Section 1 : Overview

Lecture 1 Introduction 2:1
Lecture 2 What we'll be building & resources for this course 1:56

Section 2 : Creating an HTML Website in Dreamweaver

Lecture 3 Setting up Adobe Dreamweaver to create websites
Lecture 4 How to create a new website in Dreamweaver
Lecture 5 How to create a new HTML page in Dreamweaver & put in your logo 5:28
Lecture 6 How best to preview your website in Adobe Dreamweaver 3:47
Lecture 7 Moving tags around in Dreamweaver

Section 3 : Using CSS in Dreamweaver

Lecture 8 How to create, edit & style your first CSS style sheet in using Dreamweaver 9:25
Lecture 9 How to change or adjust the CSS styles in your Dreamweaver website 4:50
Lecture 10 How to centre your website in Dreamweaver using a container 8:6

Section 4 : Responsive Websites

Lecture 11 How to make a website change for mobile cell phones & tablets using Dreamweaver 8:7
Lecture 12 How to test your Dreamweaver website on a mobile phone or tablet 3:23

Section 5 : Mobile Navigation Menu

Lecture 13 How to create a hamburger mobile drop down menu in Dreamweaver 11:10
Lecture 14 Using Javascript jQuery to make a mobile dropdown burger menu in Dreamweaver 13:46
Lecture 15 Styling our hamburger menu & getting our ul menu to stack side by side 9:29
Lecture 16 How to add different fonts to a website in Dreamweaver 5:52
Lecture 17 Fixing the style of the mobile burger drop down menu in Dreamweaver 5:46

Section 6 : Adding Content

Lecture 18 Planning for our Dreamweaver template 2:21
Lecture 19 Add a background image that is outside our main container in Dreamweaver 7:39
Lecture 20 How to use the HTML5 main tag in Dreamweaver 4:15
Lecture 21 How to add the HTML5 footer tag to a website using Adobe Dreamweaver 9:51

Section 7 : Templates in Dreamweaver

Lecture 22 How do I make a template in Adobe Dreamweaver 3:44
Lecture 23 How to create new pages based on a Dreamweaver template 3:50

Section 8 : Adding Content 2

Lecture 24 How to create a responsive hero box for our website in Dreamweaver 8:26
Lecture 25 Fix problems with div tags when you float left in Dreamweaver aka clearing the f 9:9
Lecture 26 How to add and change the styling of a horizontal rule HR in Dreamweaver 2:37
Lecture 27 How to create a button in Adobe Dreamweaver CC

Section 9 : Responsive Content

Lecture 28 Change fonts & spacing of a website for Tablet & Mobile sizes using Dreamweaver 5:49
Lecture 29 How to turn off parts of a website in different views like mobile or desktop 6:40
Lecture 30 How to create a responsive image grid in Dreamweaver 8:27
Lecture 31 How to make your images responsive in Dreamweaver to match the page size 5:40
Lecture 32 How to make different columns for desktop, tablet & mobile websites, Dreamweaver 5:25
Lecture 33 How to create a clearfix pseudo after class in Adobe Dreamweaver 6:28

Section 10 : Other Pages

Lecture 34 How to create & link new pages in Dreamweaver using templates 14:21

Section 11 : Hosting & Analytics

Lecture 35 How to upload your website to the internet hosting via Dreamweaver
Lecture 36 How to add Google Analytics to your Dreamweaver website 5:56

Section 12 : What Next

Lecture 37 What next in the Dreamweaver course 1:23
Lecture 38 Dreamweaver class exercise 1:3