Section 1 : Introduction to RPA and UIPATH

lecture 1 What is RPA- and its advantages in Software Indust 3:28
lecture 2 About Certification Pdf
lecture 3 Instructions in Installing UIPATH Community Editio 3:28

Section 2 : Getting Started with UIPath features and Recording Modes

lecture 4 About Proctor Testing Pdf
lecture 5 Creating blank Process in UIpath for automation 6:56
lecture 6 Understand UI features of UIPath and their signifi 6:37
lecture 7 Recording Desktop application activities using UIP 9:17
lecture 8 Understanding Sequence and flow chart workflow 12:26

Section 3 : Code Download Instructions

lecture 9 Download Code used in the tutorial 1:53

Section 4 : Understand UIPath Activities to build work flows Robots

lecture 10 Automating NotePad and word Doc Activities using U 8:12
lecture 11 Finishing the Robot which can work between Notepad

Section 5 : Screen ScrappingTechniques to extract text from Images Web

lecture 12 Example to Demonstrate GetText Activity from the B 12:13
lecture 13 How to grab the text from Images using UIPath 5:51
lecture 14 Example to grab the Text from Documents-Files

Section 6 : Build a Robot which Checks Country GDP and suggest Business

lecture 15 Demo - Understand the Business rules to Automate 2:44
lecture 16 Building the logic to get the GDP of country with 11:14
lecture 17 Perform Keyboard Actions and provide appropriate l 6:59
lecture 18 Building Regular expressions from the Web properti 8:33
lecture 19 Get The GDP Text from image using Optical Characte 13:0
lecture 20 Running the Robot with Successful Business logic I 1:53

Section 7 : UIPath Excel Activities in Depth to build Robots

lecture 21 How to read and write cell from excel using UiPath 7:48
lecture 22 Read range with given boundaries in excel using Ou 10:7
lecture 23 How to Iterate over Data Table and extract values 8:8

Section 8 : Build a Robotto apply Concession for to pmerit students with

lecture 24 Demo - Understand the Business rules to Automate 4:8
lecture 25 Implementing input Dialog and Row scanning Techni Pdf
lecture 26 Control flow Usage if else, For loop in UIPath to 8:51
lecture 27 Build the Counter logic with smart debugging featu
lecture 28 Writing the data back to excel with the business l 8:55
lecture 29 Misconceptions in DataTable and Excel updates 4:0

Section 9 : Techniques to Read PDF Scanned Images using UIPath

lecture 30 Read PDF Text activity to read content in PDF 11:11
lecture 31 String functions to extract content from pdf based 7:34
lecture 32 Read PDF with OCR Technology to extract item with 14:6
lecture 33 Get Text Activity to extract content from PDF 9:14

Section 10 : Build a robot to Scan PDFdocuments and Automate Desktop Apps

lecture 34 Demo - Understand the Business rules to Automate 3:34
lecture 36 For each loop to go through every file present in 6:44
lecture 37 Identify properties in PDF using Google OCR Techno 12:9
lecture 38 How to handle Dynamic Elements in PDF with regular 7:18
lecture 39 Extracting the values from PDF to Excel using UIPa 5:40
lecture 40 Pushing the values from pdf-excel to Desktop Inter 7:14

Section 11 : Best Practices for Maintaining UIPath Coding standards

lecture 41 Optimization of workflow with proper conventions 8:28
lecture 42 Exception handling mechanism in UIPAth 9,10 10:47
lecture 43 Running Multiple xaml files from Main Xaml file 5:2
lecture 44 Running Robots(Workflows) in Parallel mode from UI
lecture 45 Comment Activity Techniques to UIPath workflows 3:45

Section 12 : Build Robots for Gmail Automation

lecture 46 Demo - Understand the Business rules to Automate 3:48
lecture 48 How to read Emails in Gmail Server using UIPath 12:2
lecture 49 Save Attachments and Receipt Email address with lo 14:33
lecture 50 Mini Robot to Send Emails with attachments to any 15:7

Section 13 : Data ScrappingwithAITechniquesinUIPath

lecture 51 What is Data Scrapping and its Intelligence in ext 7:5
lecture 52 End to End Data Scrapping Techniques with Live exa 9:18
lecture 53 Demo - Understand the Business rules to Automate 3:10
lecture 54 Applying Filter to Excel Table Data with UiPath Ac 6:15
lecture 55 Applying Sort to Excel Table Data with UiPath Acti 7:36
lecture 56 Get Table Range in Excel Dynamically using UiPath 7:46

Section 14 : Build a RobotforDataAnalytics( Filter,Sort,Limit )usingUIPat

lecture 57 Build Front End Application Logic and send data fr 5:49
lecture 58 Limit the number of Rows returned to Web Portal w 8:27

Section 15 : Orchestrator Robot Management Dash Board

lecture 59 What is Orchestrator and its advantages with UiPa 10:32
lecture 60 Running Robots from Orchestrator Dashboard on Dema 12:15