Section 1 : Course and instructor introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome, what to expect, and how to take the course 2:47
Lecture 2 About Certification Pdf
Lecture 3 Elements of a successful event series & your first exercise 3:41

Section 2 : Event marketing

Lecture 4 Creating an eye-catching event headline that will grab attention 7:15
Lecture 5 Writing a compelling event description 5:50
Lecture 6 SEO for your event page 5:13
Lecture 7 Eventbrite and Meetup 3:43
Lecture 8 New How to find good event websites for promotion 5:29
Lecture 9 How to run very cheap ads for an average of 8:33
Lecture 10 Repurposing your event content and doing content marketing with it 2:57
Lecture 11 Getting a big audience from existing groups on your first week 4:3
Lecture 12 Attend other events, see how they manage & network 2:36

Section 3 : Setting up your event listings

Lecture 13 Walkthrough of posting your event on Eventbrite and Facebook 4:38

Section 4 : If you are an event planner like party planner or wedding planner

Lecture 14 If you are an event planner like party planner or wedding planner 5:33

Section 5 : Pre event marketing to generate buzz and keep audience engaged

Lecture 15 Pre-event social media & email buildup checklist (also how to grow email list) 4:7
Lecture 16 Collecting email addresses and social media contact from attendees 3:30
Lecture 17 Facebook group idea 3:2
Lecture 18 Should you blog to promote events and how to get free content 2:39

Section 6 : During and after-event marketing

Lecture 19 During event social media marketing and spreading the sharing 4:32
Lecture 20 During event Making people feel more welcome and promoting future events 2:47
Lecture 21 Post-event social media marketing

Section 7 : Publicity and influencer marketing for events

Lecture 22 How to get publicity by finding and attracting influencers to your attendance 7:19
Lecture 23 Resources and websites to get event publicity 4:12
Lecture 24 How to find journalists who cover events in your area 3:49

Section 8 : Getting images to use for your event listings

Lecture 25 Where to get free and very cheap quality, royalty-free images 3:30

Section 9 : Event management

Lecture 26 Getting staff for your event as part of your event management 5:51
Lecture 27 Pitching event sponsors 6:25
Lecture 28 How to find contacts at companies that you can ask to sponsor your events
Lecture 29 Getting an event venue as part of your event management and event planning 5:25
Lecture 30 Prizes and raffles 4:43

Section 10 : Dealing with vendors

Lecture 31 Types of event vendors 6:49
Lecture 32 How to research vendors to make sure you hire the best
Lecture 33 Vendor negotiation tactics to get a better price 4:41
Lecture 34 Vendor negotiation continued

Section 11 : Event insurance

Lecture 35 Types of insurance and when each is appropriate 6:26
Lecture 36 Researching event insurance companies 4:20
Lecture 37 Event waivers 1:42
Lecture 38 How to get your waiver created 2:53

Section 12 : Business registration for events

Lecture 39 Business registration for events introduction 7:3

Section 13 : Writing the event plan document

Lecture 40 Event management checklist recapping much of the material covered in the course 8:38

Section 14 : Event monetization

Lecture 41 Ways to generate revenue from your events 6:50
Lecture 42 How to maximize revenue from your events and additional ways to monetize 7:29

Section 15 : SEO for events

Lecture 43 NEW! How to help your website's SEO and link-building with events 3:37
Lecture 44 How to get citations and brand mentions to help your Google search ranking early 3:44

Section 16 : Event planning

Lecture 45 What you can accomplish with events 1:39
Lecture 46 One time event vs 5:10
Lecture 47 If event series, how often should the events occur 4:25
Lecture 48 Should you have speakers or guests Or should it be just you 3:58
Lecture 49 Planning for event quality 5:4
Lecture 50 Planning for financial sustainability of the event series 8:23

Section 17 : Event merchandise and branding strategy taken to the next level

Lecture 51 Event merchandise and branding strategy taken to the next level 5:34

Section 18 : Promoting your events with Facebook and getting extra reach

Lecture 52 Getting extra sharing and engagement with Facebook events 6:20
Lecture 53 Example of how event listings get promoted 0:47
Lecture 54 Example of how to set up the event on Facebook 2:20

Section 19 : Facebook Business Manager For Ads

Lecture 55 Explaining the examples in the coming videos 1:19
Lecture 56 Setting up 2-factor authentication for security - now required by Facebook 4:44
Lecture 57 What is the Facebook Business Manager and why you should use it 3:16
Lecture 58 Setting up our Facebook Business Manager account 2:3
Lecture 59 Adding a page to our Facebook Business Manager account 1:45
Lecture 60 Creating an ad account in Facebook Business Manager 4:11

Section 20 : Setting up your Facebook business page for running event ads

Lecture 61 Page permissions and details 4:12
Lecture 62 Page banner size 2:4
Lecture 63 Setting the brand image 0:56
Lecture 64 How to set up your Facebook page screen name
Lecture 65 Facebook page call to action button and About section 4:6

Section 21 : Starting to run Facebook ads from your Facebook page

Lecture 66 Difference of campaigns, ad sets, and ads 7:4
Lecture 67 Organizing my music page ads to build a fan base and grow 6:9
Lecture 68 How to choose the campaign type 7:14

Section 22 : Facebook Pixel and retargeting audiences from your website

Lecture 69 How to add a catalog of products to your Facebook page 3:37
Lecture 70 Publishing your store on your Facebook page 1:59
Lecture 71 How to create a custom conversion event and a tracking pixel 9:21
Lecture 72 Showing how I created one campaign with multiple ad sets 7:51
Lecture 73 Narrowing your Facebook ad targeting 3:50
Lecture 74 Budgets for your ads 6:3

Section 23 : Basics of creating your website

Lecture 75 What technology to use to create your website and should you do it yourself 4:5
Lecture 76 Finding a good domain name 8:16