Section 1 : YouTube marketing course introduction and welcome

Lecture 1 YouTube marketing WARM WELCOME TO YOU & What you will get from the course 3:14
Lecture 2 Top YouTube strategy for 2021 that we will follow in this course 4:39

Section 2 : Starting with YouTube SEO Keyword research, on page SEO, off page SEO

Lecture 3 YouTube SEO introduction 4:32
Lecture 4 Long-tail vs 8:41

Section 3 : More YouTube keyword research tools VidIq, TubeBuddy, and AnswerTheRepublic

Lecture 5 Keyword tool introductions so you know which to use and how 2:7
Lecture 6 Starting with YouTube SEO keyword research using the Google keyword tool 10:43
Lecture 7 VidIQ plugin 6:31
Lecture 8 Showing competitor keyword research 6:17
Lecture 9 Another fascinating keyword tool 1:53

Section 4 : On-page SEO introduction

Lecture 10 On page SEO for YouTube
Lecture 11 YouTube title field length on mobile and smaller devices 2:35
Lecture 12 More on writing the description of the YouTube videos 2:24
Lecture 13 Correctly filling out your YouTube video tags 5:28
Lecture 14 How YouTube really treats your on-page SEO 2:39

Section 5 : YouTube search ranking factors for your videos to rank higher

Lecture 15 YouTube search ranking factors 3:35
Lecture 16 How to get more thumbs up 5:6
Lecture 17 How to get more YouTube comments 3:57
Lecture 18 How to make sure people watch your videos longer 4:45
Lecture 19 More benefits of having more engaging videos with longer watch-times 1:28
Lecture 20 How to boost views and embeds with Quora 6:9
Lecture 21 Getting extra embeds and views on Medium 1:40
Lecture 22 How to get views for a new video 5:26
Lecture 23 Intelligent and tasteful video commenting to get more views and subscribers 3:0
Lecture 24 Get more views with this YouTube viewing service 1:31
Lecture 25 How to increase sales and traffic from your email signature 1:47
Lecture 26 Ring the bell strategy to get more engaged subscribers who watch more videos 1:39
Lecture 27 CC for SEO boost 3:47

Section 6 : YouTube recommendation algorithm

Lecture 28 YouTube recommended videos 4:46
Lecture 29 How YouTube engineers create the recommendation algorithm and YouTube home page 5:49
Lecture 30 Different language keywords + get recommended by using piggybacking keywords 6:6
Lecture 31 YouTube channel keywords (for the entire channel) to boost SEO & recommendations 3:16
Lecture 32 Video end screen Your secret weapon to get more sales and views 3:12
Lecture 33 Playlists to boost recommendations 3:7
Lecture 34 Explaining more about how playlists influence recommendations 2:33

Section 7 : More views from better video titles & thumbnails

Lecture 35 Section introduction to writing better titles 2:6
Lecture 36 Video title copywriting introduction 4:44
Lecture 37 EXERCISE Writing more catchy video titles that also contain SEO keywords 8:21

Section 8 : Creating beautiful YouTube thumbnail images for free with Canva

Lecture 38 Section introduction on how to create beautiful custom YouTube thumbnail images 2:2
Lecture 39 Thumbnail dimensions - before you begin your design 1:49
Lecture 40 Canva for creating beautiful original images for YouTube 1:19
Lecture 41 Beginning to create your YouTube thumbnail 4:8
Lecture 42 Branding and marketing using the Thumbnail while continuing to design 7:50
Lecture 43 Adding text and more branding images to the YouTube thumbnail 7:19
Lecture 44 Adding arrows to make the video pop more 2:29
Lecture 45 Example How visuals and headlines can draw attention and drive clicks & views 5:32
Lecture 46 Example of another YouTube channel and their YouTube thumbnail branding 3:34
Lecture 47 Working with different fonts and font sizes on your YouTube thumbnail images 5:31
Lecture 48 Where to get royalty free images to use for your YouTube thumbnail 2:54
Lecture 49 YouTube strike policies and using images with people's faces on them 4:53

Section 9 : Using YouTube analytics to get clues about what to improve in your videos

Lecture 50 Using YouTube analytics to get clues about what to improve in your videos 5:58

Section 10 : Making your videos show up in Google (not just YouTube) search results

Lecture 51 Secret to how I make YouTube videos rank in Google search! 2:8

Section 11 : Video virality

Lecture 52 Explaining the viral coefficient formula 2:46
Lecture 53 Viral coefficient calculator 2:38
Lecture 54 Ads having a role in virality 3:47

Section 12 : More viral hacks - getting celebrities and influencers to promote you

Lecture 55 How to get views and subscribers by creating celebrity fan videos 3:4

Section 13 : Successful YouTuber case study

Lecture 56 Case study of amazing video on a very low budget 4:37

Section 14 : How I built my channel and how you should build yours

Lecture 57 My overall channel strategy and insights 6:34
Lecture 58 Adding a subscribe widget to your website 1:34
Lecture 59 Troubleshooting your channel if you are not seeing early success 7:32

Section 15 : YouTube Monetization

Lecture 60 Effective ways to make money from YouTube 5:58
Lecture 61 YouTube ads eligibility requirements 2:38
Lecture 62 Patreon A way to get donations for your channel on a regular basis 3:43
Lecture 63 Selling affiliate products from your YouTube channel 3:49
Lecture 64 Student case study of selling affiliate products on YouTube 6:39
Lecture 65 My affiliate program anyone can join and promote on YouTube 4:22
Lecture 66 Getting sponsorships for your videos as an influencer 4:49
Lecture 67 Monetizing with YouTube memberships 6:19
Lecture 68 YouTube monetization with big potential to promote products on platforms 2:34

Section 16 : YouTube Live

Lecture 69 YouTube Live section introduction 2:8
Lecture 70 Starting to go live on YouTube and downloading the video streaming software 2:39
Lecture 71 YouTube live tips for long-term success 4:39

Section 17 : Few channel branding tips

Lecture 72 Custom and unique YouTube channel URL - good for branding and ease of sharing 1:17
Lecture 73 Setting the trailer video shown to new or subscribed viewers 2:13
Lecture 74 Channel features videos and playlists 1:3

Section 18 : Common things to consider for a show

Lecture 75 Introduction to show planning 1:14
Lecture 76 Advanced content repurposing with strategies that work today & in the future 4:21
Lecture 77 Show goals and what is possible to achieve 4:51
Lecture 78 Evergreen topics vs 4:41
Lecture 79 What you can outsource for a show 3:9
Lecture 80 Daily vs 5:37

Section 19 : YouTube Ads (formerly AdWords) to boost your video ads with cheap advertising

Lecture 81 Section introduction for boosting your YouTube views with YouTube ads
Lecture 82 Setting ad types and where they are shown 4:10
Lecture 83 Setting ad budget 5:8
Lecture 84 YouTube ad bidding strategies 6:39
Lecture 85 Location and language setting 3:48
Lecture 86 Difference between campaign, ad group, and ads 3:32
Lecture 87 Stealing competitor views with placements 3:36
Lecture 88 Setting the ad URL and call to action 3:3
Lecture 89 Demographic ad targeting 4:13
Lecture 90 How to write the headline and description for your ad 4:48
Lecture 91 Keyword targeting 2:3
Lecture 92 Setting target audiences 4:12
Lecture 93 Interest and topic targeting 1:52
Lecture 94 Case study of running ads to get subscribers 3:21

Section 20 : Social media to boost YouTube rankings

Lecture 95 Section introduction of social media automation to boost YouTube 1:51
Lecture 96 HashTag marketing 2:46
Lecture 97 How to stay up in the hashtag rankings 6:44
Lecture 98 Social media automation tools 7:25
Lecture 99 Showing inside of SocialOomph for automation 4:0
Lecture 100 Pinned Facebook posts 2:28
Lecture 101 Pinned tweets 1:58

Section 21 : Promoting different kinds of YouTube channels

Lecture 102 Section Introduction for unique types of YouTube channels 1:27
Lecture 103 Comedy and funny channels 5:58
Lecture 104 How to promote a music channel 5:34
Lecture 105 Extra music channel tip 2:21
Lecture 106 Gaming YouTube channel 3:44
Lecture 107 Vlog 6:4
Lecture 108 Extra vlogging tip 1:17
Lecture 109 Client case study Choosing a niche for a channel and monetizing it 6:37

Section 22 : How I plan and prep for a YouTube video

Lecture 110 Part of YouTube marketing is to improve your YouTube videos - let's do that
Lecture 111 Case study of my earliest video and mistakes I made 7:15
Lecture 112 Student channel example where a few small improvements can make a difference

Section 23 : Basic tips improving lighting and get rid of shadows for improved video quality

Lecture 113 Basic recording and home office setup tips 5:31
Lecture 114 How I get a slightly more professional look and feel for videos
Lecture 115 Best video format for presenting or teaching 6:24

Section 24 : Introduction to improving audio

Lecture 116 Audio section introduction, quiet space to record & audio editing software 2:22
Lecture 117 Getting rid of sound echo with studio foam 2:13
Lecture 118 Microphones 5:4
Lecture 119 My favorite microphone that I use and recommend 1:32
Lecture 120 Camera options 4:11

Section 25 : Introduction to on-screen appearance, body language & presenting

Lecture 121 Section introduction Very basic body language, appearance and presentation 3:10
Lecture 122 Basic clothingappearance tips & mistakes I made early + examples on improving 5:54
Lecture 123 Basics of speech and tone 4:24

Section 26 : Fixing speech issues

Lecture 124 What if you have an accent like I do 3:34
Lecture 125 Parasite words in your speech - how to recognize and get rid of them 4:15

Section 27 : Setting up a new channel from scratch - for very beginners only

Lecture 126 Section introduction on starting a new YouTube channel 0:54
Lecture 127 Creating a bare new channel 1:10
Lecture 128 Adding channel art for your channel 2:23
Lecture 129 Uploading your first video 1:1
Lecture 130 Launching your first video & setting the featured video & channel trailer 4:37
Lecture 131 Two hours after launch, what happened and lessons learned 3:1

Section 28 : Conclusion of our YouTube course

Lecture 132 CreatorInsider channel for insights from YouTube employees 1:28
Lecture 133 We are nearing the end of the course 1:49
Lecture 134 Physical locations to get YouTube help YouTube Spaces 2:39
Lecture 135 About Certification Pdf