Section 1 : Introduction to the course

Lecture 1 Introduction to the course copy 3:35

Section 2 : Salesforce Conference Management Application from

Lecture 2 Overview of the Conference Management App 2:12
Lecture 3 Creating a Developer's Account 1:59
Lecture 4 ConferenceManagement Pdf
Lecture 5 Create Session and Speaker object with custom 8:1
Lecture 6 Salesforce APIs- Text
Lecture 7 What is a junction Object in salesforce and wh 2:21
Lecture 8 Create the Session_Speaker Junction Object Text
Lecture 9 How to create a junction object in salesforce.m 4:26
Lecture 10 Creating tabs for Session and Speaker object.m
Lecture 11 How to configure the Lookup Dialog and related
Lecture 12 What is Apex and why we need Apex 2:15
Lecture 13 Create an Apex class to send email to the spea 4:47
Lecture 14 WHat are SOQL statements in APEX and how to wr 10:22
Lecture 15 Executing SOQL statements to retrieve data fr 6:1
lecture 16 Difference between DML statements and Database 14:2
Lecture 17 Creating a trigger to send Email and check for 11:31
Lecture 18 Test class to test the double booking for the 6:12
Lecture 19 Creating custom visualforce page for Speaker o 6:17
Lecture 20 Uploading the Speaker Photo using controller e 11:7

Section 3 : Section 3. Using JavaScript in Visualforce Pages

Lecture 21 Creating the Hotel object to store the info ab 5:7
Lecture 22 Use the google Map Api to display the hotel lo 9:38

Section 4 : REST Web Services

Lecture 23 Introduction about the Rest web services
Lecture 24 What is JSON and XML 2:10
Lecture 25 What is workbench and how to use workbench
Lecture 26 Get the code from Github Pdf
Lecture 27 Get the Cases associated with the Account usin 4:50
Lecture 28 Delete the cases which are in Closed status us 2:53
Lecture 29 Create a new Account object using @httpPost me 2:57
Lecture 30 Assignment 1 Creating a REST resource for Cont Pdf
Lecture 31 Update the existing Case object using the @Htt 4:10

Section 5 : Complex Rest API Call related to Account object

Lecture 32 Rest ApI call to retrieve the Account by 2:48
Lecture 33 How to wrap the response back to the client a 7:12
Lecture 34 Search the Account by Account Name 10:31
Lecture 35 Difference between @httpPost and @HttpPut meth 6:42
Lecture 36 Send the Account object in the request 3:14
Lecture 37 Creating a list of Accounts in Salesforce data 3:40
Lecture 38 Creating list of contacts associated with the
Lecture 39 Assignment Text
Lecture 40 How to Write a Test Class in Apex 11:13
Lecture 41 Assignment Text
Lecture 42 How to Create a Trigger, Apex class and Test C 19:18
Lecture 43 Exposing Apex Methods as SOAP Web Services. 13:30