Section 1 : Introduction to Playwright Automation & Course expectations

Lecture 2 Introduction to Playwright Features - Part 2 9:5
Lecture 3 How this Course is designed Topics Breakup 3:39
Lecture 4 Install Node 8:28

Section 2 : Getting started with Playwright Automation Core concepts

Lecture 5 Where to download code files Text
Lecture 6 Create npm Project and install Playwright dependencies for testing 7:22
Lecture 7 Importance of Playwright Test Annotation and async await understanding 9:4
Lecture 8 What is browser context and Page fixtures in Playwright - Example 14:15
Lecture 9 Importance of Playwright configuration file and its details to run the tests 14:1
Lecture 10 Running Playwright tests in multiple browsers - chrome, Firefox 7 Webkit 11:18

Section 3 : Playwright Basic methods for Web Automation testing

Lecture 11 Locators supported by playwright and how to type into elements on page 12:59
Lecture 12 Extracting the text from browser and inserting valid expect assertions in test 12:34
Lecture 13 How to work with locators which extract multiple webelements in page 10:57
Lecture 14 Understanding how wait mechanism works if list of elements are returned 10:14
Lecture 15 Techniques to wait dynamically for new page in Service based applications 20:53

Section 4 : Handling UI Components

Lecture 16 Handling static Select dropdown options with Playwright 9:28
Lecture 17 Selecting radio buttons, Checkboxes and implement expect assertions 7:18
Lecture 18 Using async await with Assertions and understand validating the attributes 7:54
Lecture 19 Handling Child windows & Tabs with Playwright by switching browser context 15:3

Section 5 : Learn Playwright Inspectors , Trace Viewers & Codegen

Lecture 20 What is Playwright Inspector And how to debug the playwright script 8:47
Lecture 21 Codegen tool to record & Playback with generated automation script 5:43
Lecture 22 Detailed view of Test Traces, HTML reports, logs & Screenshots for test results 12:35

Section 6 : End to End Web Automation Practice Exercise

Lecture 23 Demo of the Application and Test Scenarios which needs to be automated
Lecture 24 Write the Script to dynamically find the product to buy from list of products 15:0
Lecture 25 Add assertions for the actions performed and implement necessary Sync steps
Lecture 26 Handling Auto suggestive dropdown options with playwright - Example 14:49
Lecture 27 Complete E2E flow of Placing the order and grab the OrderID with Playwright 8:46
Lecture 28 Dynamically find the order from OrderHistory page using Playwright Script logic 15:45

Section 7 : Handling Web dialogs, Frames & Event listeners

Lecture 29 How to validate if element is hidden, displayed mode with Expect assertions 8:36
Lecture 30 How to automate JavaJavaScript Alert popups with Playwright 7:35
Lecture 31 How to handle & Automate frames with Playwright - Example

Section 8 : API Testing with Playwright and Build mix of Web

Lecture 32 understanding the importance of API integration calls for Web tests 11:9
Lecture 33 Playwright request method to make API calls and grab response - Example 15:16
Lecture 34 Parsing API response & passing token to browser local storage with Playwright 9:31
Lecture 35 Place order API to create order and bypass the flow in UI with mix of webAPI 9:17
Lecture 36 End to end validation with mix of API & Web concepts - Reduce test time 14:10
Lecture 37 Refactor API calls from utils folder and isolate from Web test logic 20:1
Lecture 38 Part 2 - Refactor API calls from utils folder and isolate from Web test logic 8:57

Section 9 : Session storage & Intercepting Network

Lecture 39 How to save session storage using Playwright and inject into new Browser context 16:55
Lecture 40 How to debug the API steps in script using Visual code debugging 8:1
Lecture 41 Detailed view of Trace viewer to understand the API logging reqresponses 4:25
Lecture 42 How to intercept Network response calls with Playwright route method
Lecture 43 Understand the playwright route method and its parameters in intercepting - demo 18:15
Lecture 44 How to intercept Network request calls with Playwright - Example demo 17:58
Lecture 45 How to abort the Network calls with Playwright - Examples 15:4

Section 10 : Perform Visual Testing with Playwright Algorithms

Lecture 46 Capture Screenshots with Playwright on page & partial Element level - Demo 5:51
Lecture 47 What is visual testing & How to perform it using Playwright 8:45

Section 11 : Page Object Patterns & Data driven Parameterization

Lecture 48 What is page object pattern & Importance of its implementation 14:22
Lecture 49 Creating Page objects and action methods for end to end Script - Part 1 10:50
Lecture 50 Creating Page objects and action methods for end to end Script - Part 2 7:57
Lecture 51 Assignment Solution - Converting Page object Model Project 5:11
Lecture 52 How to drive the data from external json files to playwright tests 10:8
Lecture 53 Implementing Parameterization in running tests with different data sets 7:40
Lecture 54 How to pass test data as fixture by extend test annotation behaviour 9:22

Section 12 : Project Configurations, & Config options for robust

Lecture 55 various options in use property & setting up Project configurations 9:30
Lecture 56 View port Property on emulating browser to mobile devices with playwright 7:16
Lecture 57 Screenshots, Videos, Traces & SSL certification options setting in Config file 6:11

Section 13 : Test Retries , Serial & Parallel execution & Tagging

Lecture 58 how to fix flaky tests with test retry option in playwright config file 6:36
Lecture 59 Understand how playwright run tests in serial & parallel mode and update setting 7:32
Lecture 60 How to run tests parallely from the same file by extending test option behaviour 6:15
Lecture 61 Reason for test failures - Race condition - Fix them 6:7
Lecture 62 How to tag tests and control the execution from the command line parameters 5:4

Section 14 : HTMl & Allure Reporting & CICD Jenkins Integration

Lecture 63 How to generate HTML & Allure reporting for Playwright Framework tests 9:41
Lecture 64 How to create custom scripts to trigger the tests from package 6:12
Lecture 65 Install & Configure Jenkins 4:11
Lecture 66 Integrate the Playwright framework with Jenkins and create parameterized Job 9:31

Section 15 : Course Code download

Lecture 67 Code download Text

Section 16 : Learn JavaScript Fundamentals from Scratch for Automation

Lecture 68 Important Note Text
Lecture 69 Complete 3 hours JavaScript Tutorial for Automation Testing