Section 1 : Introduction to the Customer Success Manager Course

Lecture 2 About Certification Pdf

Section 2 : The Basics of Customer Success Or Customer Success 101

Lecture 3 Resources Text
Lecture 4 What is Customer Success and why is so important- 2:26
Lecture 5 What if your Customers Success Management is terrible or non existent- 2:25
Lecture 6 When should you start worrying about Customer Success- 4:49
Lecture 7 Purpose, People and Culture
Lecture 8 Customer Success Terminology 6:14

Section 3 : Customer Success Manager

Lecture 9 What is a Customer Success Manager & its Mission- 4:18
Lecture 10 Other Customer Success Manager Tasks
Lecture 11 The skills to be a great CSM 8:12
Lecture 12 Customer Success Manager Roles

Section 4 : The Keys to be a Successful CSM and creating a world known CS brand

Lecture 13 What is “success” for your client-
Lecture 14 Time to first value 1:54
Lecture 15 Understand and map the whole process from sign-up to becoming brand ambassador 1:4
Lecture 16 Reduce the time from sign-up to actual usage, to initial feeling of victory o 6:13
Lecture 17 Always show value and focus on solutions 1:35
Lecture 18 The basic Reduce Churn 4:31

Section 5 : 2 Basic Principles for Customer Success Process

Lecture 19 Profile your ideal customer 6:21
Lecture 20 The Success Gap 5:50

Section 6 : Where to find Customer Success Manager jobs

Lecture 21 Where to find Customer Success Manager jobs Part I - AngelList 5:46
Lecture 22 Where to find Customer Success Manager jobs Part I - LinkedIn Jobs 5:14

Section 7 : The Plan, Lessons Learned and FAQs

Lecture 23 The Plan to launch your Customer Success Manager career 5:9
Lecture 24 Lessons Learned of Customer Success Manager 101 4:41
Lecture 25 FAQs about Customer Success Manager