Lecture 1 Promotional Video of This Course 2:36

Section 2 : Artificial Intelligence (AI) For Digital Marketing

Lecture 3 What is AI and machine learning 4:20
Lecture 4 GOOGLE as an AI - First Company 5:29
Lecture 5 Preparation For Semantic Search Pdf
Lecture 6 Big Data Pdf
Lecture 7 Computer Vision 2:7
Lecture 8 Advertising 7:25
Lecture 9 Email Marketing 7:34
Lecture 10 Chatbots 3:16
Lecture 11 Developing Your AI Skills - Using SQL Pdf
Lecture 12 How To Future Proof Your Marketing Pdf
Lecture 13 Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing Text
Lecture 14 4 Ways to Future proof Your Website - Article Text
Lecture 15 How a Chatbot Could Boost Traffic and Sales Text
Lecture 16 How AI Will Change the Face of the Internet Text
Lecture 17 How Google is Getting Smarter and What That Me Text
Lecture 18 How Machine Learning is Affecting Internet Mar Text
Lecture 19 How Programmatic Advertising Uses AI to Make S Text
Lecture 20 How to do LSI the Right Way - Article Text
Lecture 21 The AI-Built Websites of the Future - Article Text
Lecture 22 Top Ways AI Will Affect Internet Marketing - Artic Text
Lecture 23 Why Intent Matters for SEO and AI - Article Text
Lecture 24 Artificial Intelligence (AI) For Digital Marketi Text