everywhere 1:29
Lecture 201 Eliminate the Clutter of Daily Activity 3:3
Lecture 202 Complexity Can Add Value, But Make Sure You Have Proof 1:40
Lecture 203 Measure 2 or Even 3 Times In Advance 2:21
Lecture 204 It's OK To Start with Baby Steps 1:42

Section 24 : Make Meetings Work for You

Lecture 205 Meetings Can Add to Your Productive, But Only When Done the Right Way 0:15
Lecture 206 Meetings Can Be Run Efficiently 1:0
Lecture 207 Productive Entertainment Consumption 1:17
Lecture 208 First Choice, The Virtual Meeting 0:43
Lecture 209 Send a Surrogate 0:37
Lecture 210 No Agenda, No Meeting 0:42
Lecture 211 Your Meeting Needs To Run This Way 0:37
Lecture 212 A Standing Ovation for Your Next Productive Meeting 0:30
Lecture 213 The Amazon Way to Run Great Meetings 2:17

Section 25 : Setting Goals that Mean Something

Lecture 214 Meaningful Goals for You 3:49
Lecture 215 Resolve to Never Make Resolutions 1:41
Lecture 216 Plan, But At Some Point You Must Start 2:16
Lecture 217 Fail Faster and Better 2:51

Section 26 : The Philosophy Of Highly Productive People

Lecture 218 Here Is How You Can Have the Same Perspective As Highly Productive People 0:33
Lecture 219 You Determine Your Own Productivity Fate 3:42
Lecture 220 Productive People Have a Growth Mindset 3:4
Lecture 221 Optimism and Productivity Go Hand in Hand 2:6
Lecture 222 This is the Golden Age for Personal Productivity 4:48
Lecture 223 The Gatekeepers Can No Longer Stop Your Productivity 6:22
Lecture 224 A Golden Age for the Productive and the Lazy 1:59
Lecture 225 Personal Productivity Is Very Different Today Versus Most of Human History 4:7
Lecture 226 Learn from the Past, but Don't Be Shackled By It 1:41
Lecture 227 Don't Let Negative News Sap Your Productivity 9:10

Section 27 : Improving Telephone Communication Skills

Lecture 228 Enhancing Your Productivity With Effective Telephone skills 0:34
Lecture 229 Quick Wins! Do THIS To Look and Sound Great on Skype Phone Calls 1:44
Lecture 230 Never Confuse Personal Phone Use with Business Telephone Use Again 2:19
Lecture 231 Why Your Phone is the Best Secret Business App Ever 2:22
Lecture 232 Planning Your Successful Phone Environment 7:51
Lecture 233 Final Preparation for Your Successful Phone Meetings 1:59
Lecture 234 Making Sure Your Phone Passes Your Friend Test 3:18
Lecture 235 Planning for Winning Conference Calls 3:59
Lecture 236 Look Prime Time Ready for Your Video Calls 7:24
Lecture 237 Placing Phone Calls Like the Consummate Professional 2:34
Lecture 238 Always Knowing the Best Time to Call Clients and Prospects 0:31
Lecture 239 Now You will Never Wake Up a Client in the Middle of the Night 2:33
Lecture 240 Answering the Phone so Everybody Knows You are Ready for Business 2:2
Lecture 241 No Such Thing As Answering The Phone Too Quickly These Days 1:1
Lecture 242 Your Clients Will Never Think You are Screaming At Them Again 2:24
Lecture 243 Knowing How to Sound Your Very Best - Every Time 5:27
Lecture 244 The Right Way to Put Someone On Hold 0:50
Lecture 245 Making Sure They Only Hear the Magic of Your Voice 1:45
Lecture 246 Being a Professional to Every Generation, Regardless of Your Own Preferences 5:59
Lecture 247 Voicemail That Soothes, Not Angers 10:6
Lecture 248 Best Voicemail Messages for Success 3:40
Lecture 249 Take 1, Take 2, Take 3 Until You Get It Right 2:4
Lecture 250 Never Be Busy for Clients and Bosses Again 1:0
Lecture 251 Making Your Phone Disappear At the Perfect Moments 5:8
Lecture 252 Tit for Tat and Text for Text 1:12
Lecture 253 Better Than the Best Hollywood Goodbyes 0:53

Section 28 : Expanding Your Personal Productivity Mindset

Lecture 254 You Don't Need And Office Anywhere to Be Productive 3:54
Lecture 255 Increasing Your Idea Exposure 1:15
Lecture 256 Learning Begets Learning 0:33
Lecture 257 Free Books Galore on Google 0:33
Lecture 258 Sorry, But Reading Is the Most Productive Use of Learning Time 2:5
Lecture 259 More Content Than Ever Means You Need to Be More Selective Than Ever 1:4
Lecture 260 The Productive Person's Relationship to Fear 0:54
Lecture 261 Producing For a Higher Purpose 2:30
Lecture 262 Celebrate Your Productivity Victories in Life 1:39
Lecture 263 Continual Improvement Cycles Are Key 1:40
Lecture 264 Yes, You Can Be Lazy 2:22
Lecture 265 Productive People Don't Manage the World or Time 2:16
Lecture 266 Using a To-Do List the Right Way 2:56
Lecture 267 Are You Making Progress With Cutting Back on Multi-Tasking 1:31
Lecture 268 Know Your Personal Bandwidth 3:44
Lecture 269 Wear a Watch 2:19
Lecture 270 The Pros and Cons of To-To Lists 1:32

Section 29 : Aiming for High Productivity, Avoiding Productivity Pitfalls

Lecture 271 Always Keep An Eye on the Long Term 2:30
Lecture 272 More Reflections on Technology 4:21
Lecture 273 Apps to Help You Avoid Distractions 0:19
Lecture 274 Productive People Are Not Late Adopters to Useful Technology 1:34
Lecture 275 The Productive Commute 3:5
Lecture 276 Productive People Don't Shop the Way Most People Shop 5:2
Lecture 277 Learn to Promote Without Becoming a Shameless Self-Promoter 7:18
Lecture 278 Having Fun Isn't Necessarily Wasting Time 2:2
Lecture 279 Highly Productive People Don't Let Emotions Destroy Their Life 2:56
Lecture 280 Productive People don't talk About Hours Worked, They Talk About Results 3:2
Lecture 281 Working Overtime Is Not a Bonus 1:57
Lecture 282 Get Rich Quick Is Never the Goal 2:45
Lecture 283 End Your Work Day On Time 2:14
Lecture 284 If It Is All Hard Work, You Are Doing Something Wrong 1:42
Lecture 285 Successful, Productive People Quit Stuff All the Time 1:2
Lecture 286 Be Aggressive About Doing What You Like and Avoiding the Rest 3:44
Lecture 287 Self-Regulation is Key to High Productivity 2:4
Lecture 288 Sometimes, Any Decision Will Do 1:57
Lecture 289 Stress Can Work In Your Favor 1:39
Lecture 290 Yes, You Do Have Time for Hobbies 1:42
Lecture 291 Getting Good Value 1:10

Section 30 : Conclusion - Your New, Well-Organized Life

Lecture 292 Please Share What Organizing Tips Work for You 0:50
Lecture 293 Please Help Organize this Course Even More Effectively 0:42
Lecture 294 One Last Chance to Make This Course Better for Your Permanent Learning Library