The benefits of a free Bent Knee Abdominal Hip Raise Test

In today’s fast-paced and demanding world, it seems that most people have forgotten the rules of healthy eating and the importance of respecting lunch hours daily. Well, it is true that those who work long hours can’t possibly eat the basic three meals and when they finally get home, they tend to eat more than necessary and make bad food combinations. When such situations become habits we are prone to gain weight and this is when health issues come into question. It is true, on the other hand, that some people have been gifted with a great metabolism that allows them to eat whatever they want and whenever they want it without facing the effects. Such people don’t have to worry about health, nutrition and diet, but even for them valuable advice on this topic by specialists can be of great help. In fact, anyone who wants to improve the look of his body should resort to fitness and seek the services of a specialist to help them achieve this goal.

This article aims to draw your attention to one of the most popular physical exercises for shaping our abs: bent knee abdominal hip raises. Furthermore, our goal in this article is to convince you of the importance of having knowledge on this subject for anyone wishing to make his entry in the fitness industry and become a personal trainer. Fitness is not only about physical exercise, but also about correct nutrition and enough rest. You must adjust your lifestyle if you want to take full benefit and achieve a great physical condition. Fitness is a dynamic activity that helps us achieve well-being regardless of our anatomic, physiological or psychic condition.

While many people resort to fitness to lose weight, more and more people embrace it to stay in shape and tone their muscles. It seems that nowadays the most frequently invoked goal in fitness gyms is to develop tight abdominal muscles and to take pride in ripped abs. Since most people try to achieve this goal at home but fail, you as a personal trainer will have the difficult mission to make this wish come true for your clients. Why is it hard to get flat abs at home? Because abdominal muscles require a fair amount of efforts and determination, and a specialist is the best person to advise you on this topic. You must not only perform the correct exercises for this group of muscles, but also lower your fat levels if you want your abs to be revealed. For both these goals, a skilled fitness trainer can be your best friend, and this is why any such professional is expected to have the valuable knowledge on these matters. One of the most efficient ways to burn fat and strengthen our abdominals is the bent knee hip raise exercise. This is a floor routine that tones your abs by flexing the upper and lower parts of your spine and it is widely used by fitness specialists. This exercise is quite simple and effective when it is done correctly. You must lay back onto the floor with your palms downwards. Then you must raise your hips and knees upwards making sure your lower back raises from the floor. At the top of this motion you must squeeze your abdominal muscles and maintain the position for a few seconds. Then you must slowly lower your hips and knees back down and repeat the entire sequence of steps a few times. To increase its efficiency it is advisable not to leave your feet to touch the floor when getting back into the starting position, since this way you will preserve the pressure on your abs. Anyone wishing to make a career in fitness must give equal importance to all aspects related to the job, including various exercises for different parts of our body. This is why knowledge on the above mentioned exercise is mandatory. So you should take your time and learn more about this routine and its benefits, because you will need to guide your clients to do it in the correct way 

Bent Knee Abdominal Hip Raise Test

Once you have the in-depth knowledge on the matter you should seek to get certified for your skills in this field. This is why you should take the free abdominal hip raise exam provided by, the world leader in online certification and employment testing. Such a fitness test will assess your knowledge on this popular and widely used ab exercise and see how much importance you gave to this topic in your training for acquiring the personal trainer certification. Brainmeasures is a trustable provider of a vast array of online fitness training tests to review your skills and aptitudes for such a career, so you should definitely take the above mentioned free test to see where you stand. It would be a pathway to achieving the certification that will boost your resume and your income, since if you get certified you will be able to earn more than the mean salary of $72,000 that fitness trainers are likely to earn. So do not hesitate and take this free test as a step forward to achieving your goals in this career.


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