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In the light of the current boom in the information technology field, software skills are on great demand. It seems that nowadays more and more people are becoming aware of the actuality and bright perspectives of a career in this field. And they are right, because it is always good to have skills that are demanded and by entering an ever-growing industry like the IT the chances for failure are rather small if you have what it takes. We will bring to your attention in this article the software testing skills that can shape a bright future for you in this challenging working environment. And for those having the necessary abilities we will emphasize in the final section of the article the reasons why they should get certified.

We should begin by having a quick overview of the implications of a job in software testing. You should know this activity is meant to assess specific program or system capabilities and attributes and see if they meet the quality requirements. For example, software testing is an extremely useful activity for stakeholders because it can help them make decisions concerning a particular product or service. It can also provide a clear image of the risks and advantages of implementing new software for a business. Generally, software testing is known to be related to verification and validation. These processes are usually targeted at products, programs and applications. Their purpose is to observe if the tested subject meets the specifications, if it works properly, if its implementation needs the same characteristics and if it is satisfying for those questioning its implementation.

It goes without saying that software testing is a common activity for IT programmers and professional testers and it is critical for the quality of the software. However, we might also consider this activity an art, because only a limited number of individuals can take pride in understanding all the software principles. So the challenges posed by testing software derive from the complexity of the software being tested itself. Many people are inclined to assume software testing involves only debugging. On the contrary, software testing can be performed for many purposes, and these may include validation, verification, quality assurance or estimation of reliability. It is obvious there are many testing procedures that can be employed and depending on their characteristics they can be put into practice at any time in the development process. However, it is most common to carry out the test after acknowledging the requirements and after the code has been entirely written. It is also common knowledge that it is the best to identify errors and problems in early stages so that they can be adequately fixed.

Online Software testing Test

Every software application or product is designed to have a specific audience and whenever a company invests in such a product it can resort to software testing for evaluating if it will meet the expectations of its end users or target audience. You should know there are plenty of software testing companies worldwide that offer services in this field, so such skills are on great demand and by having them you could be a valuable asset for such organizations. In order to conduct a software test you must be familiar with the basic and the advanced testing concepts, as well as mastering the different types of testing. If you have such skills you could become a reputed software tester, but in order to stand out from the crowd it would be good to have your skills testified in a professional manner. This is why the certificate on software testing from would bring you many benefits, including financial ones. The reason is that certified professionals are known to be earning more than their non-accreditated work colleagues from the same branch. While the average annual salary of a software tester is $78,000, upon getting certified you could earn significantly more. In order to achieve this valuable certification you will need to pass a test on this topic. Brainmeasures is the leading company in online certification and employee testing and offers a wide range of quality tests. Online skill testing is a great way to assess your capabilities and this is why you should take the software certification exam from Brainmeasures. The Software Testing certification will not only confirm your skills in a reliable way, but also enhance your job perspectives and pave the way to your career advancement.


  • Advanced Testing Concepts
  • Difference between Testing, Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • Estimation technique
  • Fundamental Concepts
  • Software testing tool
  • Test Adequacy and Coverage
  • Test automation
  • Test case
  • Types of Testing

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