Section 1 : You, your current goals, and the 10 biggest mistakes you avoid with OKRs

Lecture 1 Welcome to your journey to your goals using OKRs - Let's go
Lecture 2 Your 38 page OKR 101 Workbook Text
Lecture 3 How good are your goals- (Warm-up exercise) 0:33
Lecture 4 Let's look at your results from the warm-up exercise 4:12
Lecture 5 The 10 biggest mistakes when setting goals and what you need to avoid 2:28

Section 2 : Everything about OKRs and how you can use them to achieve more and be happy

Lecture 6 Step 1- What are OKRs and how do you define goals according to OKRs- 6:24
Lecture 7 Step 2- Follow up, updates and new OKRs (this is THE key success factor of OKRs) 4:56
Lecture 8 Example Sales- How to define your individual OKRs in business-in your job 5:31
Lecture 9 Example HR- How to define your individual OKRs in business-in your job
Lecture 10 Example Presales Team- How to define OKRs for a presales team 2:44
Lecture 11 Example- How to define OKRs for goals in private life (money) 4:48
Lecture 12 Example- How to define OKRs for goals in your private life (sports) 3:38

Section 3 : Time to take action Define your own OKRs now

Lecture 13 Step by step exercise to define your own OKRs for your business life
Lecture 14 Dos and Don'ts when using OKRs for goal setting
Lecture 15 Are OKRs just a hype, are OKRs at Google just an exception, or will they last- 3:35

Section 4 : Top 10 OKR-related questions from 20,000 attendees and consulting clients

Lecture 17 OKR-Question 1- How do I know, if I defined the correct Key Results- 3:9
Lecture 18 OKR-Question 2- What‘s the difference between tasks and Key Results- 2:33
Lecture 19 OKR-Question 3- Who is responsible for a KR- Could it be multiple people- 2:12
Lecture 20 OKR-Question 4- What happens 2:23
Lecture 21 OKR-Question 5- What are we doing wrong, if we can't achieve our OKRs- 3:3
Lecture 22 OKR-Question 6- My Key Results are hard to measure 3:28
Lecture 23 OKR-Question 7- I completed all KRs, but the Objective has not been achieved- 2:58
Lecture 24 OKR-Question 8- How can I use OKRs, if I lack the discipline for updates- 2:11
Lecture 25 OKR-Question 9- How can I introduce OKRs for all 250 employees at once- 2:41
Lecture 26 OKR-Question 10- How do I know, if a Key Result is a KR and not an Objective- 2:33
Lecture 27 Your questions Text

Section 5 : OKRs as a management and leadership toolprinciple

Lecture 28 How you lead your people using OKRs - step by step-guide to define OKRs in teams 3:57
Lecture 29 Benefits for leaders using OKRs as a leadership tool for goal setting 2:1
Lecture 30 How to use OKRs company-wide- The process 2:38
Lecture 31 Example- Defining company-wide OKRs 5:10
Lecture 32 Example- Defining department OKRs based on company OKRs (HR) 8:44
Lecture 33 Example- Cross-team OKRs for IT, marketing and sales teams 7:36

Section 6 : Types of OKRs - aspiring and committed OKRs

Lecture 34 The 70% challenge of OKRs - 'Aspiring OKRs' 4:36
Lecture 35 Committed OKRs - the 'must-have' goals 5:10
Lecture 36 Examples for committed OKRs 6:35

Section 7 : OKRs in the real world environment

Lecture 37 KPIs and OKRs - what's the difference- 7:44
Lecture 38 OKRs and SCRUM - do they match or is this overkill- 7:31
Lecture 39 OKRs & HR - Performance Management 6:36
Lecture 40 OKRs for routine and daily tasks - define OKRs or not- 5:42

Section 8 : Further OKR examples

Lecture 41 OKR example for a Non Profit Organisation 4:29
Lecture 42 OKR example for an engineering team 7:18
Lecture 43 OKR example for a Startup 6:35

Section 9 : OKR tools and final tips to implement OKRs

Lecture 44 OKR tools