Section 1 : Welcome to the course!

lecture 1 Is this course for you
lecture 2 About Certification Pdf

Section 2 : What to say in an email and how tosay it

lecture 3 Pre-quiz what tosayinanemailand how tosay it Text
lecture 4 International team- Cultural considerations when w
lecture 5 SCRAP - how to structure your email 2:48
lecture 6 NEW Email template for SCRAP Text
lecture 7 How to write clearly with the rule of one 2:2
lecture 8 NEW- How to reply to a confusing email 4:2
lecture 9 NEW Email template for TIC Text
lecture 10 Layout tips for better emails 2:22
lecture 11 What to say and how to say it keypointstoremember Text

Section 3 : When to say it by email

lecture 12 Pre-quiz when to email (and when not to) Text
lecture 13 Things you should never say in an email
lecture 14 When to email - and when not to 4:1
lecture 15 How long should you take to reply to every email 5:10
lecture 16 When to email and when not tokey pointsto remembe Text

Section 4 : Email greetings signoffs signaturesandsubject lines

lecture 17 Pre-quiz email greetingssignoffssignatures and sub Text
lecture 18 Email greetings - how to address your recipient po 2:42
lecture 19 Email sign-offs and signatures - how to end polite 3:32
lecture 20 How to write a compelling subject line 2:32
lecture 21 Greetings sign-offs signatures and subjectlines ke Text

Section 5 : More email best practices

lecture 22 Pre-quiz more emailbestpractices Text
lecture 23 Urgent emails- when to flag them as important or h 2:32
lecture 24 How to use the 'To' field, 'Cc', 'Bcc' and 'Reply
lecture 25 Best practice for sending attachments
lecture 26 How to write a helpful out of office message 2:10
lecture 27 Proofreading your email - including the one thing 2:36
lecture 28 Email best practice key pointstoremember Text