Section 1 : You Don't Have to Be An Adult to Be a Great Speaker

lecture 1 Public Speaking for Kids Kids Can Be Great Speake 0:57
lecture 2 About Certification Pdf
lecture 3 Please Introduce Yourself 0:31
lecture 4 Here Is How and Where We Can Share Text
lecture 5 Start by Figuring Out What You Want to Accomplish 1:11
lecture 6 The #1 Secret to Becoming a Great Public Speaker 1:23
lecture 7 Tell Your Audience How You feel (As Long As You Do 0:26
lecture 8 The Easy Way to Never Forget What To say 0:39

Section 2 : Practice Your Way to Becoming a Comfortable Speaker

lecture 9 This Is the Perfect Way to Practice Your Presentat 1:20
lecture 10 Speaking Can Be Scary, But You don't Have to Look
lecture 11 Practice Speaking and Focus on Your Strengths
lecture 12 Pick a Subject You Like to Talk About 2:46
lecture 13 Time for You to Be the Star

Section 3 : The Most Common Problems and How to Solve Them

lecture 14 Speak Up! I Can't Hear You! 0:45
lecture 15 Stop Fidgeting!

Section 4 : Special Speaking Situations

lecture 16 Speaking to Persuade 1:59
lecture 18 Show 'N Tell Can be Fun! 0:39
lecture 19 Start Your Own YouTube Channel 2:51
lecture 20 Here Is How to Speak to Waitstaff at a Restaurant 0:46

Section 5 : Conclusion to Public Speaking for Kids

lecture 21 Always Ask for Feedback 0:30
lecture 22 Congratulations! You are Now Ready for a Lifetime 0:34

Section 6 : Below Is an Older Version course (No Extra $) This was for

lecture 23 Accomplish Your Goals In Every Presentation 2:4
lecture 24 If You Can Have a Conversation With One friend, th 2:18
lecture 25 Make Sure Your Most Important Ideas Are Remembered 4:34
lecture 26 Show What You Care About 3:33
lecture 27 Assignment- Testing Your Communication To Make Sur Text
lecture 28 Exciting New Update to this Course
lecture 29 Make Your Points Unforgettable - Examples 0:45
lecture 30 Use a Cheat Sheet That Will Never Get You 1:20

Section 7 : Reduce Your Practice Time

lecture 31 1st Video Rehearsal 3:18
lecture 32 2nd Video Rehearsal 1:39
lecture 33 3rd Video Rehearsal 7:3

Section 8 : You Will Give Great Presentations for the Rest of Your Life

lecture 34 Conclusion 1:26
lecture 35 Time to Give TJ and Rossa a Piece of Your mind 1:26
lecture 36 Update - You Should Get on the TikTok App Now 5:3

Section 9 : Housekeeping Matters

lecture 37 7 Steps For Getting the Most Out of this Course Text
lecture 38 Who is TJ Walker 2:53
lecture 39 $10,000 Guarantee This Course Will Make You a Bett 2:2
lecture 40 Your Questions Will Be Answered Here 1:25

Section 10 : Extra Reading

lecture 41 A Public Speaking Success Pdf

Section 11 : Questions from Students and Answers from TJ in Video

lecture 42 How to Use a Teleprompter
lecture 43 Here Is How You Can Get your Certificate of Comple Text
lecture 44 Final Bonus Lecture- Huge Discounts on Other TJ Co Text