Section 1 : Introduction

Lecture 1 How Google Analytics Will Grow Your Business & Career - Updated 1:47
Lecture 2 Set Up a Google Analytics Demo Account to Get Hands-On Experience! 4:8
Lecture 3 Google Analytics Glossary - Top 50 Terms You Need to Know Text

Section 2 : How to Set Up Google Analytics in Just a Few Minutes

Lecture 4 How to Setup Google Analytics on ALL websites (WordPress, Wix, Shopify etc
Lecture 5 Update How to Setup & Install Google Analytics 4 + Workaround 5:55
Lecture 6 How to Add Reporting Views to Backup Your Data 3:5
Lecture 7 How to Filter Employee Traffic to Get Clean Data
Lecture 8 How to Set Up Google Analytics Goals That Will Grow Your Business 6:8
Lecture 9 Goal Value Rule of Thumb for Assigning Dollar Amounts Text
Lecture 10 How to Set Up Ecommerce Tracking in Google Analytics 4:10

Section 3 : How to Analyse Google Analytics Reports

Lecture 11 How to Use Real Time Reports to See Reactions to Your Marketing Campaigns 4:2
Lecture 12 How to Use Audience Reports to Pinpoint Your True Fans 9:25
Lecture 13 How to Use Acquisition Reports to Find the Source of Highest Quality Traffic 6:25
Lecture 14 How to Use Behaviour Reports to Keep People on Your Site Longer 5:9
Lecture 15 How to Track Marketing Campaigns with Campaign Tagging (URL Builder) 3:34
Lecture 16 Where to Paste Links Made Using the URL Builder Text
Lecture 17 How to Leverage Segments To Find Golden Insights 4:40
Lecture 18 Top 6 Google Analytics Features to Manipulate Data

Section 4 : Bonus Lectures

Lecture 19 Google Analytics Overview (History & Use Cases) 6:36
Lecture 20 How to Set Up Custom Reports to See the Best Days to Post 8:8
Lecture 21 How to Set Up Custom Alerts For Traffic SpikesDrops 3:15
Lecture 22 How to Remove Spam Traffic from Google Analytics 2:42
Lecture 23 How to Get Added as a Admin & Manage Google Analytics for Clients 1:54
Lecture 24 How to Use Benchmarking Reports to Compare to Industry Peers 9:51
Lecture 25 How to Link Google Ads to Google Analytics for Remarketing 6:9
Lecture 26 How to Set Up Custom Dashboards - Go Beyond Standard Reports! 6:2
Lecture 27 How to Set Up Event Tracking For Click-to-Call Phone Numbers 6:51
Lecture 28 Analytics Intelligence - the Latest Feature From Google Analytics!
Lecture 29 How Google Analytics Collects Data About You (Technical)