Section 1 : Parenting through starting a business course Introduction an

lecture 1 About Certification Pdf
lecture 2 Exercise to start the course

Section 2 : Fundamentals and success skills

lecture 3 Real reasons to teach your child entrepreneurship 3:57
lecture 4 List of success skills to choose from that you wan 4:54
lecture 5 Your role as a parent- Theory of #1 and #2 3:1
lecture 6 Business idea trajectory + child motivation- Intri 6:51

Section 3 : Business planning with your child

lecture 7 Easy business planning for kid business 4:37
lecture 8 Schedule and time management and resource allocati 6:27
lecture 9 Case study of a mid-size business time-esource man 13:40
lecture 10 S.W.O.T analysis 1:45

Section 4 : Types of businesses to match personality

lecture 11 Freelance ideas 6:11
lecture 12 Ecommerce & business ideas for heady kids who enjo 6:28
lecture 13 Business ideas for extroverted, sociable kids who 4:30
lecture 14 Business ideas for crafty kids (or crafty parents)
lecture 15 Big personality kids 5:39
lecture 16 Coding for kids 2:41

Section 5 : Other money business finance concerns

lecture 17 What to do with money- Saving, investing, spending
lecture 18 Types of income 6:15

Section 6 : Other concerns

lecture 19 If you are a parent to multiple children 4:27
lecture 20 Dividing ownership, family and business
lecture 21 Age appropriate businesses and how parents should

Section 7 : Conclusion of this parenting through entrepreneurship course

lecture 22 FREE- Copy of my business plan book to help you st Text
lecture 23 FREE- Copy of my book on how to start a business Text
lecture 24 Parenting course certificate- How to get it if you Text
lecture 25 Bonus lecture- Next steps Text