Section 1 : Introduction to Call Options and Put Options

Lecture 2 Introduction to Call Options 6:27
Lecture 3 Understanding Call Option details through a Real estate example 6:37
Lecture 4 What are In-The-Money (ITM), At-The-Money (ATM) and Out-of-The-Money (OTM) Options 11:30
Lecture 5 Buyer and Seller risk profiles, Risk Graphs, Seller advantages 8:35
Lecture 6 Option screens, option chains, Expiry series and Call Option layout 14:41
Lecture 7 Choice of expiry series and ITM, ATM and OTM Options when looking at AAPL Options 9:19
Lecture 8 Call Option performance in real-time and on the day of expiry 7:39
Lecture 9 Risk Graphs of ITM, ATM and OTM Options 12:11
Lecture 10 Option Sellers risk profile
Lecture 11 A real-world example of Put Options - Buying Insurance
Lecture 12 Put Options quotes and screens on a Trading platform 8:1
Lecture 13 More examples of Option Chain Parameters for Put Options 11:40
Lecture 14 Older example of AAPL Put Option sellers 6:47
Lecture 15 Using Put Options spreads to limit risk 8:45
Lecture 16 About Certification Pdf

Section 2 : Introduction to Time Decay, Implied Volatility

Lecture 17 Explaining Time Decay in real-world examples of Real estate and Insurance 42:26
Lecture 18 Explaining Implied Volatility in real-world examples of Real estate 32:13
Lecture 19 Implied Volatility computation - How is Implied Volatility reflected in Option Prices 5:57
Lecture 20 Implied Volatility in action - CAT and NFLX Options 12:3
Lecture 21 Option Greeks primer
Lecture 22 Option delta (The king of Greeks) 18:36
Lecture 23 Option Gamma 18:8
Lecture 24 Option Vega 12:42
Lecture 25 Option Theta 13:47
Lecture 26 About Proctor Testing Pdf

Section 3 : Buying Selling Call and Put Options - Options

Lecture 27 Long Calls (Buying Call Options) 32:24
Lecture 28 Short Call trade on GLD (Gold ETF)
Lecture 29 Long Put trade idea and entry on FXE 28:42
Lecture 30 Short Puts (Selling Put Options) using GS (Goldman Sachs) as example 20:17

Section 4 : Options Market Structure, Strategy Box and Case

Lecture 31 Order types, Transaction costs, market Makers role etc 35:13
Lecture 32 Bid-Ask spread, Expiry series, Exercise and assignment, Volume and Open Interest 15:10
Lecture 33 The four strategies BOX - Call and Put Options 8:11
Lecture 34 Pitfalls of Short Calls and Short Puts
Lecture 35 Four Strategy choices - 2 Bullish and 2 Bearish 19:39
Lecture 36 Strategy Case study - S&P 500 Index and GOOG, AAPL and PCLN 8:43
Lecture 37 Strategy case study - Linkedin Trade idea 8:35
Lecture 38 Strategy Case study - CAT Trade idea 12:3

Section 5 : Adjustments for Single Options

Lecture 39 Philosophy of Adjustments 9:40
Lecture 40 Adjustments for Long Call positions 15:4
Lecture 41 Adjustments for Short Calls, Long Puts and Short Put positions 15:42
Lecture 42 Trade Management using sophisticated Conditional Orders 19:19

Section 6 : Using Stock and Options combo strategies for Stock

Lecture 43 Using Options to buy Stock at much lower prices than what its currently trading for 10:36
Lecture 44 Using Options to sell Stock at much higher prices than what its currently trading for 7:30
Lecture 45 Using Options to hedge Stock that you already own 10:51