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Those who are familiar with the GSM family of services should have heard of EDGE too. It is an enhanced technology and data standard for mobile phones and it is very appreciated nowadays thanks to its advantages. We will have in this article a closer look at EDGE, see more about this technology and its benefits and we will try to convince you it is a topic worth knowing for those of you dreaming of a career in mobile technologies. If you want to pursue such a career you should be aware there is a strong competition for every job so you need to do everything you can for standing out from the crowd. This is why we will also present you the benefits of an EDGE certification.

First of all we should find out more about the EDGE technology. The acronym is the short for Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution. As the name itself suggests, this technology is an enhanced GSM standard. The most important characteristics of EDGE are the increased data transmission rates. While the GSM mobile communication standard has been designed to describe services for 2G cellular networks, EDGE is viewed as a third generation radio technology, hence its enhanced services in comparison to GSM. This technology has been originally implemented on GSM networks in 2003 and is suitable for any packet-switching application. For instance, it can be used for Internet connection. You should know EDGE offers three times more data capacity than GPRS, meaning users benefit from a three times faster data transfer rate and have many options for voice communications. Those subscribing to the EDGE technology can therefore access upgraded mobile services. EDGE uses a slightly different technology based on the so-called 8 PSK or 8-Phase Shift Keying. With the help of the EDGE standard GPRS transfers are much faster and it is now easy to download files of a larger size, such as video clips. The theoretical data rates supported by EDGE go up to 48 Kbps per channel.

The EDGE technology has been used to set the GSM networks to advancement and it is the result of the need for faster methods of communication that benefit from an increased performance. Since we are presently living in the age of technological revolution, the field of mobile technologies is also subjected to improvements and this is how the EDGE technology came into being. EDGE introduced new methods for coding and transmitting data which resulted in higher data rates for each radio channel and an increased performance in comparison to the ordinary GSM or GPRS connection. We have already seen the type of modulation used by EDGE that is the cause of the speed enhancements: the eight-phase-shift keying modulation for GSM networks. Therefore, EDGE is a faster alternative to GPRS. Without getting too much into the technicalities of this topic, we will draw the line by saying that EDGE has been a significant improvement over previous GSM standards. This is why you shouldn’t overlook this extension to the GSM technology in your training for a career in mobile technologies.

Online EDGE Certification Test

In order to prove you are familiar with this technology you will have to be keen on both the fundamentals and the advanced concepts of EDGE. Furthermore, you need to know the architecture and keying of EDGE. If you possess such skills you should have your knowledge tested and see exactly where you stand with your EDGE capabilities. Skill tests are a great way to assess your knowledge so taking this test by online means would be a convenient alternative and a smart investment for your future if you choose the provider carefully. This is why you should put your trust in Brainmeasures.com, the global leader in the field of online employee testing. This company offers a quality online EDGE exam as a prerequisite to the valuable certificate that you can attach to your resume. With this certification you will enhance both your career opportunities and your financial perspectives. While average business professionals in this line of work earn about $70,000 annually, upon getting certified you could significantly increase your earnings. To draw the conclusion, the online certification on EDGE technology provided by Brainmeasures would be a good asset for enhancing your personal brand and raising you above your peers in the eyes of a potential employer.


  • Advanced EDGE Concepts
  • Architecture of EDGE
  • EDGE Fundamentals
  • Keying

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