Section 1 : Building Your Outstanding Training Career

Lecture 1 Quick Wins! The Easiest Way to Become a Star Speaker-Trainer 1:24
Lecture 2 This Is How You Get Your Trainees To Care About And Respect You 1:54
Lecture 3 Pinpoint Your Success, In Advance 2:22
Lecture 4 The X Factor for Trainers - Loving Your Subject 1:57
Lecture 5 The Shocking Thing About Speaking In a Clear, Logical, Rational, Linear Way 3:19
Lecture 6 Creating Memorable Experiences for Your Trainees 2:19
Lecture 7 Making the Video Camera Your Best Friend 2:23
Lecture 8 The Trainers Biggest Enemy - Abstraction 2:46
Lecture 9 You Can't Pass the Test Unless You Take the Test 2:13
Lecture 10 Exciting New Update to this Course 1:28
Lecture 11 The Easy Way To Catapult Ahead of Other Trainers and the Competition 2:49
Lecture 12 Seriously, I Want to Give You a Personal Critique of Your Training Style Now 1:59
Lecture 13 Learn To Critique Your Own Speaking Skills More Effectively By Critiquing Others 2:22
Lecture 14 Here Is How To Get the Most Out of the Rest of this Course 1:31

Section 2 : Planning Your Successful Training Experience

Lecture 15 Just Showing Up For A Training Is a Prescription for Disaster 1:0
Lecture 16 The Secret to a Perfect Memory 1:52
Lecture 17 Let The Pre-Training Email Pave the Way for Success 1:55
Lecture 18 The Critical Pre-Training Conference Call 7:56
Lecture 19 Homework- Yes, Homework! 3:32
Lecture 20 What Is Your Agenda- 2:10
Lecture 21 Let Us Break Break Together 4:20

Section 3 : Handle All Questions During the Training with Skill and Finesse

Lecture 22 Answering Your Questions About Questions 0:16
Lecture 23 Developing Question (Not Questionable) Judgement 2:5
Lecture 24 Why You Should Rarely Hold All Questions Til The End 1:50
Lecture 25 Questions Are the Best Thing To Ever happen to Your Training 2:10
Lecture 26 The Tedious Questioner 2:16
Lecture 27 Questions in the Look on Their Face 1:27
Lecture 28 The Art of Taking Questions When There are No Questions 2:59

Section 4 : The Nuts and Bolts of Training

Lecture 29 The Non-Glamorous Stuff That Has to Be Done 0:23
Lecture 30 Setting Up Your Room for Success 3:26
Lecture 31 Assume Nobody Will Bring Your Stuff 1:30
Lecture 32 Hot and Cold People Don't Learn Anything 1:38
Lecture 33 Bathroom Breaks Are Also Your Responsibility 0:57
Lecture 34 Seating Charts Are Not Trivial 5:35
Lecture 35 Nobody Wants to Sit on a Metal Folding Chair for More than 10 Minutes 1:53
Lecture 36 Movement Throughout the Whole Day 1:54
Lecture 37 How Anthony Robbins Moves 2:0
Lecture 38 Cell Phones, Gotta Love 'Em, Gotta hate 'Em 0:0

Section 5 : Beginners to the Training World, This is for You

Lecture 39 Newbies Start Here 0:16
Lecture 40 Nobody Cares About Your Inexperience 1:35
Lecture 41 Never Air Your Dirty Laundry 2:47
Lecture 42 Daily Subject Matter Growth 1:43
Lecture 43 Seek Out Every Training Opportunity You Can Find 1:4
Lecture 44 Use Youth and Inexperience to Your Advantage 2:15
Lecture 45 Use Bias In Your Favor 2:11
Lecture 46 Less Is More 1:43
Lecture 47 Be Impatient! 2:41
Lecture 48 Build Positive Relationships Everywhere! 2:24

Section 6 : Intermediate Trainers - the Middle of Your Career

Lecture 49 Not a Beginner, and Not a Seasoned Veteran Yet Either 0:29
Lecture 50 Building Momentum In Your Training Career 2:9
Lecture 51 Sadly, You Are Expendable 2:38
Lecture 52 You Can't Be Good at Everything, but You Can Be Great at One Thing 4:0
Lecture 53 Becoming Your Own Mini-Content Factory 5:17
Lecture 54 Hedging Your Bets 4:34

Section 7 : Advanced and Seasoned Trainers, This Section Is For You

Lecture 55 These Are Your Prime Years of Productivity 0:21
Lecture 56 Could You Step Into the HR Conference Room Please- 3:27
Lecture 57 Establishing Your Legacy 4:56
Lecture 58 Appear Wise By Speaking Less 1:49
Lecture 59 Don't Leave Them Hanging 1:22
Lecture 60 Where Do You Go From Here- 1:28
Lecture 61 Don't Be a Stick In The Mud 2:37
Lecture 62 Plan A, B, and C 3:48
Lecture 63 Your Own, Original Ideas 1:20

Section 8 : Virtual Training Is The Future and The Now

Lecture 64 Virtual Training Is Here 0:23
Lecture 65 Hype Versus Reality - Why Most People Never Create Simple Video 3:33
Lecture 66 Mastering the Human Side Of Looking and Sounding Your Best on Video 9:39
Lecture 67 Speak Your Thought Leadership 2:12
Lecture 68 Project Your Best Face on Skype and Zoom 2:17
Lecture 69 Facebook Live Will Never Scare You Again 3:37
Lecture 70 Deliver Keynote Speeches Without Ever Leaving Home 3:45
Lecture 71 Have an Even Greater Presence on YouTube 4:28
Lecture 72 Your Clients Will Find You Their Most Responsive Partner Ever 2:0
Lecture 73 Drastically Reduce Your Time Training Employees and Others 2:18
Lecture 74 Now You Can Answer Frequently Asked Questions Just Once! 1:51
Lecture 75 Anything You Can Type You Can Now Speak on Video 1:9
Lecture 76 Your Exciting Video Newsletters Will Outshine Text Newsletters 2:20
Lecture 77 Your Proposals will Stand Head and Shoulders Above Your Competitors 5:31

Section 9 : Presentation Skills for Trainers

Lecture 78 Great Training Involves Great Speaking Skills 2:43
Lecture 79 Quick Wins! Appear to Speak Without Notes, Avoid Verbal Tics, Teleprompter Trick 3:11
Lecture 80 You Can Fulfill Your Exact Public Speaking Goals Once You Identify Them 4:6
Lecture 81 Look Supremely Comfortable and Confident Every Time You Speak 10:12
Lecture 82 Use the Eye Contact Tricks of the Masters 6:39
Lecture 83 Learn to Like and Even Love the Sound of Your Own Voice 1:17
Lecture 84 Starting Your Speech At Exactly the Right Spot 4:30
Lecture 85 Become a Five for Five 100% Speaking Success 6:26
Lecture 86 A Trick 1000 Times More Effective Than Practicing In Front of A Mirror 2:28
Lecture 87 Every Great Speaker Uses These 9:5
Lecture 88 Professional Analysis Of Your Stories Now 1:14
Lecture 89 Give Life to Ideas With Your PowerPoint, Not Death 7:42
Lecture 90 Use 1 Idea to Make Your Slides #1 3:59
Lecture 91 Passing the Ultimate Public Speaking Test With Flying Colors 9:49
Lecture 92 Testing Your Speech With Focus Groups For Free 5:59
Lecture 93 More Evidence That Your Speech Is Working 2:10

Section 10 : PowerPoint for Trainers

Lecture 94 Don't Let Boring Slides Ruin Your Training 0:39
Lecture 95 You Will Never Give Another PowerPoint Presentation 2:31
Lecture 96 The Perfect Starting Point for Any PowerPoint Presentation 0:46
Lecture 97 This Will Motivate You Audience to Do Exactly What You Want Them To Do 0:49
Lecture 98 What Are Your Motives for Delivering a PowerPoint Presentation 1:1
Lecture 99 The Worst Possible Reason To Use PowerPoint Is 1:41
Lecture 100 Double Your PowerPoint, Double Your PowerPoint Pleasure 1:55
Lecture 101 The Ultimate 2-Part Test for Every PowerPoint Slide 1:42
Lecture 102 The Single Riskiest Thing You Could Ever Do When Delivering a PowerPoint 2:29
Lecture 103 The Essential Steps of Creating PowerPoint Presentations 1:4
Lecture 104 Your PowerPoint Presentation Must Be Just as Good as Your Q and A Session 1:38
Lecture 105 You Must Be Ready for Disaster Striking! 2:43
Lecture 106 It's Not PowerPoint That Is Boring, It Is (look in the mirror) 2:31
Lecture 107 Never Forget, YOU are the Boss of Your PowrPoint 1:44
Lecture 108 Stop Asking Your Audience to Multitask! 4:8
Lecture 109 Here Is Exactly What Should Go On Your PowerPoint Slide 2:28
Lecture 110 This is How to Use a Graph In a PowerPoint 2:1
Lecture 111 Nobody Cares About What Is Easy for You To Do 1:29
Lecture 112 Would You Want to read a Book At A Movie Theater 2:48
Lecture 113 Your Audience Already Has a Preferred Way of Reading 4:40
Lecture 114 The Sequence of Your Presentation Is Key 1:12
Lecture 115 Get Your Audience to Focus On One Thing At a Time This Way 2:17
Lecture 116 Advancing Slides the Advanced Way 2:22
Lecture 117 Want a Remote Control Then Bring Your Own 1:11
Lecture 118 Complexity Is Your Enemy 2:11
Lecture 119 Ha! Nobody Can See the Bottom Half of Your Slides 3:5
Lecture 120 Only Liars Say 'There Is No time to Rehearse the PowerPoint Presentation' 4:27
Lecture 121 If Your PowerPoint Presentation Bores You, Guess Who Else It Bores 1:52
Lecture 122 Laser Pointers Should Be Used Like This 1:42
Lecture 123 One Image Per Slide Is the Golden Rule 1:51
Lecture 124 The Perfect Number of Bullet Points Per slide Is 0:45
Lecture 125 The Perfect Number of PowerPoint Slides Is 1:14
Lecture 126 Never Let PowerPoint Be Your Downer 2:47
Lecture 127 Don't Become a Character In Your Own Horror Movie 0:0
Lecture 128 The Perfect Length of time for a PowerPoint Presentation Is 0:0
Lecture 129 This Is How You Cheat To Win On Every PowerPoint Challenge 3:21
Lecture 130 Plan Your PowerPoint Preparation This Way 3:55
Lecture 131 If You Don't Want Your Audience to Ignore Your PowerPoint, Do This 0:49
Lecture 132 Answer These Questions Before Using Video In PowerPoint Presentations 1:12
Lecture 133 Assume You Are the Only Competent, Trustworthy Person In the World 2:22
Lecture 134 Don't Forget the Occasional Prop 1:21
Lecture 135 Just Because You Can Doesn't Mean You Should 2:10
Lecture 136 Notes on Special Effects 3:9
Lecture 137 The Perfect Way to Start Every PowerPoint Presentation 1:14
Lecture 138 Managers Will NEVER Have to Look at boring Employee PowerPoint Again! 1:14
Lecture 139 Here Is How to Deliver Somebody Else's PowerPoint Presentation 1:35
Lecture 140 Your PowerPoint Presentation Still Requires Stories 1:7
Lecture 141 Never Talk About Your PowerPoint 1:9
Lecture 142 Free Focus Group Research to Make all Your PowerPoint Presentations Improve 1:47

Section 11 : Body Language for Trainers

Lecture 143 Your Body Is always Communicating To Your Trainees 0:54
Lecture 144 Quick Wins - You Will Look Your Best on FaceTime, Skype, Facebook Live 1:51
Lecture 145 Never Let These Two Classic Body Language Blunders Slow You Down 3:10
Lecture 146 The Ultimate Tricky Body Language - Touching 2:16
Lecture 147 Big Picture - Make Everyone You Work With Feel Comfortable Working With You 2:30
Lecture 148 You'll Never Fall for These Body Language Myths Again 7:12
Lecture 149 Here Is Exactly What to Do With Your Hands 5:30
Lecture 150 The Composed, Confident Video Star 10:3
Lecture 151 Never Spotlight Your Blunders and Mistakes Again 4:52
Lecture 152 You are Now Ready for Prime Time TV 4:21
Lecture 153 The Number 1 Tip for Curing Body Language Problems Is 5:7
Lecture 154 The Real Way to Improve Your Body Language Confidence 2:22
Lecture 155 Great Body Language for Your Presentations 11:13
Lecture 156 PowerPoint Will Never Turn You Into a Robotic Bore Again 3:38
Lecture 157 Confident Briefing to Colleagues and Others 1:33
Lecture 158 Keynote Speeches Will Showcase Your Calm and Confidence 3:55
Lecture 159 Use a TelePrompTer Like a Network News Anchor 7:37
Lecture 160 Networking Like a Pro, Not a Wall Flower 3:3
Lecture 161 Handshakes, Greetings and Hellos with Poise 3:49
Lecture 162 One Last Chance for a Body Language Personal Critique 1:23
Lecture 163 Making Sure Your Clothes Are Communicating Your Positive Story 4:55
Lecture 164 Your Body Language Partner - The Friendly Spotter 1:50

Section 12 : How Trainers Can Use Video Effectively

Lecture 165 Video Is A Part Of a Trainer's Daily Live 0:51
Lecture 166 Example of Long Form Video to Training People Virtually and Serve as Promo Tool 53:50
Lecture 167 Another Video Training That Serves Multiple Purposes
Lecture 169 Video from Podcast Demonstrating Collaboration with Fellow Trainers 1:0:9

Section 13 : Building a Successful Training Business

Lecture 170 So You'd Like To Be Your Own Boss 0:24
Lecture 171 Your REAL Job Is NOT What You Think It Is 2:20
Lecture 172 Finding the Right Evergreen Training Niche 2:53
Lecture 173 Saving Your Training Clients Time and Pain Will Bring You Prosperity 2:3
Lecture 174 Positioning Your Worldclass Training Expertise 1:27
Lecture 175 Unless You Are Growing Corn You Must Avoid Being a Training Commodity 1:12
Lecture 176 Passing the Friends and Family Test 1:20
Lecture 177 Make Sure You Are Happy To Talk About Your Training Niche 2:14
Lecture 178 For Better or Worse, Everyone Now Has a Global Training Reputation 3:8
Lecture 179 Get to Know Your Role Model 0:47
Lecture 180 Crashing the Barriers to Entry 4:38
Lecture 181 Specialize Specialize Specialize 4:15
Lecture 182 Your ONE BIG Training Revenue Driver 6:31
Lecture 183 Here Is How You Look the Part 4:23
Lecture 184 Make Money By Teaching Others Who To Do What You Do - Online 4:40
Lecture 185 Communicate the Way Your Customers Want to Communicate Not How You Like to 6:16
Lecture 186 Why a Business Card Isn't Just for Old Fogeys 4:24
Lecture 187 Creating a Training Workflow for Yourself and Your Clients 3:46
Lecture 188 Secrets To Filling An Empty Training Calendar 7:59
Lecture 189 Avoid Being Seen as a Flake 2:48
Lecture 190 Make It Really Easy For Your Clients to Pay You 3:8
Lecture 191 Saving What Your Clients Value More Than Even Money Their Time 5:4
Lecture 192 Give Yourself a Payraise Every Single Year 4:23
Lecture 193 The Biggest Mistakes You Don't Want to Make 9:5
Lecture 194 Training and Firing Your Clients 2:40
Lecture 195 Using Your Content to Spin Gold, Not Just Spin Your Wheels 3:11
Lecture 196 Count Every Single Penny In and Out of Your Training Business 2:18
Lecture 197 Know Where Your Training Customers Hang Out and Then Hang Out There Too 3:26
Lecture 198 Accountants and Bookkeepers Will Save You Money 4:21
Lecture 199 Getting It In Writing If You Really Want to Get Paid 13:53
Lecture 200 Quickly Becoming a True Training Expert 4:11
Lecture 201 Being Professional And Avoiding the Flake Label 1:25
Lecture 202 The Most Successful Trainers Use Freelancers 3:47
Lecture 203 Avoiding the Discount Bin 6:2
Lecture 204 You WANT People to Tell You That You Are Too Expensive 11:17
Lecture 205 Financial Advisors For a Strong Foundation 1:58
Lecture 206 Creating a Cycle of Constant Improvement 2:42
Lecture 207 Gaining Expertise Through Youtube and Podcasts 1:46
Lecture 208 You Can Conquer Your Neighborhood, Your City, Your State, Your Country 3:11
Lecture 209 Follow Your Friendly and Unfriendly Competitors 1:57
Lecture 210 Unlocking Secrets of Your Training Niche By Talking to Your Competitors 2:28
Lecture 211 Selling Training Services to Corporations or Consumers, Making the Right Bet 5:7
Lecture 212 Pushing the Right Buttons With Your Training Clients 5:9
Lecture 213 Painting a Picture of Your Ideal Training Buyer 3:0
Lecture 214 Master of Opposition Research 0:59
Lecture 215 Finding the Pond Where Your Customers Go Fishing 3:12
Lecture 216 The Ultimate Marketing Tool for Your Training Business Being a Public Speaker 3:28
Lecture 217 An Elevator Pitch That Gets You to The Top Floor 3:56
Lecture 218 The Boring Database Best Friend 4:1
Lecture 219 Finding What Is Truly Distinctive About You 3:36
Lecture 220 The Nastiest Word In the World Discount 6:48
Lecture 221 Meeting the Low-End Market With Inexpensive Training Products, But Not Your Time 2:20
Lecture 222 Getting Other People to Sing Your Praises 2:9
Lecture 223 Getting Paid The Nuts and Bolts Of Your Training Business 3:20
Lecture 224 Being Number 1 Isn't Just a Sporting Chant 6:10
Lecture 225 Finding Your Ideal Niche In the Training World 5:48
Lecture 226 The Ultimate Secret Marketing Tool Extremely Happy Customers Who Can't Stop 1:25
Lecture 227 In the Future, We Will All Be Freelancers and For More Than 15 Minutes 2:54
Lecture 228 The Constant Creative Difference 0:32
Lecture 229 The Best Time to Start a Training Business 2:37
Lecture 230 Learn Where Successful Trainers In Your Field Do Their Marketing 1:18
Lecture 231 The Price is Right 1:48
Lecture 232 The Freelance Trainer Lifestyle Of Your Dreams 1:19
Lecture 233 If You Can Use a Toaster or a Cell Phone, You Are a Technology Expert 7:7
Lecture 234 The Psychological Profile Of the Successful Freelance Trainer 1:25
Lecture 235 Crawl Into the Skin of Your Customer 1:33
Lecture 236 The World Is Your Oyster AND Your Client Base 2:51
Lecture 237 You Are NOT a Home-Based Business You Are A Customer-Based Business 2:47
Lecture 238 Finding the Best Markets 2:40
Lecture 239 Yes You CAN Have Full Benefits 1:58
Lecture 240 Advanced Marketing Tip Create Video Proposals for Clients 3:9
Lecture 241 Your Marketing and Branding Doesn't Stop Once the Customer Has Hired You 2:34
Lecture 242 Youtube Your Way to Higher fees and Steady Clients 6:2
Lecture 243 Writing a Book Won't Make You Rich And Famous, But It Will Decrease Your Chances 5:46
Lecture 244 Simple Talking Head Video To Spread Your Message 2:54
Lecture 245 Blogging Your Way to Higher Paying Clients 2:0
Lecture 246 Yes, Even a One Person Training Business Needs a Website 5:7
Lecture 247 Skype Your Way Into Clients' Hearts 2:29
Lecture 248 Google Adwords On a Tight, Focused Budget 1:44
Lecture 249 SEO Working For You and Not Against You 3:13
Lecture 250 Email Newsletters Are Old, Boring AND Effective 4:34
Lecture 251 Going From Social Media Time Suck to Social Media Strategy 1:51
Lecture 252 Become a Content Machine Quickly and Easily 1:51
Lecture 253 Creating Content Regularly Forces You to Grow and Improve 2:17
Lecture 254 The Lazy Easy Way to Make Content for Your Freelance Business 2:16
Lecture 255 You Never Know When a Self Promotion Opportunity Might Appear 2:15

Section 14 : The Power of Story in Training

Lecture 256 Great Trainers Use Stories All Day Long 0:46
Lecture 257 Quick Win! Here is Where to Find Great Stories 0:0
Lecture 258 What to Cut When Time is Short 0:46
Lecture 259 The Perfect Way to Start Every Presentation 1:35
Lecture 260 If You Aren't a Natural Born Storyteller, You Need to Watch This 3:4
Lecture 261 The Only Thing Every Great Speaker Has In Common 2:38
Lecture 262 The Secret to Creating Great Stories 2:0
Lecture 263 Trick for Getting Your Audience to Ignore All Your Mistakes and Flaws 1:39
Lecture 264 The Difference Between Storytelling for Professionals v Theatrical Performers 0:53
Lecture 265 The Biggest Decision You Will Ever Make About Your Storytelling Future 5:27
Lecture 266 Assembling the Basic Build Blocks of Your Stories 1:6
Lecture 267 The Real Reason We Are Telling These Stories Is 1:30
Lecture 268 Your Characters will Come ALIVE 1:32
Lecture 269 Even Deeper Character Development 0:49
Lecture 270 You Can Be the Star of Your Own Show 1:39
Lecture 271 Here is Where All the Action Takes Place 1:38
Lecture 272 Why Nobody Wants to Hear About Your Happy Family 1:44
Lecture 273 Dialogue will Bring Your Stories to Life 3:1
Lecture 274 Sharing Feelings IS Professional 1:54
Lecture 275 Lights! Action! (And no Camera) 0:43
Lecture 276 Put the Audience On Their Edge of Their Seats 0:29
Lecture 277 It's OK Not to Love Storytelling 3:21
Lecture 278 Surprise! 0:37
Lecture 279 End with a Bang! 0:34
Lecture 280 Tie Your Message to Your Story 0:39
Lecture 281 Extra Ingredients for A Spicy Story 1:42
Lecture 282 The Clean, Dirty Little Secret 3:0
Lecture 283 This Is the Way To Practice Your Story For Maximum Impact 5:22
Lecture 284 Your Turn 2:11
Lecture 285 Not All Messages Are Created Equal 0:27
Lecture 286 This Is the Story That Will Motivate Your Audience to Action 2:13
Lecture 287 Don't Be Greedy! One Handful Only Please! 1:54
Lecture 288 Building a Strong Frame for Your Stories 1:18
Lecture 289 Matching Your Stories to Your Audiences 0:19
Lecture 290 Make Sure Your Audience Can Relate to Your Story 1:31
Lecture 291 Sure, It's OK to Tell Other People's Stories 2:12
Lecture 292 You Don't Always Have to Have a Happy Ending 1:0
Lecture 293 End On a Positive Note 1:16
Lecture 294 A Turtle and a Rabbit 1:50
Lecture 295 Why We Tell Stories 0:34
Lecture 296 The Ultimate Test for Your Story 1:17
Lecture 297 Winning the Credibility Factor 0:45
Lecture 298 Don't Forget, You Are a Natural Storyteller
Lecture 299 The Real Danger Most Speakers Face 1:28
Lecture 300 This Is Where Your Best Stories Have Been Hiding 1:15
Lecture 301 Yes, There Was Communication Invented Before Texting 1:26
Lecture 302 What You Don't Know About Bad Stories 1:47
Lecture 303 Storytelling Your Way to Power 1:33
Lecture 304 Testing Your Stories and Keeping Only the Winners 1:21
Lecture 305 You Have to Like Your Own Stories 0:40
Lecture 306 The Free Digital Focus Group for Your Stories 2:0

Section 15 : Time For TJ To Practice What He Preaches

Lecture 307 It's Showtime! 0:50
Lecture 308 A Masterclass in Storytelling 2:7
Lecture 309 My Very First Presentation 3:30
Lecture 310 Presenting the WRONG Way to the Media 5:48
Lecture 311 Clintonian Eye Contact 4:55
Lecture 312 My Zombie Client 2:57
Lecture 313 Teaching Clients NOT to Act 5:37
Lecture 314 Surrounded by Machine Guns! 4:23
Lecture 315 The Crying Beauty Pageant Winner 0:0
Lecture 316 You Never Have to Lurk In the Shadows Again 0:0
Lecture 317 The Fluttering Bird Flying to Nowhere 4:11
Lecture 318 'I Can't do This' Becomes 'I Can Do This' 3:17
Lecture 319 My First Time on TV as 'The Fonz' 3:30
Lecture 320 Speaking To a Small Audience of 5,000 People 3:2
Lecture 321 My Worst Presentation Ever! 4:57
Lecture 322 I Was The Skunk At the Party 2:39
Lecture 323 Fearlessness Is Often the Best PR Tool 3:40
Lecture 324 King for a Day 3:15
Lecture 325 TJ And the Cat Lady 5:27
Lecture 326 Why Did You Wear That Ugly Tie 2:59
Lecture 327 Less Is More 3:34
Lecture 328 The Missing Link 4:7
Lecture 329 A Nobel Experience 0:0
Lecture 330 The Fetal Position 3:51
Lecture 331 On My Hands And Knees Begging! 4:10
Lecture 332 Yes, My Stint on Reality TV 2:53
Lecture 333 Brought Down to Earth 0:0
Lecture 334 My Stagecoach to Pumpkin Moment 4:12
Lecture 335 Me and Ben Affleck 4:23
Lecture 336 Pre-YouTube Days Driving to One TV Station At a Time 4:9
Lecture 337 Familiarity Breeds Contempt 3:53
Lecture 338 Ups and Downs and Ups and Downs 4:54
Lecture 339 The Least Listened To Talk Show Host Ever 5:2
Lecture 340 Nothing Beats a Good Gimmick 5:42
Lecture 341 Sometimes, Experience Just Means You Are Old 0:0
Lecture 342 Some Media Stars Are Approachable 2:52
Lecture 343 You Will Never Guess One early Role Model 4:1
Lecture 344 Waiting Til the Last Minute Is Always a Bad Idea 3:15
Lecture 345 Treated Like a King 3:57
Lecture 346 A Complete and Total Meltdown 4:59
Lecture 347 There Is Always Time for Anything Important 4:2
Lecture 348 Me and Mr 5:30
Lecture 349 Presenters Don't Get Paid What They Are Worth, They Can't Paid What They Ask For 5:37
Lecture 350 Nobody Knows Anything 3:23
Lecture 351 Riveted 2:15
Lecture 352 The World's Worst Vacuum Cleaner Salesman 3:52
Lecture 353 The Wrong Fit 2:54
Lecture 354 The Lowest Arena for Presentation Skills 3:43
Lecture 355 Presentation Skills On Video Will Sell You 4:53
Lecture 356 Showing Up On Time and Avoiding Drama 3:54
Lecture 357 It Can't Get Any Worse Than This 5:3
Lecture 358 Diamonds And Gold for You! 6:45
Lecture 359 Larry King's Public Speaking Secret 3:32
Lecture 360 A Story I Don't Tell Anywhere Else But Here 6:15
Lecture 361 The Best Worst Presentation I Ever Saw 3:58
Lecture 362 And The Winner of The Worst Dressed Award Is 2:16
Lecture 363 This Superstar Is So Happy To See Me 2:8
Lecture 364 Going Into a Talking Career By Being Told 'Don't Talk' 3:28
Lecture 365 My First and Favorite Motivational Speaker 3:35
Lecture 366 Some People Just Watch To Hear You Present For The Entertainment 2:44
Lecture 367 Cult Leaders Have Great Presentation Skills 3:1
Lecture 368 TJ the Carnival Barker! 2:42
Lecture 369 The Show Must Go On 4:39

Section 16 : FAQ from Trainers About the Speaking

Lecture 370 If You Are In a Hurry To Find An Answer To a Specific Question, Start Here 1:16
Lecture 371 What do You Do If You Are Nervous Before Giving a Presentation 1:5
Lecture 372 What is the #1 Blunder Most People Make In their Presentation Skills 0:24
Lecture 373 What Is the #1 Thing You Can Do to Improve Your Presentation 0:45
Lecture 374 How Can You Remember What To Say During a Presentation 0:42
Lecture 375 Who Is the Best Speaker In The World 1:26
Lecture 376 What If You Are Asked a Question and You Don't Know the Answer 1:43
Lecture 377 What Should Happen After the Presentation 0:49
Lecture 378 Is It a Good Idea to Memorize a Presentation 1:47
Lecture 379 What Is the Best Way to Write a Presentation 2:23
Lecture 380 What Do I Do With My Hands While Giving a Presentation 1:59
Lecture 381 What Do You Do If You are Losing the Audience 1:48
Lecture 382 What Do You Do If You Hate Your Voice 1:17
Lecture 383 Is It OK to Use Alcohol, Beta Blockers or Marijuana to Calm Yourself 1:56
Lecture 384 What Do You Do If You Mess Up In The Middle of a Presentation 1:21
Lecture 385 Should You Tell 'Em What You're Gonna Tell 'Em 0:56
Lecture 386 Is It OK To Wear Glasses During a Presentation 1:55
Lecture 387 Should You Warn Your Audience That You are Going to Be Boring 1:38
Lecture 388 Should I Use PowerPoint 1:13
Lecture 389 How Long Should I Rehearse My Presentation 0:55
Lecture 390 Should I Read My Presentation 1:6
Lecture 391 How Long Should a Presentation Be 0:52
Lecture 392 How Many Bullet Points Should Be On a PowerPoint Slide 0:32
Lecture 393 Is It OK To Use Builds In a PowerPoint 0:50
Lecture 394 Should You Look At One Friendly Face While Giving a Presentation 0:40
Lecture 395 What is Everything You Need to Know about PowerPoint In One Minute 0:37
Lecture 396 What is a 'Magic Phrase' for Presenters 0:36
Lecture 397 What Do I Do If My Presenting Times Is Cut Back At The Last Minute 1:44
Lecture 398 What Is the Best Way To Start a Presentation 1:15
Lecture 399 How Do You Present With True Confidence 0:52
Lecture 400 How Do You Present In Front Of a Large Audience 1:52
Lecture 401 How Can You Sound Conversational While Giving a Presentation 1:3
Lecture 402 How Can You Smile During a Presentation 1:19
Lecture 403 How do You Recover from a Memory Lapse When Giving a Presentation 0:52
Lecture 404 How Do You Manage Time When Giving a Presentation 1:41
Lecture 405 How Can You Make Prepared Remarks as Interesting as the Q and A Session 1:29
Lecture 406 How Do You Make an Acceptance Speech 0:31
Lecture 407 Is It a Good Idea to Use Animation and Special Effects 1:23
Lecture 408 Aren't Presentation Skills Something You Are Either Born With Or Not 1:56
Lecture 409 Am I Better Off Just Winging It 1:14
Lecture 410 How do You deal With Audience Members Who are Texting During Your Presentation 2:26
Lecture 411 What Do You Do If You Have a Technical Malfunction During Your Presentation 1:22
Lecture 412 What Is The Best Way to Close a Presentation 1:24
Lecture 413 How do You Avoid Making a Bad Impression During a Presentation 0:53
Lecture 414 How Should You Be Introduced Before Making a Presentation 1:32
Lecture 415 How Many Slides Should You Have In a PowerPoint Presentation 1:3
Lecture 416 How Do You Get Your Audience to Focus on You 0:31
Lecture 417 How Do I Pick a Topic for a Presentation 1:17
Lecture 418 How Do I Know What Messages Will Be Interesting To My Audience 1:8
Lecture 419 Can I Make Up Stories for My Presentations 1:2
Lecture 420 What Is the Best Way to Tell A Story In My Presentation 0:46
Lecture 421 How Do You Consistently Improve as a Presenter 2:8
Lecture 422 How Can You Test Your Presentation 1:56
Lecture 423 Testing On Those Who Really Matter 1:22

Section 17 : Eliminate Your Fear of Presenting

Lecture 424 The Origins of Your Fear of Presenting 5:54
Lecture 425 Fake Solutions That Don't Work 6:51
Lecture 426 The Process of Eliminating Fear 3:42
Lecture 427 Rehearse Your Presentation On Video 9:42
Lecture 428 Cheat the System 3:14
Lecture 429 Practice Makes 3:42
Lecture 430 The Confident Speaker's Attitude 2:47

Section 18 : Strong Presentation Skills Without Verbal Tics

Lecture 431 Master the Quickest, Easiest Way to Eliminate Verbal Tics 2:35
Lecture 432 Now You Know Where the Tics Come From 0:47
Lecture 433 You Are Not Alone 2:55
Lecture 434 Hit the Pin, Not the Sand Trap 1:6
Lecture 435 Don't Let the Ding A Ling Get You 1:41
Lecture 436 Eliminating the Source of Your Speaking Discomfort Once and For All 1:29
Lecture 437 Appear More Confident By Using Smaller Words 1:37
Lecture 438 You Will Avoid the Data Dump Blues 1:51
Lecture 439 Never Worry About Remembering Again 2:15
Lecture 440 The Number 1 Tip for Eliminating Nerves 2:6
Lecture 441 A Focus Group To Make You Better 2:27

Section 19 : Presentation Skills for Video

Lecture 442 The Video Advantage In All Your Proposals - Quick Win! 1:50
Lecture 443 Hype Versus Reality - Why Most People Never Create Simple Video 3:32
Lecture 444 Mastering the Human Side Of Looking and Sounding Your Best on Video 9:38
Lecture 445 How This Section Will Improve Your Business 1:43
Lecture 446 Your Proposals will Stand Head and Shoulders Above Your Competitors 5:31
Lecture 447 Your Clients Will Find You Their Most Responsive Partner Ever 1:59
Lecture 448 Your Website Can Be Video-Centric 1:35
Lecture 449 Now You Can Answer Frequently Asked Questions Just Once! 1:49
Lecture 450 Talk Your Customers Through Your Whole Business Process 2:56
Lecture 451 Have an Even Greater Presence on YouTube 4:26
Lecture 452 Speak Your Thought Leadership 2:10
Lecture 453 Your Exciting Video Newsletters Will Outshine Text Newsletters 2:18
Lecture 454 Facebook Live Will Never Scare You Again 3:35
Lecture 455 Project Your Best Face on Skype and Zoom 2:16
Lecture 456 Deliver Keynote Speeches Without Ever Leaving Home 3:43
Lecture 457 Supercharge Your Public Relations Efforts With Video 2:7
Lecture 458 The Crisis Communications Secret Weapon 1:41
Lecture 459 Drastically Reduce Your Time Training Employees and Others 2:17

Section 20 : Presentation Skills for Introducing Yourself

Lecture 460 The Secret to Introducing Yourself 3:14
Lecture 461 You Will Avoid doing These Things At All Costs 3:47
Lecture 462 This Is The Right Way for You 8:39
Lecture 463 Here is the Single Most Important Thing to Do 1:51

Section 21 : Presentation Skills for One on One Talks

Lecture 464 Master the Secret of One on One Presentations 2:46
Lecture 465 Accomplish Your Goals in Every Presentation 0:59
Lecture 466 You Will Know How This Person Thinks 3:29
Lecture 467 Make Sure This Person Really Gets What Is Most Important to You 1:52
Lecture 468 Top 5 Messages Part 2 4:24
Lecture 469 Notes 1:50
Lecture 470 20 Questions 2:36
Lecture 471 Stories 8:46
Lecture 472 Final Thoughts on One on One Presentation Skills 1:9

Section 22 : Presentation Skills Need for Speaking

Lecture 473 Learn the Secret to Speaking to Large Audiences 3:18
Lecture 474 Your Fears Will Melt Away, After This 3:16
Lecture 475 You Will Speak With Perfect Volume, Once You do This 2:45
Lecture 476 Your Eyes Will Never Look Lost 1:51
Lecture 477 Pause for Maximum Affect and Impact 0:0
Lecture 478 Your PowerPoint Will Illuminate, Not Bore 1:48
Lecture 479 Possible Outcomes 1:32
Lecture 480 Final Thoughts on Presentation Skills for Large Audiences 2:20

Section 23 : Telephone Presentation Skills

Lecture 481 Quick Wins! Do THIS To Look and Sound Great on Skype Phone Calls 1:42
Lecture 482 Never Confuse Personal Phone Use with Business Telephone Use Again 2:17
Lecture 483 Why Your Phone is the Best Secret Business App Ever 2:20
Lecture 484 Planning Your Successful Phone Environment 7:47
Lecture 485 Final Preparation for Your Successful Phone Meetings 1:57